Dating An Alpha Male | How To Be Irresistible And Impress

Have you set your eyes on an alpha male but don’t know how to approach him? We know alpha males can be intimidating, but at the same time, they are very attractive.

Alpha males are bold, dominating, confident, visionary, and ambitious individuals. While dating an alpha male, you need to be self-assured and passionate. Being supportive and understanding will help you impress and attract him. Trying to dominate an alpha male will only push him away.

Alpha males can make great partners if you allow them to lead your relationship. But make sure you don’t lose your identity while validating his pride. In this article, we’ll dig deep into how to attract and keep an alpha male hooked to you.

What Are Alpha Males Attracted To?

Alpha males are attracted to people who are comfortable in their skin. Confidence, freely expressing yourself, humility, loyalty, and honesty are some of the traits they really cherish. However, flattery, laziness, ignorance, and not being open to accepting your errors and flaws turn them off.

Here is a detailed list of must-haves if you want to attract an alpha male.

1. Leadership And Control

Alpha males like to lead and take control of their surroundings. The moment they walk into the room, they will take charge of everything.

They like to manage and look after their people. They will be the final decision-makers, and no one can change that.

Not being able to take the lead will make an alpha man feel restless and upset. An alpha male is in total control of his life and carves his life as he pleases.

Leadership And Control

2. Confidence

Nothing else attracts an alpha male like confidence because they are quite confident themselves.

They don’t like people who have self-doubts or those who are surrounded by insecurities.

Alpha males do not look for validation from others. They are self-assured, and the same thing attracts them to others.

3. Independence

Alpha males are independent and self-made men. They do not rely on others for their growth.

An alpha male will hate someone who’s dependent on others and may become a liability with time. Alpha males are free-spirited people and love their freedom.

The power to choose and decide for themselves is precious to them.

4. Intelligence And Knowledge

Alpha males greatly appreciate intelligence and knowledge. They are highly intelligent and have a knack for learning new stuff.

Further, alphas need to stay sharp and active for quick decision-making. They stay up to date with the world, and that’s why they make better choices in life.

Alpha males are smart individuals, and they feel attracted to someone who is equally intelligent.

5. Health And Fitness

Alpha males are the natural leaders of the pack, but they need to appear strong both mentally and physically in order to lead.

They know they can’t guide others if they look weak and diseased. Nobody would listen to them. Hence, they understand the importance of fitness training and staying healthy.

Alpha males won’t be attracted to couch potatoes and would rather prefer a person who stays physically fit.

6. Bold Speech

Being fierce and bold greatly impresses an alpha male. Alphas believe in taking a stand for what’s right and raising their voice against the wrong.

People who strongly share their opinion and fight for their rights are attractive to them. The fear of speaking up and lack of courage is a huge turn-off for an alpha male.

7. Strong Body Language

To get the attention of an alpha male, you need powerful body language. It’s the first thing he will notice, even before speaking to you.

With strong body language, you’ll come across as confident and credible.

It will become easy for you to communicate with an alpha because you would have already drawn his interest towards you.

Strong Body Language

8. Ambitions

Alpha males are driven by their goals and ambitions. They never lose sight of what they want to achieve in life.

Alpha males are result-oriented, and their actions speak louder than their words. Great ambitions and dedication toward success are what inspire an alpha male.

9. Vision And Passion

For alpha males, vision and passion run side by side. If you have a vision, your passion for it will motivate you to convert it into a reality.

Alpha males like pursuing things they are passionate about. Their strong energy and passion make them the leaders they are.

Alpha males are automatically drawn to visionaries and passionate individuals like them.

10. Hard Work

An alpha male works hard to be the leader of his people. He would always prove his potential and capability to his people through his work.

Alpha males don’t know what being lazy and tired is because their days are well-planned.

They are known to get things done with their powerful strategies, resources, and immense willpower.

11. Positive Outlook

Only a true leader knows how important it is to have a positive attitude. One cannot lead if their head is clouded with negativity and doubts.

That is why alpha males are not easily demotivated by their failure. Instead, they learn and grow by staying positive every step of the way.

They do not focus on negativity and surround themselves with positive people.

12. Extroverts

Most alpha males are extroverts. They are very social and approachable.

That’s how alpha males build their reputation as a leader and earn the respect they deserve.

Alpha males are attracted to the same kind of people who don’t find it difficult to socialize and communicate easily when in a large group.

