Dating An Indian Man | Road To A Cultural Extravaganza

With almost 16% of the world’s population, India is the most diverse country on earth.

Dating an Indian man is like experiencing a cultural extravaganza. Indian men are usually quiet, shy, and polite. Yet, you’ll experience the richness and warmth of human relations with them. Apart from India’s cool history and epic religious stories, you’ll also fall in love with the food and the cinema.

Everyone who’s been remotely related to anything or anyone Indian cannot help but fall in love with the country and its people.

Reasons Why You Would Love An Indian Man

There are tons of reasons you can fall hard for an Indian man. Here are only a few that we could think of right off the bat.

1. Academic Intellectuals

You must have heard how smart Asian people are in general.

The whole continent of Asia has a culture of strict parenting with extreme emphasis on academic prowess.

It is not a coincidence that they rule the spelling bee and mathematics competitions.

While not everyone is Einstein smart in India, most people are what you can call well above average academically.

India produces some of the finest engineers, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and techies.

Foreign universities are filled with young and brilliant minds from India.

They make the backbone of the IT industries of some of the most developed nations on earth.

TABLE: Median Weekly Earnings Of Different Races & Ethnicities In The US

Ethnicity/RaceMedian Weekly Earnings
Other Asians$922
Pacific Islander$884
Source: Based on a survey conducted by with 50 people from each group in the age range of 18-65 years.

If you date an Indian guy, you’ll be with someone with an above-average intellect.

Almost all the Indians who migrate to a foreign country are desired professionals and have well-established careers sooner or later.

Academic Intellectuals

2. Street Smart And Thrifty

The intelligence of an Indian man is not limited only to books. An Indian can give you some of the most ingenious solutions for day-to-day problems.

They call it ‘jugaad,’ which is an unconventional but innovative solution that doesn’t use many resources.

Also, before jumping into anything, Indians tend to use their brain a lot.

They’ll do a ton of thinking, analyze the situation from every possible angle and then proceed.

Their defence radars are always on to avoid getting scammed and minimize potential losses. Apart from that, Indians are really smart when it comes to money.

Their whole life, they are brought up in an environment that promotes the judicious use of every resource.

For most Indians, frugality is not out of helplessness but rather the usual way of life.

From everyday shopping to making big purchases, having an Indian by your side is really handy.

3. Extremely Generous

When dating an Indian man, be prepared to be mollycoddled, pampered and showered with love and affection.

If he’s really into you, there will be no end to flowers, gifts, jewelry, and chocolates. It’s quite surprising coming from a guy who’s very frugal otherwise.

But the generosity of Indians is not limited only to materialistic gifts. An Indian will be there by your side when you need someone in your darkest times.

All the cultures prevalent in India propagate empathy and going out of your way to help others.

For many, not helping someone in trouble, whether asked or not, is equivalent to sin.

For example, an Indian family will go hungry themselves but feed the guest when food is scarce. Such values are embedded in the psyche of Indian guys.

So, even if you’re not dating him, don’t be surprised if an Indian guy not only gets your groceries but also cooks for you when you’re sick.

Don’t take undue advantage of him, though, because you’ll lose a genuinely nice person.

4. Love Their Families

Indian values teach unified existence. Even in large families living together, members are deeply attached to one another.

They stand with each other through thick and thin, no matter what.

If the situation demands it, many Indians will not bat an eye before suffering an individual loss for the betterment of the family.

If ever you get a chance to start a family with an Indian guy, rest assured that you, your parents, siblings, and your children will have someone who’ll be there for them whenever required.

5. Social Creatures And Friend Lovers

Just like their families, Indians love their friends. Even if things go south between the two of you, you’ll always find a trustworthy friend in an Indian.

Apart from the numerous folk tales, their movies teach them to even die for a friend if and when needed!

Watch the climax scene from the 1975 cult blockbuster movie Sholay. Don’t skip any part if you want to experience the full range of emotions.

