How To Stop Texting Someone? | Situations & Solutions

If you can’t stop texting someone, it means you are obsessed with them. And any kind of obsession is unhealthy.

To stop texting someone, drown yourself in work. Don’t leave room for thoughts that will allow you to miss the person and make you text them. Always keep yourself occupied with something. Take things further by starting a new business, pursuing a hobby, or learning something new.

Avoid doing things that will remind you of them and make you want to get in touch or leave a simple text.

Before We Begin

There are two situations in which you can be right now.

Maybe you have a crush on someone or already are in a relationship and can’t help texting your partner.

Or it could be a post-breakup scenario where you want to forget them but can’t stop thinking about them.

In this article, we will discuss some situations and possible solutions to help you overcome your obsession.

It is hard to win over your desires, but if you keep trying sincerely, then nothing is impossible.

If You Have A New Crush, Date, Or Are In A Relationship

If you have a new crush, dating someone, or are in a relationship, it becomes difficult to stop thinking about your interest.

You are so into them that you always want to be around them or stay connected to them through phone calls, texts, etc.

A response from them makes your day. You respond to their text instantly, but they usually don’t do so.

You understand that you don’t want to look desperate and come off as too strong by continuously texting them.

Still, the urge is too strong, isn’t it? Here are some tips to help you.

1. Have A Separate Life 

When in a relationship, most people make their partner their entire world. They get involved with their partners so much that they don’t give each other the required space.

People forget that they have their individual identities and a life of their own. It is essential to understand that your partner is not your world but a part of your world.

Give each other some space, make time for your self.

It will not only help you overcome the urge to text your partner or be connected continuously, but you will also get time to make some deep connections with yourself.

Have A Separate Life

2. Stay Healthy And Fit 

People say looks don’t matter, but it is the first thing you see.

TABLE: Response To Opened Texts Based On Perceived Attractiveness Of Profile Picture

ResponseAttractive MaleLess Attractive MaleAttractive FemaleLess Attractive Female
Received a reply72%28%94%41%
Text conversations66%13%89%32%
Got a call54%5%81%26%
Got asked out23%1%80%21%
Source: Based on a study by consisting of 618 individuals.

When you get into a relationship, you are so much into your partner that you forget to make time for yourself and don’t take proper care of your body and mind.

Not staying fit makes you less attractive to your partner, and they may wander around (read cheat on you).

Take out some time for yourself, exercise, and eat healthily. Doing so will keep you fit, and your partner attracted to you.

It will also keep you occupied. A clingy partner is seems childish and unattractive.

3. Start A New Hobby

Hobbies are a good way of killing time and learning new skills.

Starting something new will add excitement to your lifestyle and will help you keep your mind off of your partner. Hobbies can help you build confidence and reduce stress.

If you don’t have a hobby already, then find something that you like doing. Challenge yourself every day to push your limits.

It will make you happy and will serve as another thing to keep your hands busy. Don’t sit idle as it will make you do something you want to avoid.

Working on a hobby will give you exciting experiences that you can share with your partner.

start a new hobby

4. Spend Less Time With Your Phone

You might be looking at your phone every 3 seconds to see if your partner has texted you or called you.

It makes you restless, and you want to stop doing so but can’t help it either. First of all, assure yourself that they will text you when they are free.

Use the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone as it will help you avoid the useless notifications.

Leave your phone in your room and get busy with the household work or anything.

The best method to stay away from your phone is to leave it at home and go out to spend some time with yourself in case you feel the situation is getting out of hand.

5. Stop Thinking Too Much About Them

It is common to think about your partner and all the good times you spent together. You keep looking at their pictures and reminisce.

It is okay to do so once in a while, but not always. It will keep them in your head all the time, leaving no space for other things in life.

The more you think about them, the more you would want to text them or call them to say you are missing them.

While it is not wrong but initiating the conversation more than once a day is something you should avoid.

When not with your partner, try spending most of the time to catch up with your family and friends. When in a relationship, we tend to neglect these people the most.

Get busy working on yourself and for those around you. An odd household chore to help your family or a nice gesture for your friend won’t hurt you.

6. Make A Rule For Yourself

If you feel that you are wasting too much time on your phone waiting for their reply, then probably you are.

You need to see that this leaves you with nothing but anxiety. It would help if you promised to use this time to do something fruitful.

