Hey there, we’re Shashank and Nicki!

Welcome. We’re not your typical dating and relationships experts with a degree in psychology or pick up artists (PUAs) claiming to be gurus.

As trained actors and STEM graduate, we have a pretty different take on love. It revolves around seeing things rationally instead of only emotionally and constantly observing people and their behavior.

Has it ever happened that you wanted some practical advice on love life and got really confused about what is the best course of action for you?

Or maybe you got confused after hearing a lot of advice, both good and bad.

Or even worse, you somehow followed somebody’s instructions only to learn that this was not the right one as per your situation? We all have done so at some point.

Being the agony aunts for our friends, we often found ourself repeating the same things over and over. Thus, we felt the need to create a resource where we could direct my friends to.

This is how the idea of Reboot Love Life was born.

The job over here is simple: ‚Äčto create the most detailed and trustworthy resource for some practical advice without any feel-good sugar coating that will greatly benefit your love life and other areas.

We’re so fascinated by the world of dating and relationships that we’ve been reading about it every single day since 2011!

We were frustrated with the kind of information that was available on the internet for dating and relationships.

Problems in our love life and the search for solutions led us to several resources that seemed good at first, but our perceptions changed later.

Upon applying those ‘expert tips’, we found that most of them simply did not work.

The advice seemed to work in an idealistic world rather than the practical one we live in. Thus, we felt the need to give information on an ‘as is’ basis.

No fluff, unfiltered, and based on our observations, readings, and experiences. We’re not experts or licensed coaches, and don’t claim to be so.

If what we write resonates with you, please go ahead and apply it to your own life. If it doesn’t, please look for alternatives, suggest them to us, and let’s try them out together.

Never would we make the mistake of assuming that what we say is the absolute authority.

Our Team

Our team consists of people who are equally enthusiastic about researching and writing on these topics. A big shoutout to Sanjeevani Pandey, Shubham Barnwal, Apeksha Shetty, and Ashni Shetty.

We all love to know about love! Each one of us at Reboot Love Life is an enthusiast in one area or another.

From dating to relationships, from breakups to moving on and finding love, we have you covered!

RebootLoveLife.com is committed to providing you with the most in-depth, comprehensive, and unbiased practical advice for your love life.

For details on how to contact us, please visit: rebootlovelife.com/contact-us/