The coin was rigged with Heads on both sides so that Jay could always win and have his say. He lays down his life to save his friend.

Amitabh Bachchan taught generations how an ideal friend should be.

Indians all over India, irrespective of region and religion, share similar sentiments when it comes to friendship.

6. Very Hard Working

Indians are some of the most hard-working people on the planet. Why? Because this is a lesson passed on to every generation by the previous one.

Imagine listening to the value of hard work day in and day out.

Also, since the average pay in India isn’t much, many people are forced to work for more than eight hours to earn some extra money or take up two jobs.

The Indian work culture, just like many other countries, focuses heavily on the number of hours spent at the job.

Thus, Indians get accustomed to working for long hours without taking a break. Now, this isn’t advised due to both physical and psychological reasons.

But this is one of the strongest reasons why Indians excel in a wide variety of fields.

They are ready to hustle indefinitely, put in the hard work, and do whatever it takes to succeed.

When dating an Indian guy, you might curse yourself for being too lazy or think you’re wasting your 24 hours of the day.

But at the same time, you’ll be immensely inspired, and your own life will improve a lot, at least in terms of productivity.

7. Wise In Money Matters

An Indian will not only help you save money in day-to-day life, but they’ll also help you set long-term goals for it.

You’ll hardly find an Indian who’ll not suggest investing your money wisely to make it grow instead of letting it rot in the bank.

They are against the paycheck to paycheck way of living. Indians know that a penny saved is a penny earned, and a penny invested is two earned in return.

When dating an Indian guy, you’ll be getting some pro-level money investment advice if ever you need any.

Many already know the hacks to surviving on minimum expense in your location because they have been searching ever since they set foot on foreign lands.

Apart from that, they actively research investment opportunities and might even know your country’s savings and tax laws better than you.

8. Commitment Friendly

Indians are some of the most commitment-friendly people on earth.

Most of them enter the dating scene with something long-term in mind because the dating culture in India is totally different from that in the West.

Indians value longevity in even the tiniest things.

Whether it is something they buy from the flea market or a relationship, Indians want it to be good for several years.

The casual dating culture and dalliance are traditionally frowned upon in India.

Even though the outlook is changing gradually with the upcoming generation being more in touch with the Western culture, the elders of the family place a lot of value on marriage.

Thus, most Indian guys are not thinking of wasting their time dating someone new every few months.

Rather, they want a single long lasting relationship if possible.

Unless your guy is using you for a few fun nights, getting him to commit to a long term relationship won’t be much of a problem.

9. Very Caring

Indians are very caring in general. They not only look out for their close ones but also those around them, like their neighbors and colleagues.

Helping someone by going out of your way to do something nice is a conventional norm in India.

If you’re dating an Indian guy, your faith in humanity will be restored to some extent.

Your guy may not be the next mother Teresa, but it would be common to see him not living only for himself.

Doing charity is also a big part of the Indian culture, and even you may be inspired to do more for the world.

With that being said, Indians are super emotional creatures.

You might feel irritated when you’ll find your guy doing good at his expense and suffering losses in cases where it’s abundantly clear that someone’s only using him.

In such a scenario, stick around and make him see the truth!

Very Caring

10. Witty & Funny

Indians are naturally funny and witty beings.

Their home environment, day-to-day lives, movies, T.V. shows, and their usual persona is full of quirkiness.

They love some light banter with those around them. Ask any Indian, and they’ll tell how sarcastic and savage their parents can be.

Indians also have this tendency to find humor in the most unusual and the simplest of things.

They do not like to be super serious and prefer keeping things light. When dating an Indian guy, be ready to laugh a lot.

And it won’t only be goofy humor. Some of it can be pretty intelligent too.

Reasons Why You Might Not Like Some Indian Men

There are always two sides to a coin. But do not take the criticism as the absolute truth.

1. Eve Teasing & Harassment

A lot of Indian movies have gone horribly wrong when it comes to wooing women. The content isn’t borderline harassment.