Also, you should accept the fact that you are doing nothing but wasting your time, which is never going to come back.

Make some rules for yourself that you will be spending only a certain amount of time on your phone.

Make a pact with yourself that you won’t check your phone continuously like a maniac. Instead, create a specific time slot for using your phone.

Making rules will keep things in order and, most importantly, you in check so as to prevent you from looking clingy.

How To Stop Texting Someone After A Breakup?

To stop texting someone after a breakup, delete their number immediately. Block them if you need to. Give your phone to someone in the family or a friend for few days. The same goes for private social media messages or stalking your ex’s profile. Keep yourself surrounded by people and tasks.

Things become complicated when you are going through a breakup. You become accustomed to your partner’s presence, and suddenly they are gone from your life.

You want to avoid contacting them, but then you think sending a little text won’t hurt.

1. Always Remind Yourself Why  

After a breakup, you would always try to find reasons to connect with your ex again.

Whenever you feel like texting your partner, remind yourself of the reason why you two are not together? Why this relationship ended?

Remind yourself that they are not worth your time.

Tell yourself it’s okay to miss them because you’ve spent a lot of time with them and it is not easy to forget so quickly.

Give yourself the time to get over your ex instead of reconnecting with them and hurting yourself even more.

Never forget the reason why you two couldn’t make it as a couple.

2. Delete Or Block Their Phone Number 

It is always advised to delete your ex’s number because it helps you to avoid contacting them. Delete it even if you remember their contact information.

Typing a number gives you enough time to reconsider your decision to call them as opposed to having it saved where they are just a few clicks away.

If your ex keeps bothering you, then you should put their number on the block list.

If there is the slightest chance of them texting you, be prepared not to let that text show up on your screen as it can scrape your wounds.

Further, block them on every social media account, and refrain from stalking them. Delete their pictures from your phone too, as it can lead to texting your ex.

delete or block their number

3. Spend Time With Friends And Family

When going through a breakup, people avoid crowded places. They isolate themselves.

When you are alone, you spend more time missing your ex and end up contacting them or sending them a text frequently.

The only way to avoid this situation is to spend more and more time with friends and family, who can try to make you forget your pain and try to make you happy again.

Every time you feel like texting your ex, text your friends or family instead.

Plan out something with your friends to keep yourself from thinking about your ex or cook dinner for your family and surprise them.

Find happiness in small things. You should look forward to spending time with your loved ones.

4. Try Meeting New People 

When you think it’s time to stop grieving about your past relationship and look forward to the future, try meeting new people actively.

What can be better than replacing the old bad memories with new good ones? Stop worrying about your past and start living in the present.

Meeting new people can give you different experiences and can help you build the lost confidence. You can learn a lot of things and get new ideas.

It is also an excellent way to understand what works and what doesn’t while dating.

It’s a great way to overcome your ex and the need to text them because now you would want to text your new interest and not your ex.

5. Reconnect With Yourself 

By wanting to text your ex and not overcoming the urge to stay connected to them, you are giving them another opportunity to walk all over you again.

You are losing self-respect by being needy and texting them again and again. It is imperative to know your worth and learning to respect yourself.

You should learn to love yourself more than others, but it doesn’t mean you should become selfish.

Practicing meditation is a great way to connect with your true self and getting to know what you want.

Spend more and more time with yourself and nature, sit in silence, leaving your phone at home.

reconnect with yourself

If You Are The One Who’s Always Texting First

Do you feel like you are the one who is always texting first and obsessed with your partner?

Is it driving you crazy to see that they don’t care enough to take out some time to text you? Then you should retreat.

If you continuously text them, then you are not giving them enough time to initiate first.

So give your partner the time to miss you.

It will make them realize that they haven’t heard from you in a while. Sometimes, a person is genuinely busy and doesn’t have time to reach out first.

But this can’t be a forever thing because if they are always busy, then it shows their priorities.

Don’t Bottle Up Your Emotions

Talk to them and let them know how you feel about they never texting you as it will clear out misunderstandings if any.

When you are the one always initiating the text, and your partner mostly ignores your messages, then it is likely that they are not that much interested in you.

You are the only one who is concerned about the relationship, and your partner doesn’t care.

If so, then you should confront your partner and ask them what they want from this relationship instead of continuously texting them and driving them farther away.