13. Attractive Personality

Having an attractive personality helps an alpha male stand out in a social setting. He understands the value of being attractively presentable when dealing with people.

An alpha male dresses to impress and inspire people to be like him. Seeing someone extremely attractive will immediately catch an alpha male’s eyes.

Attractive Personality

14. Loyalty And Honesty

Loyalty is a key quality alpha males look for in the people they want to surround themselves with.

They find it very difficult to trust people because they are always playing with fire and do not want betrayers by their side.

This is why alpha males hold high regard for loyal and honest people and make them a part of their pack.

15. Genuine Appreciation

Alpha males love to be appreciated and admired by others. They want people to look up to them and believe in their leadership.

Alpha males will also compliment others for their achievements and good work. Appreciation boosts an alpha male’s ego and his zeal to be a highly successful leader.

But the caveat is being genuine. Try to suck up to an alpha male, and he will immediately shoot you down. Being blunt and honest will take you a long way with an alpha.

16. Risks And Challenges

Winning by taking risks and engaging in challenges makes an alpha male successful.

They don’t settle for a mediocre life by playing it safe but prefer to aim for the stars by taking their chances. They love the thrill of taking on new challenges.

Not doing so will make their life monotonous and feel plain and boring. Huge risks and constant challenges attract alpha males.

17. Mystery

Mystery is always closely associated with an alpha male. He won’t show you all his cards at once.

They like to unfold their layers one at a time, slowly and gradually, but still don’t reveal it all. They always have an ace up their sleeve.

They like reading people’s minds, and people trust them and confide in them. Someone mysterious definitely piques an alpha male’s interest.

18. Success

Alpha males are greatly attracted to success. They can’t stand failure and prefer not to take no for an answer.

An alpha male will learn new things, work on himself, and rectify his mistakes to become more and more successful.

Every little achievement and success contributes toward making an alpha male a strong leader because they always look for lessons.

How To Be Irresistible To An Alpha Male?

To be irresistible to an alpha male, stand out from the crowd by not engaging in petty mind games or playing hard to get. Alphas are immensely attracted to people who know their worth and make their own rules. Plus, don’t be afraid of amping up on flirty banter. Challenge the alpha whenever you can.

Here are some more tips to create irresistible attraction in the mind of an alpha male:

1. Present Your Best Self

Like all other men, alpha males are also visual creatures. If they like what they see, then they will definitely approach you.

You need to put your best foot forward when attracting an alpha male. Dress appropriately and look well-groomed.

Do not wear clothes or footwear you are uncomfortable in because an alpha male will be able to notice the discomfort (trying hard to please behavior) the moment he looks at you.

The way you present yourself in front of an alpha man should shout class and confidence. If you think you are not impressive enough, work on yourself and present the best version.

Alpha males want the best for themselves and won’t compromise regarding the person they want to be close with.

Present Your Best Self

2. Possess Great Confidence

You need to radiate confidence when around an alpha male. Show no sign of insecurity or self-doubt.

Let him see that you know your worth and do not seek validation from him to feel valuable.

But then again, if he sends a compliment your way, then gracefully accept it without being egoistic.

Come across as confident yet approachable, and an alpha male would be much more interested in you compared to someone who acts haughtily just to seem like a high-value person.

3. Let Him Take The Lead

If you ask out the alpha male you have your eyes on before he does, he is definitely going to turn you down or lose interest.

Alpha males love to lead and be the hero. To be a knight in shining armor, he must be the one to make the first move.

Let him pursue you, and let him take the lead in the future as well. Doing so makes him feel in control and satisfies his alpha male ego.

So, while dating an alpha male, you might want to take the back seat and let him drive.

4. Show How Passionate You Are

Talk about things you love and are passionate about with an alpha male. Alpha men are keen to know about motivations and the forces that drive people.

He will surely take an interest in your life when you tell him what makes you happy and keeps you motivated in life.

He won’t like a person who is lost and has no purpose. An alpha male will truly value and respect your passion.

5. Be Playful And Witty

An alpha male’s life is always full of something or the other, but having someone by his side who can make him laugh makes him happy.

He would seek someone playful and witty in their ways. Do not become a monk around him.

Talk about different things, make jokes, engage in playful banter, and keep the atmosphere lively.

Also, finding a common interest will help in weaving an exciting conversation with an alpha male.

