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Promise rings have been a fad for quite some time now, and I really wanted to give my girlfriend one.

She loves it when I am all romantic, and a promise ring seemed like a perfect way to let her know I am serious about her.

I contacted different manufacturers and tested 27 different promise rings. Only 11 made it to my final list.

Since I have worked as a salesperson in a jewelry showroom in my early twenties, my experience proved to be useful in making a definitive choice.

The Diamond Classic 10k Rose Gold Promise Ring came out as the best overall choice to make a promise to my girlfriend.

Best Promise Rings For Girlfriend

Overview Table

Diamond Classic Rose Gold Promise Ring93Top Pick
A promise ring that gives you the best of every world.
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Gemstone King Flower Blossom Promise Ring91If your girlfriend likes her rings large at the top, gift her this.Check On Amazon
Clara Pucci Round Cut Promise Ring89High End
Worth every penny if you have the money.
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Paula Max Heart Birthstones Promise Ring88Your go to option if you love rings with names on them.Check On Amazon
Berricle Rhodium Plated Promise Ring88Budget Buy
Your savior in case you’re on a tight budget.
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Gemstone King Three Stone Promise Ring87Perfect if your girlfriend likes rings with large stones.Check On Amazon
Jeulia Twist Skull Promise Ring87Look no further if your girlfriend is a goth.Check On Amazon
Angara Split Shank Promise Ring85Comes in a beautiful light-up box.Check On Amazon
D-Gold Princess Round Diamond Promise Ring85A lightweight ring with an elegant appearance.Check On Amazon
Jeulia Two Tone Halo Promise Ring84Cool design but a bit too bulky.Check On Amazon
Dazzlingrock Collection Criss Cross Promise Ring84The build quality could have been better at this price point.Check On Amazon

11 Best Promise Rings For Girlfriend Reviewed

1. Diamond Classic 10k Rose Gold Promise Ring

Diamond Classic 10k Rose Gold Promise Ring Rating
Top Pick

Overall Score: 93

+ Ethically sourced diamonds

+ Sturdy build ensures long life

+ Lightweight

+ Looks sparkly & expensive

+ Available in half-sizes

– Can turn a bit dark gradually

– Slightly dull rose gold

This ring contains an authentic 0.05-carat diamond along with 16 accented diamonds. Your girlfriend won’t have to settle for a cheap knockoff.

The best part is that the diamonds are ethically sourced.

It means that the miners weren’t exploited, were given proper wages and worked in respectable conditions.

925 sterling silver is the main component that imparts a sparkling brilliance and high-polished finish to the ring.

Along with the Rhodium-plated finishing, it helps keep tarnishing and scratches in check.

The cherry on the cake is the 10 karat rose gold colored heart-shaped splits from the main body that add to the ring’s beauty.

However, if you like your rose gold extremely shiny, you might find the ring’s hearts to be a bit dull.

The ring is also available in half sizes that allow you to find the perfect fit.

If your girlfriend has trouble finding a good ring due to sizes being in round-off figures, she’ll love you for gifting her something that’s neither too tight nor too loose.

2. Gemstone King Flower Blossom Promise Ring

Gemstone King Flower Blossom Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 91

+ Doesn’t look cheap despite low price

+ Perfect for large ring lovers

+ Customizable stones & inside engraving

+ Eye-catchy stone cut

– Not available in half sizes

– Small sized engraving

You can personalize this ring as customization options are available.

To begin with, you can have anything engraved on the inside of the ring.

There are three fonts to choose from, but the engraving needs to be within twelve characters.

It is a nice opportunity to give her a ring with your name on it. But don’t be too hopeful with the engraving as it can be small and not too legible.

The ring consists of three birthstones which you can choose from! This allows you to give your girlfriend a ring suited to her astrological sign.

The three stones are also known to symbolize the past, present, and future. Further, there are thirty one more stones that are small and white.

Though these stones are cubic zirconia, just like the three main stones, they look like white diamonds.

The main body is crafted from 925 sterling silver for a bright overall appearance.

3. Clara Pucci Round Cut Promise Ring

Clara Pucci Round Cut Promise Ring Rating
High End

Overall Score: 89

+ Available in quarter, three-quarters sizes

+ Premium look

+ Conflict free stones

+ Doesn’t feel bulky

– Expensive

– Rough use causes stones to fall off

14 karat white gold is what gives this ring a supremely dazzling appearance.

The stones on the ring are simulated (not real) diamonds, i.e., Cubic-Zirconia.

There are three stones on the ring. One weighs 1.2 carats while the other two weigh 1 carat each. 

However, these stones are ideal cut, colorless, round, and have surface blemishes that are only visible under 10x magnification.

This gives the ring a look equivalent to that of an extremely expensive diamond ring.