However, if you both are genuinely into each other, then it doesn’t matter who texts first.

You would know in your heart that they care about you and a text message should not decide how much they love you.

Here, you would never feel like you are the only one who is texting first.

If You Are Too Possessive About Them

Being overly possessive can hurt your relationship with your partner. You won’t be able to trust them, and would always want to keep an eye on them.

Further, you’d text them continuously to know their whereabouts.

Consistently texting and asking your partner about every activity in their day can irritate them to the very core.

They will feel imprisoned in their own relationship, which will ultimately, make them want to break free and end this relationship once and for all.

Every relationship is different, so don’t let your past experiences haunt you in your present relationship.

It is crucial in a relationship to trust your partner and give them the space they require. Live your own life and learn to enjoy the time when your partner is not around.

Let your partner do the same.

When Going Through A Fight With Them

Fights with your partner can turn pretty ugly, and you can find it hard to make peace with them. You don’t know what to do and where to start.

Should you apologize first or wait for your partner to initiate the conversation? A fight with your loved ones is always difficult to resolve as it disturbs you mentally.

You can’t think of anything else, and it puts pressure on you. Also, you tend to take action instantly and start texting them.

You go on and on explaining yourself over text. Don’t try to resolve a fight over text.

Texts can be pretty vague and can lead to increased misunderstanding between you and your partner.

Also, you can not figure out the tone and emotions of a person over text. Long texts can make your partner feel overwhelmed.

It is best that after a fight you give your partner and yourself time to relax and recall what damage you both have done to your relationship by fighting.

It’s not always about who is wrong or right. Sometimes, making a move to strike the conversation first is essential.

However, it should be appropriately done by meeting in person and not over a text or call.

when going through a fight with them

How To Stop Texting Someone Without Being Rude?

To stop texting someone without being rude, send a direct message with a polite tone. State your real reasons for doing so. Making up excuses will only deter the person for a short time, but they will turn up again. Do not try to make the person feel bad but be firm in your approach.

You started talking to someone just for the sake of it, and you were never interested in them.

Or maybe you were just in touch with your ex before you figure out how to tell your ex to stop texting you in a nice way.

You were only being polite, and now it has become a burden.

You did not want to be direct and rude to them. So you kept on talking and thought things would become easier with time as their texts would not be as frequent.

But now the situation is getting out of your control. You want to stop everything as soon as possible but also want to remain polite while doing so.

If the situation feels familiar, then here are some more tips for you.

1. Choose Your Words Carefully

Whenever you are going to tell someone a bitter truth, you should be careful with your words.

Be very polite while telling them that you can not stay in touch any longer. Prevent yourself from using any harsh language.

If they argue, then do not lose your temper.

Maintain your calm throughout the conversation because you don’t want to look arrogant, rude, or selfish.

They may not remember what you said but will never forget how you said it. Be as polite and soft as you can be in your last conversation with a person.

2. Be Honest With Them

It is always best to be direct and honest about your feelings.

We see a lot of people narrating all sorts of stories and giving all sorts of excuses that why they want to stop texting or any other form of communication with a person.

The best approach is always to tell the truth that it makes you uncomfortable.

You do not owe an explanation to anybody, and it will always be your choice regarding whom you want to talk to and whom you want to ignore.

Follow the above advice of being polite about it.

If the person on the other end shows a stalker-like behavior and doesn’t pay attention, then please, by all means, seek legal help.

3. Send A Message Of Technical Error

An efficient approach to make a person quit texting you repeatedly is to send them an error message.

It should look like the automatic messages which service providers send when somebody’s account is experiencing an issue.

The next time you receive scores of unwanted messages, consider sending something like: “SMS: SERVICE ERROR 501: DESTINATION NOT AUTHORIZED TO RECEIVE.”

The constant texter will probably assume there is some glitch and will stop after a couple of seemingly ‘unsuccessful’ attempts.

You can modify this strategy for other messaging platforms and social media accordingly.

send a message of technical error


All these methods to stop texting someone are tried and tested by us. They have worked for hundreds of people in the past. There is no reason why shouldn’t work for you.

Texting should be a only a medium to convey your feelings. Don’t let is develop into a means of feeding your obsession. Do not stress yourself too much, though.

To err is human, to correct is divine. Now tell us in the comments below what strategy will you use?

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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