It is way beyond the borderline mark where the male lead might be doing extremely creepy things in his pursuit of the girl he fancies.

What’s worse? The plot shows that the girl allows his advances, encourages him indirectly, and accepts his ‘love’ for her.

To make matters worse, the friends of the male lead start calling the girl ‘Bhabhi’ (Sister-In-Law) and make cringey ape-like noises every time she passes by.

Sexist dialogues and scenes were abundant in the past, and sadly they aren’t obsolete yet.

Such visuals highly influence the youth, and men think that this is the norm and what guys are supposed to do.

They genuinely get confused when they don’t get the promised results after catcalling and whistling at women.

Many stupidly believe that a girl saying ‘No’ is only due to her initial, passive resistance, and she’ll open up a bit more on the second and the third attempt.

Patriarchy is another villain.

Thankfully, the scenario is changing with the upcoming generation calling out such nonsense due to being a bit more sensitive and empathetic.

Sex education, gender equality, and feminism are making their way into the Indian mindset, and people are a lot more sensible now.

But if your man is anything like above, you’ll have a hard time tolerating him.

2. Inexperienced With Women

Due to the conservative attitude towards dating in India, most Indian men don’t have much experience with women.

A lot of guys never have any relationship with a woman except a marriage in their late twenties.

Even asking a girl out for coffee is considered proposing.

This makes many Indian guys extremely awkward around women.

Inexperience can be a huge problem for courtship, especially while getting intimate with each other.

Unfortunately, some men also see dating as an easy way to get some action.

The taboo around premarital relationships, carnal desires, or their way of approaching women never allowed them to have a meaningful relationship.

These are the men who usually carry the impression that Western women are easy.

Many misrepresentations can be attributed to how media, popular culture, and pornography depict women.

Hope that the guy you are planning to date is not from this lot of Indian men because they are illusioned in a very twisted sense.

3. You’ll Be Dating The Whole Family

When you’re dating an Indian man, be prepared to impress not only him, but also his whole family.

Some Indian families interfere way too much in the personal lives of their children.

Whether it is something as simple as casually hanging out with a friend or being in a relationship, many parents keep a tight check on their children’s lives.

From who’s paying the most for dates and vacations to whether or not the girl is exploiting their son, Indian parents are very protective about their children even when they’re fully functioning adults.

And god forbid if the head of the family, usually the patriarch, doesn’t give his approval to you, there are slim chances that the guy will take a stand for you.

But different Indian men who will not leave you do exist, and you cannot say that all Indian guys are without a spine.

Anyway, the family’s head can decide who the child will marry, and the decision is usually final and withstanding.

The person getting married, especially girls, have little to no say in the matter. Many parents do need to realize that children are not their property.

This problematic aspect of parenting exists in almost every nook and corner of the world.

Indian guys usually do not move out of their parent’s house after they turn 18.

Some continue to live with their parents even after marriage due to the Indian culture valuing the concept of staying together as a single unit.

There are both pros and cons to this model of living, and it is something you should be aware of while dating an Indian guy.

You'll BeDating The Whole Family

4. The Mama’s Boy

Indian men are deeply attached to their mothers.

The overprotective parenting that you read about in the previous section is at a whole new level when it comes to an Indian mother.

Therefore, you’ll have a really hard time impressing her.

She might have no interest at all in her son’s girlfriend or his choice because she will be judging you on the self-set parameters of how her son’s wife should be.

Like the head of the family, who’s usually the guy’s father, his mother’s approval of your relationship is equally important.

Your guy might stand up against his parents for you, but they’ll bug him to no end if they do not approve of you.

The mother’s control over her son’s relationship can sometimes cross acceptable boundaries where you might feel suffocated.

She will be demanding constant updates from her son about the stage of your relationship and the future plans.

Refrain from dating a mama’s boy if you need some peace.

The guy is equally responsible for letting his mother in on too many details and allowing her to control your relationship.

5. The Expectations Can Be Unrealistic

Indian men can have some unrealistic expectations when it comes to dating.