Further, the stones are conflict-free, meaning the workers weren’t abused through meager wages and unsafe working conditions.

Do remove the ring when doing rough work because the stones have been known to fall off.

However, they are quite decent for everyday usage if your fingers don’t rub against surfaces frequently due to the nature of your work.

Along with the half and full sizes, this ring is also available in quarter and three-quarters sizes, allowing even more control on the fit.

Since the ring is on the pricier side, it may be way out of budget for some. But if you have the money to spend, this ring is worth every penny.

4. Paula Max Heart Birthstones Promise Ring

Paula Max Heart Birthstones Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 88

+ Customizable names, stones, & inner engraving

+ 3-year warranty against tarnish & stones

+ Light to wear

+ Available in half-sizes

– No control over engraving font

– Small font size of engravings

– True ring size runs smaller than mentioned

What better way to profess your love to her than with heart-shaped birthstones?

There are two birthstones on the ring, which you can choose according to birth months. Also, you can have up to three engravings on the ring.

The inside engraving can be up to 17 characters.

In comparison, the other two engravings can be on the top of the ring in the form of your names with a maximum of 10 characters each.

The ring’s main body consists of a double rhodium overlay, which gives it extra shine and durability.

Though the ring is available in half-sizes, you might need to order a size 0.5 larger than what your actual size is because the delivered ring size runs smaller.

There is also a free 3-year warranty on the ring against tarnish and stones to protect your purchase.

5. Berricle Rhodium Plated Promise Ring

Berricle Rhodium Plated Promise Ring Rating
Budget Buy

Overall Score: 88

+ Favorable price point

+ Resembles expensive rings

+ Good quality

+ Shiny and sparkly

– Limited warranty

– Warranty doesn’t cover wear and tear

The main body of this ring is made of 925 sterling silver and is also rhodium plated apart from being nickel-free.

This combination imparts an elegant, well-crafted look to the ring.

Even though this ring is relatively inexpensive compared to many other rings on this list, the Swarovski zirconia 1 carat (6.5mm) round stone at the center gives it a premium look.

The ring also features 0.6-carat marquise-shaped stones on the sides to add to its beauty.

This is a nice buy if you do not have much money to shell out but still want to give your girlfriend something memorable.

You also get a warranty of 90 days on the ring, which covers defective material and workmanship.

However, the warranty doesn’t cover daily use wear and tear, accidents, or misuse.

6. Gemstone King Three Stone Promise Ring

Gemstone King Three Stone Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 87

+ Large stones in this price range

+ Customizable stones & engraving

– No half-sizes

– Gradual tarnishing

Gemstone King gives you another option for a promise ring with a slightly higher price and a different design.

A major drawback is that the ring is not available in half sizes.

The main body of the ring consists of shiny 925 sterling silver and three customizable birthstones.

The size of the main stone is 9×7 mm, and the two side stones are 6×4 mm each.

The size of the stones gives the ring an appearance of an expensive and exotic buy.

Again, the customization options allow you to choose the stones based on birth months or otherwise.

A key difference between this ring and the previous Gemstone King ring is that the inner engraving on this ring only allows upto ten characters instead of twelve.

7. Jeulia Twist Skull Promise Ring

Jeulia Twist Skull Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 87

+ Half-sizes available

+ Rare look due to skulls

– Feels bulky

If your girlfriend is a goth, then this might be the perfect ring for her.

A shiny round-cut center stone accompanies the sterling silver body with two skulls on the sides.

The skulls signify freedom, the celebration of rebirth, and individuality.

Many more stones are embedded inside the closely fit black band contour that gives the ring a unique look.

The main body is made of 925 sterling silver and is black plated at the top.

The ring consists of a single 2.5 carat round black stone at the center and eighty-seven 1.18-carat side stones.

That’s a lot of stones for the price point! However, it also makes a ring a bit bulky at 7.27 g.

8. Angara Split Shank Promise Ring

Angara Split Shank Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 85

+ Half-sizes available

+ Choice of body material

+ Certificate of authenticity

+ Comes in a light-up box

– Diamonds might fall out

– Low quality diamonds

– Expensive

This ring is available in sterling silver, rose-gold, white-gold, and yellow-gold bodies.

This allows you to choose one based on your budget, with the sterling silver frame being the cheapest option.

The other three are similarly priced and expensive. The ring contains a 0.08-carat diamond and sixteen more small-sized diamonds along the body.

That’s a total of seventeen diamonds!

Due to diamonds complimenting the shiny frame, the ring has an almost divine appearance and looks extremely expensive.

However, the diamonds themselves are of the lowest quality and might even fall out gradually after prolonged usage.

The ring comes in a beautiful case which shines a light on the ring when you open the box.