You’re allowed to be sarcastic sometimes, and don’t be afraid to show your witty side. Show how active and full of life you are, and that will definitely attract an alpha male.

6. Appreciate His Achievements

Show deep admiration for his work and achievements. Alphas don’t like people who are too stuck up on themselves and do not compliment others.

Why? Because it shows that you only see yourself in this huge wide world and you’re quite insecure about your own achievements and personality.

Talk about his success and how great a leader he is in your eyes. Do not hesitate to show your immense attraction for his alpha male demeanor.

Pay attention to little details about him and compliment him for what separates him from other people.

7. Gain His Trust

As said earlier, alpha males do not trust easily and take their own time to place their faith in others. You must gain his trust by proving your loyalty and honesty to him.

Do not try to be over smart or lie about your vanity. You cannot build a connection based on lies. Do not pretend to be someone you are not, but be your true self.

If your true self is ugly and a disgusting person, then improve the areas you are ashamed of.

It will take time, and you may lose this guy in the process, but it will attract another alpha down the line.

An alpha male will hold on to you if he feels you are a loyal and honest partner.

Gain His Trust

8. Talk About Your Dreams

Alpha males, just like themselves, love to be with career-oriented people who have dreams and great ambitions.

People who set goals and strive to achieve them attract alphas to no end.

People who drive their values from their work, self-discipline, skills, and achievements give even alpha males something to look up to.

People who leave no stone unturned to become more and more successful in every aspect of their life rub alphas the right way.

Communicate with him about your aspirations and dreams.

9. Set Standards And Boundaries

Having standards and boundaries shows that you are sure about what you want and what is acceptable to you.

It will show an alpha that you will not hesitate to put yourself and your needs first if required. It lets him know that you will always be your topmost priority.

Other things would be important but to an extent where you are not taken advantage of.

Setting standards and boundaries will earn you the same respect that an alpha male has for himself.

10. Always Leave Some Mystery For The Future

Alpha males are used to getting attention from many attractive people.

For them, people are very predictable, but if you come off as unpredictable and mysterious, you will grab an alpha male’s interest.

Don’t be an open book, but leave some mystery. The moment an alpha male thinks he knows you completely, he may lose all interest.

So, always surprise him by revealing something new about you from time to time and keeping him hooked.

Having multiple hobbies and an interesting lifestyle will help you build unpredictability.

11. Support His Ambitions

An alpha man doesn’t play safe and aims high no matter how difficult the path is.

And not everyone believes in him, which is why haters and enemies surround alpha males.

The partner of an alpha male needs to believe in him and support his ambitions even when no one else does.

An alpha male would love a partner who will stand by him every step of the way and motivate him to keep his eyes on the prize.

12. Challenge Him

Alpha males lead a life full of risks and challenges. They don’t get a kick if something comes easily to them, and it also stands true while choosing a partner for themselves.

If the person is boring, then an alpha male will certainly lose interest. Throw challenges in his way and make him earn your affection because this is how he will value you. 

13. Be Vocal And Direct

It is very common to feel intimidated in the presence of an alpha male.

You may even feel speechless in front of him, but remember that you will not attract an alpha male by being timid.

He wants a fierce partner who unhesitatingly speaks what’s on their mind.

An alpha wants someone who doesn’t waste his time by beating around the bush but is direct in their approach.

You need to confidently share your opinion without the fear of being judged.

Be Vocal And Direct

14. Don’t Be Afraid To Show Occasional Vulnerability

It will give an alpha male great pride to know how vulnerable you feel around him, despite having a strong and confident personality around others.

He will love how he makes you weak in your knees. Do not hold back from showing him how much you need him, even if it means pretending to be in distress sometimes.

He would love to be your knight in shining armor. So don’t forget to allow him to be of help and be your hero occasionally.

15. Be More Mature

A childish attitude is a huge turnoff for an alpha male. He won’t be around to play games with you if you think of any because he is way above that.

Playing hard to get or making him jealous by giving importance to other men won’t do you any good. An alpha knows his worth more than any other man.

He has no insecurities or doubts about his capabilities, especially when it comes to impressing a person. So, steer clear of playing games and be mature in your approach.

What Is An Alpha Male Like In Bed?

An alpha male is extremely passionate and active in bed. He will make sure that both you and he are left with the feeling of heavenly satisfaction at the end of it. He will focus on your pleasure as much as he’ll be willing to get his. With an alpha, you would always crave more.