You might see your guy expecting a long-term commitment from you right from the first date.

And when the two of you begin your relationship, he might already be contemplating marriage with you. Yeah, Indian men move fast that way.

Blame it largely on the highly romanticized plot of the Indian films where the guy falls deeply in love with just one girl.

She is usually the first girl he ever likes, and they end up getting married by the end of the movie.

Whereas we all know how drastically different and cruel real life is.

Further, his family can also have unrealistic expectations from you where they want you to be a superwoman.

You should be fair-skinned, intelligent, beautiful, hard-working, have a nice degree, cook delicious meals, have good pay (if you’re allowed to work), be traditional, and believe in family values.

After two and three years of marriage, you’ll be expected to become a mother. And if you produce a male heir, you’ll be highly revered.

Once you become a mother, you’ll be expected to leave your job and say goodbye to your career forever.

If you ever get the slightest hint of such expectations from your man and his folks, run away.

There are far better Indian men out there with families who will lovingly accept you the way you are and not ask for anything in return.

6. Can Be Really Possessive

Many Indian men can be a pain when it comes to being insecure and possessive.

Unfortunately, they learn about male-female dynamics from popular culture.

Time and again, films and T.V. shows in India, just like their western counterparts, have presented the idea that females have a limited set of roles in society.

They propagate the notion that the lives of females should be dedicated to the males around them. Pretty patriarchal? We know!

To make matters worse, they have seen their mother conform to such notions and her husband’s will, his idea of marriage and a relationship all her life.

They end up believing that this is how a woman loves to behave.

Some Indian men can outright restrict you from talking to male friends, going out for late-night parties, and curb your freedom to wear whatever you want.

Men from the Western countries do it too.

Thankfully, these orthodox notions about a woman are rapidly changing, and many Indian men believe in total equality and complete freedom.

Your Indian guy might be the biggest feminist you’ve ever seen.

7. Casteist And Religious Prejudices

Indians, just like people all over the world, can be a coal mine of prejudices. But their prejudices are often limited to caste, religion, and skin color.

Four major castes have existed in the caste hierarchy in India since ancient times.

The Brahmins who were believed to come from Lord Brahma’s head were at the top.

They were responsible for the study and propagation of religious scriptures and the devotion of various gods.

The Kshatriyas who came from Brahma’s arms were the warriors. Their job was to fight and protect the land.

The Vaishyas were created from Brahma’s thighs. They were the traders and the businessmen who kept the economy running.

Last were the Shudras, born from Brahma’s feet and responsible for the menial jobs in society. Outside the caste system were the untouchables or the Dalits.

Prejudice against different castes still exists among all the castes, which has led to various conflicts.

Add to that the religious tensions between Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians.

The continual friction resulted in an intolerant attitude against those who were different.

Religious and casteist fanatics widen this divide by preaching their own dubious interpretations of the scriptures.

But inherently, all religions and cultures in India teach treating everyone else respectfully and loving them like your own.

Casteist And Religious Prejudices

8. Obsessed With Fair Skin

Indians are obsessed with fair skin. Dusky people are always the butt of jokes and taunted at some point in their life.

Kids with darker complexions are teased to no end in schools.

It becomes even worse for a woman because she is made to live under the fear that no suitable boy would choose her for marriage.

When you grow up in such a toxic environment, you subconsciously mimic the learnt bias.

It could be in the form of subtle comments or outright disgust against people who do not have fair skin.

Even girls show off their fair skin proudly and sometimes tease those with darker complexions.

Mothers and grandmothers are always suggesting face masks and home remedies that lighten the complexion.

If you find that an Indian guy fancies you just because you’ll uplift his non-existent social status in his friend circle with your fair skin, you should stay away.

9. Can Confuse Dating And Relationship

Dating means something completely different in India than what it means in the West.

Traditionally, when two people are dating, they essentially evaluate each other for a possible long-term relationship.

Whereas if you’re dating someone in India, it is wrongly assumed that they are now together.

