How To Tell If A Guy Likes Kissing You? | Tell-tale Signs

Not realizing that your guy isn’t enjoying kissing you will make you use the same technique repeatedly. You’ll never look for ways to improve his experience.

To tell if your guy likes kissing you, see if the kiss usually lasts for more than 20 seconds. When a guy enjoys kissing, he’ll be deeply involved and may even be aroused. You’ll often find him looking at your lips. While kissing, he will close his eyes and let himself free.

You’d always want to keep trying new things and leave your guy asking for more whenever he kisses you.

Pro-tip: To be absolutely sure that your guy likes kissing you, make him crazy about you.

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Signs A Guy Likes Kissing You

Look for the following signs to make sure that you’re not sabotaging your relationship unknowingly.

1. He Expresses It Directly Or Indirectly

One of the most obvious signs is that he often expresses how he loves kissing you and wants more.

You’ll find him complimenting you after almost every kiss.

It could vary from saying something direct like “You are an awesome kisser!” to a deep sigh when the kiss ends to show his indirect appreciation.

If he’s a shy guy, you’ll find him blushing, or there will be a gleeful smile on his face.

He Expresses It Directly Or Indirectly

2. He Looks At Your Lips While Talking

A guy who likes kissing you won’t get over it any time soon. He will be dying to have more of that good time.

Just one kiss is never enough for him. Whenever you are talking to him or around him, he’ll focus on your lips a lot.

According to him, your lips have this mysterious force of attraction that keeps drawing him in.

Inside he is always thinking about what a great feeling it is to kiss you.

3. He Keeps Reaching Out For Your Lips

He’ll never miss a chance to kiss you. He is so crazy about the idea of kissing you that you’ll often find him looking for an excuse to just lean in and kiss you.

He’ll often be the one who initiates the kiss.

The kiss itself will feel very intimate and full of love. In simple words, it won’t feel like he is kissing you just for the sake of it.

He’ll be kissing you because he wants to, every time. Not only he’ll enjoy every bit of it, but the kisses will be full of passion.

4. The Kisses Last For A Long Time

Your kisses won’t last longer than 5-6 seconds if the guy doesn’t like it. And he might not even be with you for long if the kisses aren’t good.

TABLE: Outcomes Based On First Kiss Experience

Bad experience but still with the person5%1%
Bad experience and left the person57%70%
Good experience but left the person7%7%
Good experience and still with the person31%22%
Source: A survey conducted by with 56 men and 63 women who are dating someone or have dated someone recently.

Anything more than 10 seconds is on the okayish side, but if he snogs you for a good 20+ seconds, ooh la la!

He might intentionally stop kissing you after a short while and move forward to second base because he’ll be aroused.

But if he’s really is into the kiss only, it will feel like forever before he stops. He will delay the foreplay and passionately kiss you.

5. He Closes His Eyes While Kissing You

When a guy closes his eyes while kissing, it means that he is ready to let himself free from any other concern in the whole damn world.

Think about it from the standpoint of the animal world. A wild animal, when drinking water, often takes a sip and then looks around to check for any danger.

But you’ll often find pets aren’t that alert. Why? Because they’re extremely comfortable in the environment.

Closing his eyes means he is extremely comfortable and ready to put himself in a vulnerable position. He is feeling every bit of the kiss and totally involved.

He is not thinking about anything else at that moment except how good the kiss feels.

A person not enjoying the kiss would keep their eyes open and desperately wait for it to end.

He Closes His Eyes While Kissing You

6. He’ll Pull You Closer While Kissing You

A guy who is enjoying kissing will use his hands after a while.

He may start by pulling your face closer so that he has proper access to your lips, leaving no room for you to pull away.

Or maybe he’ll hold you by your waist.

If his hands are sliding frequently to other areas, he may not be much into the kiss at all and might only be looking for a chance to take things further.

On the other hand, if he’s enjoying the kiss, he’ll only focus on kissing, and his body language will say so.

7. He Never Wants The Kiss To End

When a guy likes kissing a girl, he wouldn’t want the moment to end.

If your guy never lets you go or is never willing to end the kiss, then sure, he loves the way you kiss.

You’ll be the one who’s usually pulling back to gasp for air or do something else. At that instant, he might pull you closer for another kiss.

You’ll feel like he never gets tired of kissing you. His kisses will be full of passion and will keep getting more intimate.

You might keep reliving the experience of your first kiss over and over again just because he is so into it.

8. He’ll Hold You Gently Yet Firmly

You can neither call his grip on you too strong or too weak.

When a guy doesn’t enjoy the kiss, he’s like ‘whatever’ and focuses on rushing to the end and breaking off.