Here are a few other things that are commonly observed within alphas in the bedroom:

1. Confident With His Body

Like their day-to-day life, alpha males also show great confidence in the bedroom. You won’t see such confidence in other men when it comes to pleasing a partner.

Alpha males know what they are doing and how good they are in bed.

An alpha male won’t turn off the light or insist on doing it under the sheet because he is very much comfortable showing off his well-toned masculine body.

You’ll love to see him standing in front of you, looking all hot and sexy.

2. Asserts Dominance

Alpha males don’t back off from taking the lead and asserting dominance over their partner in bed.

They want their partner to be submissive and let him take control of their body. An alpha would order you to do things and stop you if you do anything without his permission in bed.

If he somehow feels that you are trying to take charge, he will show you your place by punishing you.

All this will be done in a playful but intense way without denting your self-respect.

3. Plays With Your Mind

When in bed, an alpha male not only plays with your body but plays with your mind as well.

He won’t only turn you on physically but mentally too by talking dirty to you. He will make you imagine things that he will do to you.

An alpha male will seduce you by complimenting your body in a way most men don’t and making you fall in love with yourself.

He will unleash the true animal in you that you have never known before.

Plays With Your Mind

4. Worships Your Body

Alpha males well understand that ultimate pleasure is a two-way street. If your partner is not turned on, you won’t get the best out of it.

He will do everything in his capability to turn you on. He will know your body and what action triggers what reaction.

An alpha male will make you feel sensations in every part of your body. He will take his own sweet time while making love to you and figure out your pleasure points.

5. Great At Foreplay

Most men immediately want to move to the main course and neglect the starter called foreplay.

An alpha male does not only focus on achieving satisfaction, but they want the whole experience to be memorable and worthwhile.

Only an alpha male ensures that his partner is hitting their arousal endurance limit before he makes the next move.

It gives great pleasure to an alpha male to see his partner enjoying his advances and boosts his ego.

6. Makes You Beg

Alpha males, just like others, want to feel needed and desired. But alphas take it a notch further. An alpha male would turn you on, and then he would make you plead for more.

He will want to see you begging him, as it will give him immense pleasure. You will be left craving his attention until you say you want him or need him.

Finally, when he does give in to your demands, he’ll treat you royally. Expect your mind to be blown and your world to be rocked with some heart-melting pampering afterward.  

7. Prioritizes Your Satisfaction

An alpha male is not selfish in bed.

He will prioritize your needs and demands in bed because not being able to do so will make him feel less of a man, which is not good for the alpha male mindset.

An alpha male will not rest until you are fully satisfied. If you are uncomfortable with certain things, he will learn and improve by keeping his ego aside.

Because he wants you to have the best experience, that will come only when your needs are respected and fulfilled.

8. Loves To Explore

Exploring new things in the bedroom is what comes naturally to alpha males. They cannot keep up with old and boring ways of making love.

He will ask you about your fantasies and will tell you about his.

An alpha male won’t limit himself only to the bedroom and will make love to you wherever he feels like (as long as you’re up for it).

He won’t hesitate to introduce new things to you to create excitement. An alpha male will spice things up for you and keep the spark alive. 

9. His Specialty Lies In Long Lasting Sessions

An alpha strives to be the best at everything he does, and it also stands true when it comes to intimacy.

As most men do, an alpha male won’t settle with just one or two rounds. Instead, he’ll have the physical and mental capability to keep going at it multiple times.

He will know your body more than you do and will own it throughout the night. He will be good with his techniques and trigger all your erogenous zones.

At the end of it, you will start to feel weak in your knees after getting physical with an alpha man.  

10. Extremely Passionate

You will experience a great level of passion and intimacy with an alpha male. Just like some of the other things they adore, alpha males are equally passionate about lovemaking.

You will feel desired while getting physical with him. There will be a strong attraction, full of lust and passion for each other.

You won’t be able to resist him and will eventually submit to him.

Extremely Passionate


Dating an alpha male will be a great experience, but dating a toxic male is dangerous. You cannot be toxic and be an alpha. These two types of men are mutually exclusive.

Being an alpha is not about brute force. It is more about having a wise mind. Knowing the difference between the two is very important.

Only a toxic male tries to control a person’s life to show his masculinity. A true alpha male is a gentleman who values his partner and provides them the best he can offer.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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