Even the two people who are dating might use the word dating and relationship interchangeably.

Therefore, an Indian guy you begin dating might get the wrong idea that the two of you are in a romantic relationship.

He may expect you to behave like his girlfriend. He can come across as too strong because in his head you already like him enough to call him your boyfriend.

Thus, always ensure that your guy knows whether you’re just dating him (and might see other people too) or you think of him as something more than just another guy you’re seeing.

Harsh & Absurd Stereotypes Against Indians

There are some extremely irrational things you might hear about Indian men.

Some people generalize and judge without reason and put everyone in the same bucket. You should know better than that person!

1. Indians Are Smelly And Unhygienic

India has a wide variety of climates, but most of them are some variation of the sweet tropical.

Except for the winters, all other seasons can make you sweat a lot due to the average temperature being above 64 °F (18 °C).

Body odor can be a problem for a lot of people. Thus, Indians bathe every day, and many keep themselves squeaky clean and dry by using talcum powders.

Others liberally apply deodorants and perfumes.

This is a habit that they carry with themselves even when they migrate to countries with cooler climates.

Most of what you see or hear is the experience of a select few Westerners with Indians who couldn’t care less about their hygiene.

This also includes the tales of lazy clothing habits and recycling your underwear by wearing them inside out.

Most Indians are indeed a bit too careless when it comes to unhygienic habits like sharing combs or towels.

But they certainly do not keep on smelling 24×7, as depicted by irrational people.

Indians might not be germaphobes, but they do know how to maintain personal hygiene.

2. Spitting And Pissing On Roads

Due to having an irresponsible attitude and not giving a damn about others, some Indians do piss on the roadside or spit anywhere.

But unlike what Slumdog Millionaire might have shown you, not every Indian is uncouth. People are a lot more educated and aware now.

They not only do not indulge in such activities but also stop others from doing them.

Moreover, those migrating to other countries as students and residents belong to the educated class.

They are the least likely ones to display such behaviors.

The same cannot be said about the travelers, though. However, all Indians don’t dare live as they do back at home.

They are a different species when in a foreign land. Indians are pretty scared of the law in other countries due to better implementation than India.

So, don’t worry, the guy you will date will not be taking a leak on the side while you’ll stare in disbelief.

Spitting And Pissing On Roads

3. All Of Them Drink Cow Urine

Whether or not you find it disgusting, the truth is that only a handful of people drink cow urine in India.

The cow is an extremely sacred and revered animal for the Hindus.

A cow’s milk and derived products like cheese and clarified butter (ghee) are consumed on a large scale and used in devotional practices.

The urine and dung have found their place in medicines ever since Ayurveda came into existence.

Other uses include organic insecticides and pesticides for farming, domestic use, dung cakes for fuel, etc.

Thus, the cow is seen as an extremely beneficial animal to humans.

The belief behind drinking cow urine is that it has medicinal, immune-boosting properties and can cure various diseases.

However, the caveat is that the cow should be a pure Indian breed, virgin, not pumped up with hormonal injections for better milk production, and the urine should be collected just before dawn.

Several scientific pieces of research have been done on the topic, but the divide between those supporting the belief and those against it has only increased.

Now, there is a high chance that an Indian Hindu guy in a foreign country will not be drinking cow urine due to reasons like the unavailability of the Indian cow, social taboo, and outright disgust.

But if you find someone that does drink it and you aren’t a fan of the idea, don’t ridicule him for his religious beliefs because they aren’t harming you in any way.

Just don’t date the guy. No need to be a jerk.

4. Do Not Have Etiquettes

Indian men are polite enough to hold the door open for you, pull out a chair, or sweep you off your feet by their chivalry.

A man not doing these because of his inflated ego is a completely different subject and has nothing to do with the person’s nationality.

Indians don’t live under a rock, and it is a bit unfair to assume that they are oblivious of common courtesies while dating.

