How To Explain Being In Love? | Describing The Feeling

Writers, poets, and artists – many have used love as an inspiration. They find unique words to put into place what love feels like, and yet we cannot find a one-size-fits-all definition for it.

Being in love is often about feeling safe and at peace with life. Its ups and downs become a bit more bearable, and you begin to function from a more selfless place for the person you truly love. Love makes you generous, caring, strong, and persistent, all of which impact your experience of life.

Experiencing love is often a personal experience. You might undergo several of its features, where some may stand out more for you than others. Find out these experiences to help you describe love in a way you can connect with below.

How Would You Describe Being In Love With Someone?

1. Butterflies That Come and Go

One of the most common ways to describe a romantic emotion is to mention that giddy feeling you feel in your stomach, a racing heart, and a surge of joy.

However, that is often when you are freshly in love or experiencing infatuation. Being in love is a set of many feelings. When you’re in love, these butterflies come and go.

You can’t experience ecstatic throughout your life, but you can be in love. The differentiating factor arises that when you’re only attracted, these butterflies may be a one-time thing.

However, in love, they will almost always come back during little moments throughout your life – when you look at your partner and go, “Wow”.

Butterflies That Come and Go

2. Feeling Safe

Someone that you’re in love with will almost always make you feel safe. Despite both of you being flawed humans, you would still almost always feel a little safer in a ruthless world.

Handling difficult situations becomes much easier because you don’t feel as scared anymore. If anything were to go wrong, you know in your heart that they are always there to take care of you.

You don’t only feel safe from atrocities, the surrounding world, or the uncertainties of life, but you also feel secure in their love.

You do not doubt your feelings for them or theirs for you – even when you are going through a tough phase.

The thought might arise, but you are quick to shrug it away because you are certain and safe with your emotions.

3. Warmth and Comfort

Hugging a person you love feels like melting away in their arms. You can feel your body drop into ease. That’s because safety comes with a certain sense of warmth and comfort.

Being in love is a whole package deal. There will always be a certain coziness attached to the feeling of your loved one, and it makes your heart calm and steady every time you think of them.

When you love someone, their warmth and comfort make you want to run to them after every exhausting day or when things seem to be spiraling down.

4. Desire to Change

On the one hand, love seems to be about accepting others as they are, but it is also about wanting to change for the other person.

You don’t have to change who you are as a person, but when you are head over heels in love with someone, you tend to do things that they like or that makes them happy.

If you have habits that really bug them or actions that hurt them, being in love is about wanting to change to become a better person for the person you love.

You want to give them the best experience possible, and for that, little or big changes don’t matter as much to you.

5. Devotion and Dedication

Being truly in love is often more about devotion than romance. Being devoted to a person means that you align your actions and thoughts in accordance with them.

Your loyalty continues to lie with this person. You do not question your relationship or your love for them every other day. In simple words, you are certain of your love.

When you’re in love, you are dedicated to making this relationship work to the best of your ability.

You end up doing both the little and big things for your partner, and you tend to think about how your actions, related or unrelated, impact your partner.

While this devotion and dedication may not always come on the surface, and you may still have fights, arguments, and get mad, it continues to grow on the inside, making love much more pure and deep than external emotions.

6. Peace and Quiet

Like warmth and comfort, love is peaceful and quiet. The initial stages of infatuation are often associated with raging emotions, excitement, drive, and passionate fire.

But above all that, you feel at peace when you’re in love. Being around someone you love is like having your mind quiet down all the clutter, chaos, and commotion of the world.

Life will still be a messy affair, but knowing that you have someone by your side through it all makes you feel at ease.

Life suddenly feels a lot more optimistic: As long as you have them with you, everything will be okay.

Peace and Quiet

7. Being One Unit

Being in love is like becoming one unit. Uniting souls may be a symbolic way to put it, but if you aren’t a spiritually-inclined person, you don’t have to believe that.

Being one unit is about partnership and reliability. Being in love is having that one person whose team you will always be on. Decisions are often taken for the collective good of both people.

Once you’re in love, you seem to always be on the same team – one that you chose and are happy to be on. In fact, being one unit is something that would come naturally to you.

8. Desire to Give

There is no surprise that love is giving. We have all heard of the many sacrifices that people make in the name of love. While, in real life, for the most part, your gestures may not be as grand.

But being in love is like having a strong desire to give something away to them that makes their day.

Whether it’s surprising them with their favorite coffee on a grumpy Monday morning or skipping your Sunday plans to be with them – it’s all an act of giving.

The desire to give in love is strong enough that it does not even feel like you’re losing something or giving a part of yourself away.

9. Acceptance

One of the key foundational elements of love is acceptance. Before falling in love, we all have the “ideal” in our minds – the exact shape and form of the person we’d be with.

But once you meet them, you don’t care about those details as much. They’re not the perfect partner you desire, yet they feel like the perfect fit for you.

