Benefits Of Neck Kissing | Why You Should Try It!

A kiss on the neck signifies both passion and affection, and it is deeply intimate. After all, it’s a kiss on one of the most sensitive areas of the human anatomy. Have you ever wondered what the benefits of neck kissing are?

The primary benefits of neck kissing include intense stimulation for your partner and turning them on quickly, as the neck has a lot of nerve endings. It also hints that you want more than just casual cuddling. Lastly, the neck allows you to try out new techniques other than conventional kissing.

This article will explore the several in-depth benefits of neck kissing and why it is great for both our partner and us!

Benefits Of Kissing On The Neck

Kissing on the neck should no longer be an optional activity.

We highly encourage using it whenever you can. The vivid sensations will make your partner crave you.

1. Neck Kissing Heightens The Senses

One of the most prominent benefits of neck kissing is that it heightens the senses of humans, especially women. Why?

Several nerve endings between the shoulder and the neck get stimulated with light kissing, slight touch, or just rubbing the lips and blowing air.

Due to the stimulation, your partner would start feeling sensual pretty soon unless they are someone who cannot withstand even the slightest ticklish feeling (some people just can’t).

The neck is one of the most erogenous zones in the whole body, and you’ll reap great benefits in the bedroom if you learn the best techniques to kiss on the neck.

Neck Kissing Heightens The Senses

2. An Indication About The Desire To Go Further

If you kiss your partner for a long time, they might start wondering when you will take the next step and escalate.

If you don’t know how to take the next step, start by kissing on the neck!

The neck kiss comes to your rescue by clearly indicating to your partner that you are in a mood for more than a kiss.

Also, when normal kissing starts feeling boring, neck kissing can introduce variety. Further, it can set the mood for a full-blown making-out session.

It’s a clear non-verbal message: “I want to kiss every inch of your body.”

3. Turns You On

By now, you already know how the neck kiss is a great way and, in fact, one of the best ways to turn someone on without having to do much.

A big benefit of kissing on the neck is that it quickly turns you on, too, despite you being the kisser. How?

Because your partner would be responding to your neck kisses (if done correctly) through involuntary gestures like heavy breathing and moaning.

Being able to do that to someone is hot! To make the magic happen, you can nibble, give a peck, rub your lips, or blow softly (both warm and cool air).

Once both the partners are highly turned on, sparks will ensue.

4. Excitement Due To Partial Fulfillment Of A Possible Fantasy

Have you seen those movies and tv shows showing vampires and Dracula kissing a victim’s neck, piercing through the skin with their teeth, and sucking off blood?

While their blood being sucked off might not be a person’s fetish, many people still enjoy submitting to the person kissing their neck in the same way vampire victims feel helpless and submit.

Lovers of True Blood, Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, etc. (this genre in general) love being kissed on the neck and maybe a little bit of biting or some hickeys too.

The feeling of distrust and fear about what’s going to happen adds to the thrill.

It might sound silly to some, but this is the closest experience many can get in relation to exploring their fantasies.

Some people even take it a notch further through roleplay and vampire costumes.

5. A High Effort To Reward Ratio

Since the neck is easy to reach, you don’t need to put yourself in uncomfortable positions to kiss it, unlike some other erogenous zones in the body.

Thus, without much effort, you can make your partner feel really really good. So, say goodbye to awkward crouching or having to raise yourself up too much.

And since it doesn’t usually involve your partner having to look at you directly, it is pretty non-intrusive to whatever they were doing.

6. Can Also Be A Gentle And Subtle Expression Of Affection

Imagine your partner being busy on their computer or laptop, or maybe on a call, and you feel like expressing affection in a gentle and subtle way.

You can just walk up to them, hold them or wrap them softly in your arms and leave a few lingering pecks on the neck.

This can be done even if you were not looking to turn them on.

This simple yet effective gesture, combined with the correct technique would surely make their day and possibly leave them with goosebumps.

7. A Treat For Your Nose

Since the neck is also one of the areas where a person applies perfumes and deodorants, kissing there could be a treat for your olfactory senses.

Of course, the caveat is that the fragrance should not be something you hate or too strong, which would essentially leave you feeling sick and pukish.

Thus, if your partner has put on a soothing fragrance that you absolutely love, kissing their neck will liberate your mood exponentially and leave you wanting more of them.

A Treat For Your Nose

8. So Much Room To Explore

As discussed earlier, since the neck is home to several nerve endings, different movements while kissing will cause different sensations throughout the body.

This boosts the pleasure chemicals being released by the brain in both you and your partner.

In addition to the simple kiss, try puckering your lips a bit and sucking on the neck gently. Don’t do it too hard unless you want to leave a hickey.

Another technique is to gently rub your lips in a down to up, up to down, or circular motion.

You can also bite your partner’s neck gently while whispering sweet nothings into their ears.

The better you are at stimulating those nerves on their neck, the more they’ll crave for you.

9. A Highly Potent Form Of Teasing

Do you want to not only turn your partner on but drive them absolutely wild?

The neck kiss is insanely effective at doing that because it teases a person to no end.

Incorporate it somewhere in your foreplay routine, and suddenly you’ll experience your partner coming much more eagerly and heavily onto you.

It’s literally like flipping some kind of a switch and using it to control your partner’s senses. Tone it down, and they’ll want to kiss you passionately.

Dial it up, and they’ll be in the seventh heaven.

10. Fairly Easy To Learn And Master

Unlike some other forms of kissing, which might take time and practice to master, kissing the neck correctly to induce desired results is relatively easy to learn.

Another thing that makes neck kissing super popular is that it is quite intuitive. You kiss on the neck and get instant feedback in the form of a sigh or a moan.

Since you are right next to the person, it is easy to calculate out how to proceed. This is difficult to figure out when kissing your partner on other body parts.

Since you’re a bit far away and might not be able to correctly determine whether or not your partner is enjoying the kiss thoroughly.


Neck kisses are great at breaking the monotony. With just a simple gesture, you’re able to convey so much more without even uttering a single word.

Further, you don’t even need to be a maestro at it. It’s so easy to learn and perfect, and the rewards are really high.

With that being said, do remember that it is a means to escalate the situation to something more. Do not use it exclusively and expect the same results.

It needs to be combined with kisses, gentle caressing, and whispering naughty stuff into your partner’s ears.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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