If, however, you do not see your man doing something fairly common, it could be because of cultural differences, and he might not be aware of it.

An example of this is the tipping culture of the West. Most people in India do not tip after a service. Even those providing the service don’t expect it.

Gently nudge him in the right direction if your date doesn’t know about the expected norms. Any polite guy would be quick to pick up.

Of course, do return the favor from time to time. Give what you expect in return to maintain balance and set an example of gender equality.

5. Creepy Wooing & Stares

Yes, creepy stares and harassment in the name of wooing are a problem in many men. But guess what? It is not limited to only Indian guys.

Men all over the world need to learn how to treat females kindly and respect their personal space.

If Indian men have been learning all the wrong ways of approaching women through movies, a similar job is being done in the west by these so-called dating gurus.

Most of them teach to be a jerk to a woman and treat her like trash to show that you’re a bad boy.

In the name of giving useful advice of not always being a nice guy and sucking up to a woman, they often forget that a woman is human.

Due to a shift in the mindset, many Indian males now understand that staring at a woman and catcalling her is verbal violence.

They now know better that it is not the way to get a girl who has some self-worth.

6. Ogle At Other Women

We completely fail to understand how it is a problem specific to India?

A man who’s in the habit of ogling at other women will do so irrespective of nationality and where he is in the world.

It is more about the mindset of a person rather than the identity of a whole nation.

Checking out attractive women is totally normal but lustily ogling at her isn’t. Some men know that and some don’t.

A man in the U.S. is as likely to behave disgustingly as a man in India. Such men are only divided by boundaries but united by a failed mindset.

Don’t put all Indian men under the bracket of ogling vultures.

Else, you are going to miss out on a ton of wonderful Indian men who can and will romance you like Shahrukh Khan.

Ogle At Other Women

7. They’ll Leave You For An Arranged Marriage

Do some men in the West not leave their girls for other women? Or do they not cheat on their women?

At the risk of being repetitive, we truly hope that you fully understand the point we’re trying to make by now.

Indian parents do play a big role in settling upon a match for their children, but love marriages are so much more common now.

If the parents don’t approve, children still go forward and marry the ones they love.

Some sane parents even go to the extent of advising that it is ultimately their child who has to spend their life with the spouse and not them.

Thus, a child should have the biggest say in the matrimonial alliance.

An Indian man who loves you dearly will not leave you for an Indian girl that his parents choose for him.

Such instances do indeed happen, but it’s absurd to believe that it will happen to you, too, without even being with the guy first.

Isn’t that a bit too presumptuous and judgemental?

8. Expect You To Be A Virgin

A woman’s virginity is an overrated concept in India, but it is a lot more limited to the older generation.

Yes, it is unfair and hypocritical not to keep a tight check on your son, i.e., the groom but expect the bride to be a celestial virgin.

Sadly, some Indian men do share the same views as their parents, but you can thankfully and safely say that many do not.

These men tend to be a lot more liberal, educated, and wise.

They know that having one or more relationships before marriage does not define the character of a woman.

A man who does have an issue with a woman not being a virgin or having multiple partners can only be allowed to have such views because of two valid concerns.

The first one is that she shouldn’t be promiscuous, which puts her and ultimately him at the risk of transmitting STDs.

The other is that multiple failed relationships might indicate her inability to keep her relationships stable and intact.

But much before that, the man should ensure that he himself is a virgin and didn’t have any or many relationships.

There is a difference between beliefs and hypocrisy.

9. Expect You To Do All The Chores

Many Indians grow up seeing their mother toiling in the house all their life while their father works hard at his job.

There was a time in India when helping with the house chores felt demeaning to men, and the women were left with all the responsibilities.

But that time is long gone! Women are a lot more assertive now and ask men to help them, citing that the housework is not only their responsibility.

The best part is that men understand the same and are more than willing to share the load.

If you are dating an Indian man with even an iota of wisdom, he will never expect you to do all the chores alone while he sits like a king on the couch, waiting to be served.