You accept their most annoying habits and learn to make fun of it over time. Acceptance isn’t about allowing toxicity into your relationship or letting someone treat you badly.

It’s just about knowing what a person is like and choosing to love them regardless. For any confusion, treating someone badly is not a personality trait.

On top of accepting your partner, being in love also pushes you down to accepting yourself.

You may have seen a dozen flaws in you, but you accept the fact that someone else is choosing to love you regardless – and so can you.

10. Longing For Another

Love is deeply connected with longing. Your affection quickly turns into a set of burning desires. Your longing for your partner can be displayed in different ways.

You don’t always want to be with them, but you might also seek to make it permanent. Sometimes, you may simply long to hear their voice or to touch them.

Other times, you may get impatient with the idea of building a future with them. Whatever it may be, being in love is like being in this constant state of seeking them.

There will always be some or the other form of longing to share something associated with them.

11. Missing Them All the Time

If you have such strong desires for a person, won’t you miss them all the time? It makes no sense, except in love, to miss someone nearly all the time. Seems quite logical.

Once you’re in love, how much you miss them will astound you. From eating pancakes in the morning to the smell of vanilla can remind you and make you miss them.

Being in love is as much about the little things as the big things – it is about your memories and feelings with this person.

You think about the generic stuff, and then you think about the details, then you try to replay what you’ve already thought.

All because these memories and feelings you shared make you happy, and you want to relieve them again in your head.

Missing Them All the Time

12. Making Life Bearable

This is probably one of the best, most accurate, and unique way to describe being in love. Life, at any stage, would have brought you a certain set of miseries.

We can never deny the pain that life and even love bring us. Being in love is like making misery worthwhile.

There will still be days where life will bother you, and love will hurt you, but being in love, all of it becomes a little bearable. Life turns into a chaotic mess worth living for.

This is why getting through life with someone you love is much easier. A bad work day isn’t so bad when you get to see them at night every day. You lose sometimes, but you’ve still won at love.

13. Getting Vulnerable

Love makes us vulnerable like nothing else. Being in love is like putting all of your guard down and just being there as you are in your truest form.

One of the major reasons why love hurts so much is because it puts you in a vulnerable state. Vulnerability is an essential part of connecting with the other person.

In other words, being in love is about having a strong connection and bond with another that can only be attained once you present your weakest and worst to someone.

Being in love and vulnerable is about your willingness to risk your emotions and well-being to allow your bond to grow deep.

14. Shifting Priorities

Love is all about making the time and effort to preserve it. After the first few stages of infatuation, attraction, or any form of connection, you begin to put your partner in a valuable position in your life.

They start climbing up the ladder of your priorities. In short, to be in love is to prioritize who you love.

This may mean putting certain plans on hold to visit your loved one when they feel low or to make efforts in your actions so that you can bring them more joy.

Either way, you may still have your own aspirations and be working towards them, but every once in a while, you find yourself shifting your priorities to suit your loved one better.

15. More Work and More Effort

Despite all the dreamy things about being in love, it is much more work and effort than any other form of desire or attraction.

With love comes hurt, but to be and stay in love is to learn to pull out those thorns and constantly work to ensure the hurtful parts do not return.

As two separate individuals with their issues, love requires you to take care of your feelings as well as the other person’s – both of which tend to be in conflict most of the time.

To be in love is to accept harsh truths, admit to your mistakes, fix them, and sometimes to even take the blame upon yourself when it wasn’t your fault.

Through every good or bad moment, being in love is about giving your best to keep the bond alive.

16. Commitment

With such devotion, care, admiration, and strong desires – all love boils down to commitment. To commit does not always mean to put a ring on their finger or to put a label on a relationship decidedly.

Although commitment does often manifest in the form of making relationships public or permanent. Commitment can also be about always being there for them.

You can commit to not doing the things that hurt them, to put in extra effort to make it work, to respect them, and to give them what they need.

Commitment is a reflection of your loyalty. To be in love is to commit – to be honest, genuine, and loyal to your loved ones. So much so that they can trust you blindly.


17. Learning and Growing To Love More

To be in love is to want to love a little more. And a little more. And just the last bit more. Being in love also means the desire to adapt to the other person’s love language to make them feel loved.

A person’s love language, requirements, and behavior or habits – are all bound to change with time.

To love means constantly molding into these changes so that you continue to fit each other’s expectations and keep each other happy.

At the end of the day, to continue being in love means to grow together – as individuals and as a unit.       


To be in love is undoubtedly a magical feeling. But it is beautiful because it connects you with your most authentic and human self.

Most of us experience strong feelings of love with our romantic partners, so much so that we consider them soul connections.

But you can experience love with anyone, in any manner, and it will stir similar feelings in you – feelings of wanting to protect, to become a better person, or bring them joy.

Experiencing love is about experiencing the joy of life.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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