9. D-Gold Princess Round Diamond Promise Ring

D-Gold Princess Round Diamond Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 85

+ Lightweight

+ Elegant appearance

+ Available in half-sizes

– Small size

– Sharp prongs

The main body of this ring consists of a 10 karat white gold frame that is responsible for the stunning look.

The gemstones on the ring are white diamonds and 0.13 carats in weight.

The diamonds aren’t of great quality but aren’t too bad either, which is quite appropriate seeing the price of the ring.

The ring is relatively small in size, and that can be a bummer. But it is also fairly lightweight, with the metal body just weighing a meager 1.66 grams.

If your girlfriend dislikes clunky rings, she’d like this one. The prongs at the top of the ring are a bit sharp.

The wearer would need to be careful not to cut themselves or others by mistake.

10. Jeulia Two Tone Halo Promise Ring

Jeulia Two Tone Halo Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 84

+ Premium appearance

+ One year warranty

+ Strong body

+ Half sizes available

– Fairly heavy

– Rose-gold wears off

The body of this ring is a 925 sterling silver, and 14 karats rose gold combo that complement each other well.

Rose gold has been twisted into loops to give the ring a polished detail.

Both sterling silver and rose gold frames split gracefully to make the design even more elegant.

However, the rose gold wears off gradually if you wear the ring daily.

The central portion of the ring consists of three main stones with a combined weight of 2.5 carats.

The ring also features fifty-three stones along the contour with a combined weight of 1.07 carats.

All these stones are white diamonds, and together they give the ring a premium, high-end appearance.

But the thick metal body and all these stones play the culprit by making the ring weigh a whopping 8.3 g.

A one-year warranty covers your purchase.

11. Dazzlingrock Collection Criss Cross Promise Ring

Dazzlingrock Collection Criss Cross Promise Ring Rating

Overall Score: 84

+ Conflict free diamonds

+ Well-crafted & shiny

+ Choice of body

– Visible inclusions in diamond

– Smaller than it appears

– Limited warranty

The ring frame consists of a 10 karat gold body where you get three color options, i.e., white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.

There is a central round-cut diamond and several small diamonds with a combined weight of 0.15 carats.

All the diamonds are on the lower side of the grade in terms of quality and color but are conflict-free.

The criss-cross design and a polished body make the ring look quite elegant and sleek.

The ring is smaller than it appears, so you might want to keep that in mind that it will look petite.

Your purchase is covered by a seemingly small 90-day warranty which is still better than having no warranty at all.

Guide To Buying A Promise Ring For Girlfriend

You might use the best words to make a promise to your girlfriend, but an awful ring can suck the romance out quickly.Why? Because she’ll have to deal with the ring 24×7.A few key pointers can help you make an appropriate purchase.

1. Settle On A Metal

Look for appropriate choices between metals based on your girlfriend’s liking and your budget.

Sterling silver, rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold are the metals that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Near pure gold and platinum are extremely expensive and should be avoided when it comes to promise rings.

2. Choose A Design

Does your girlfriend like something chic like solitaire or something large like a three-stone ring? What about you?

Do you think having a heart-shaped ring or gemstone is important in a ring to signify eternal love?

Another way is to experiment and choose something unconventional like the twist skull ring.

The answer to these questions will guide you in choosing a good design.

3. Choosing The Right Stone

Diamonds are the number one choice for most girls. But if you need to digress, choosing white cubic zirconia can give the same feel at a low cost.

But a white stone ring can be mistaken for an engagement ring by some women.

If you feel that your girlfriend might get upset, you can instead go for a colored stone.

A promise ring with her birthstone is also an amazing idea. You could also give a ring without any stone if you or your girlfriend like simple rings.

4. Do You Like Engravings?

Engravings are a nice option to add a more personal touch. Having your name and a loving message on her ring will constantly remind her of you.

However, some people like me feel that engravings mar the ring’s beauty and thus do not want one. It all boils down to a personal preference.

5. How Much Should You Spend On A Promise Ring?

Choose a promise ring between $50-$500. As making a promise is an important milestone in a relationship, choosing something under $50 reeks of just another gift. In contrast, choosing a ring above $500 can make things look more like an engagement proposal.Remember, whatever you spend now, your engagement ring would cost more than the promise ring.

It is a bigger commitment. Thus, you might want to plan your budget beforehand.


Choose a promise ring based on your girlfriend’s style and choice rather than yours. This is something most people forget while gifting a ring to their girlfriend.

If you feel overwhelmed trying to make a choice, close your eyes and go for the Diamond Classic 10k Rose Gold Promise Ring. It is a pretty safe bet.

Apart from having some of the best features, this ring won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Now tell us which promise ring you would choose for your girlfriend and why? Comment below!

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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