It is an image you might have picked up somewhere, but it doesn’t hold as true as it did just a decade ago.

10. Indian Men Are Rapists


India indeed has an atrocious crime rate against women, and the country really needs to up its game, but do you really believe that EVERY Indian man is a rapist?

We feel your fear and insecurity.

It’s not entirely misplaced due to the everyday news from India and the experience of foreigners in India, but painting all of them as perpetrators of one of the most heinous crimes is a bit extreme.

Most Indian men are hurt and exasperated at any news of rape or violence as much as you are.

Indian Men Are Rapists

What Are Indian Guys Like?

Indian guys are generally shy and hold themselves back a bit. Though they are an emotional breed, they aren’t very expressive. Many have a hard time talking to women. They might love you to death but will have a hard time expressing it through words.

Here are a few more things you need to know about Indian men and Indians in general.

1. Not Everyone Speaks Hindi

One of the best ways to impress a foreigner is to learn their language.

And you might be tempted to brush up your Hindi skills to croon to romantic Bollywood tunes.

Though India has 22 languages listed in the constitution, there are around 19,500 languages and dialects spoken as mother tongue across different parts of India.

Hindi and English are only the official languages used for communication at the central government level.

The state governments communicate in the language of the state in the official documents if and when they can.

Thus, know exactly what your guy’s mother tongue is and then proceed to learn it.

2. Several Cultures Exist Across India

The vast number of Indian languages are enough to indicate the existence of different cultures.

When dating an Indian guy, you’re bound to face many traditions and customs that will differ significantly from your own.

But fret not! Even Indians from different parts of the country often find themselves in cultural conflicts.

The best way to resolve any dispute is through respecting each other’s culture and finding common ground.

Don’t assume that just because you know about the culture of one part of India, your guy should be conforming to the same.

3. Curry Isn’t The Only Dish

Just because your guy feels homesick, don’t pour curry down his throat every day to show your affection.

India has an immense cuisine with literally thousands of dishes, from starters to desserts. Most of them have absolutely nothing to do with curry.

Even within a region, there are so many dishes and multiple variations of the same dish.

Your guy would love you if you could ask him about his favorite dish and prepare it in the most authentic way possible.

The two of you could actually avoid eating out on a few dates and instead, prepare what you think your mother cooked the best.

It would be an awesome way to explore each other’s cuisine and food palates.

4. Take Their Movies Seriously

Indians are movie buffs. It is almost impossible for an Indian not to be inspired by a movie at some point in their life.

Everybody has a phase where they try to emulate their favorite actors or actresses.

Learning more about Indian cinema will help you connect with an Indian at a deeper level.

But remember, Bollywood (producing Hindi films) is not the only industry.

Several regional industries create awesome cinema and are liked by people all over the country.

It’s not unusual to find a Hindi-speaking North Indian guy, to be a fan of South-Indian films or movie stars even if he doesn’t understand the language.

Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Rajnikanth, Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Anushka Shetty, Mohanlal, Prabhas, Chiranjeevi, Irrfan Khan are some of the personalities you can start learning about.

Once done, proceed to learn about hundreds of others whom the fans worship equally.

Take Their Movies Seriously

5. Love To Dance

Even though they are shy, Indians cannot help themselves but sway to the beats when you put on some catchy music.

Whether it is weddings or birthday parties, Indians don’t shy away from breaking a leg.

You might have to pull your date on the dance floor once, but once he gets into his groove, you’ll have a hard time pulling him off.

Bhangra is, of course, one of the most popular ones, but each region has its own traditional dance form.

Indians can also create amusing freestyle steps out of thin air. The energy is insane, and you cannot help but admire when an Indian is dancing.

6. Indians Bleed Blue

Blue is the color of the jersey of the Indian cricket team. And cricket in India is not a sport. It’s a religion in itself.

Though Indians appreciate many different sports like soccer, field hockey, and tennis, most men enjoy watching and playing cricket.

Even many women have always been attracted to the sport, although there was no women’s cricket team earlier.

But now, with India having its own women’s cricket team, the popularity has only increased. Watch a game of cricket with your date whenever you can.

It will help you see the real him at his best and his worst!

Pro tip: Never have an opinion about who is a better player between Sachin Tendulkar, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli, and Rohit Sharma.

Else, all hell will break loose! Die-hard fans of each can troll the others to no end.

7. Shy About Asking Out

If you’re interested in an Indian guy, you might have to ask him out on a date.

Some of them can have a huge crush on you but will never approach you or ask you out.

The character of Raj Koothrappali from the sitcom The Big Bang Theory perfectly sums up many (but not most) Indian guys.

Also, since they come from a place where dating is frowned upon, and a large part of the population still has arranged marriages, they might not have much practice in asking a girl out.

This might not be true for the natives of big cities like New Delhi & Mumbai, but it still holds true for thousands of men from small cities and villages of India.

8. Celebrate Occasions Enthusiastically

Indians celebrate occasions with great pomp and show. They are quite excited about their festivals and different occasions all year round.

Unless someone is extremely introverted, they usually like to dress up and meet people. Delicious food is a necessity when there is an occasion.

When with an Indian guy, you’ll be exposed to a plethora of festivals belonging to the different religions in India and get to celebrate scores of them.

Celebrate Occasions Enthusiastically

9. Hardcore Foodies

Indians love their food!

Whether it is a common home-cooked meal or something tangy from the streets, their mouths water at the sight of a beautiful spread.

An Indian will bring out the hidden foodie in you, and you’ll find yourself indulging in the delectable flavors of India.

Be careful, though. If you are an average westerner, you might not be accustomed to the number of spices and the liberal amounts of oil used.

Go easy on the servings and control your urges.

10. Traditional, Non-Traditional, And Pretentious Guys

There are three main types of Indian men you need to know about.

The Traditional Guy

He is traditional and conservative. He might ask you to cover up when meeting his parents and may not like it if you hang around too late for parties.

Ending up drunk, smoking, or getting stoned would be a strict no-no.

Dating him can feel stifling, but you’ll at least see him practicing whatever he preaches.

You’ll never find him doing any of the things that he asks you not to do.

The Non-Traditional Liberal Guy

You’ll be at much more ease dating a non-traditional Indian guy.

He is almost similar to an average westerner when it comes to cultural understanding.

He strictly believes in letting others live their life the way they want to.

You’ll never be restricted from doing anything unless, of course, you compromise your health, his health or your relationship.

Dating this guy would be the easiest.

Many guys might also be a healthy mix of the above two types.

The Pretentious Hypocrite

This will be the worst guy to date. He will pretend to be liberal and understanding but will try to restrict you from doing things he doesn’t want you to.

But guess what? He’ll find absolutely nothing wrong when he does those things himself. His reason would be plain and simple.

He is a man, and you are a woman. Therefore, you are supposed to behave differently.

The rules would be totally unfair, and you might end up hating all Indians because of this guy.

Sexist? Check. Hypocrite? Check. Worth dumping? Double-check.

11. Deep Seated Cultural Values

Indians value their culture a lot and are very fond of their traditions.

Each region of India has its own unique culture, practices, and traditions, but they are also heavily influenced by the surrounding regions.

Due to colonization, you might even see some practices similar to a particular country. Indians can also be quite sentimental about their traditions.

Most of them miss their homes and the environment of their culture in foreign lands, especially around festivals.

If you could recreate something similar while dating him, he’ll be crazy about you and might even cry.

This goes on without saying that if his cultural values do not agree with yours, no need to be disrespectful and dramatic about it.

Only a low-value man would quit something he loves just to please you. You wouldn’t want to be with such a man in the first place.


Irrespective of whether your experience is positive or negative, your date’s personality and nature cannot be used to define every Indian man.

Move forward with an open mind and look at things objectively.

Now it’s your turn. Tell us about the Indian guy you fancy and why you find him attractive.

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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