Due to this, the way he’ll hold you won’t feel intimate and sometimes can feel more like a push than a pull.

In contrast, a guy who’s having the time of his life will pull you closer. He’ll hold you firmly so as to not let you go but not too strongly where you’ll feel crushed.

It will be his involuntary reaction while kissing because he’ll be lost in the kiss. He’ll not be thinking about where to hold you from or how to do it.

9. Your Kiss Turns Him On

If you are a great kisser, you will turn the guy on with just a passionate kiss. You’ll see the fire your kiss lights in him.

He’ll be all over you and won’t want to let you go. Not only will his kiss be passionate, but he’ll also try to get as much of you as possible in his arms.

He might even get a bit wild. Kissing a guy with such intensity will arouse him to no end, and you might even feel a definite bulge!

Your Kiss Turns Him On

10. He’ll Mirror You

When we are attracted to someone, we subconsciously mirror them. It can be by using a certain lingo or through mannerisms.

While enjoying a good kiss, we sometimes mirror the kissing technique of our partner.

The next time you kiss him, see if he is doing to you what you are doing to him. Also, notice his breaths. Do you both exhale and inhale at the same time?

Such subtle signs give enough information. You can also try out new kissing techniques and use the same signals as a benchmark to see if he likes it.

11. You Enjoy His Kiss

If he likes kissing you, you’ll love the way he’ll kiss you back. Why? Because if he isn’t enjoying himself, he’ll be focussing only on ending it asap.

It is possible that if he’s a really nice guy who really cares about you, he might try to make the kiss a good experience for you at least.

But still, the awkwardness and the clumsiness would make it very difficult to go on.

However, it’s a great kiss for both of you if everything feels natural.

12. You Literally Take His Breath Away

Are your kisses so intense and passionate that he actually forgets to breathe in between? Do you find him gasping for air afterward?

Does his heart pump like that of a racehorse when you guys kiss? If yes, then imagine the things you’re doing to him.

A kiss that makes us forget even the most important to survive is not just likable. It’s unforgettable!!

13. He Prefers Meeting In Private

This is much more probable if you live in a country where PDA is frowned upon.

He’ll always prefer meeting you in private so that he doesn’t have to wait before kissing you.

Every time you meet him in a public place, you’ll often sense how hard he is trying to control himself and not to kiss you.

It should not feel desperate or out of frustration, though.

Because not being able to kiss you is one thing, but behaving in a way that makes you uncomfortable is outright creepy!

He Prefers Meeting In Private

What A Kiss Means To A Guy?

A kiss to a guy means that he wants to break the physical barrier with you. It doesn’t necessarily say that he wants to sleep with you yet. Instead, it’s an expression that he’s now comfortable with you being way too close to him. It’s a sign that he wants whatever there is between the two of you to grow.

1. A Way To Impress You

For some guys, landing a good kiss means putting a great first impression on the girl.

It is their preferred act of expressing their feelings to a girl without saying a word.

Kissing is their first chance to sweep the girl right off her feet.

2. A Gateway To Happiness

Kissing gives happy and cozy feelings, which we all want from time to time. Just like girls, guys also feel the same after kissing.

The warmth of it makes us want to go back, kiss some more, and cuddle.

It’s just that girls are more expressive about it while boys tend not to give off much about the experience due to the fear of not being seen as manly enough.

There are butterflies in his stomach, too, when he kisses you.

3. A Medium To Get Close

A guy kissing a girl for the first time means he is removing the metaphorical space between the two.

He wants you to feel closer to him just like he wants to get closer to you. And a kiss is a fantastic way to do that.

He is telling you that he likes you and wants no gap. By reducing the physical gap, he’s actually trying to reduce the emotional distance.

He wants you to feel comfortable and connect with him on a deeper level.

4. Expression Of Affection

We all know that not all guys are good at expressing their emotions or affection like some romantic movie actor.

They are more into always being there for you and blush sheepishly rather than making grand declarations of their love like Romeo.

These guys will show their affection by kissing you. They may also kiss you on the forehead to show care or gently kiss your cheeks while saying goodbye.

 Expression Of Affection

5. Declaring His Love

People who are in love tend to kiss a lot. If you want to find out how deeply he is in love with you, you can get an idea from the intensity of his kisses.

How romantically he embraces you and looks deep into your eyes before every kiss are signs of how much he’s into you.

He might even give you a long kiss in front of other people to declare his love and loyalty.

6. To Initiate Intimacy

Kissing is the first step towards creating intimacy.

He wants you to know that he is ready to move further and be a little more intimate and close by kissing you.

It’s a way of showing his intention towards making a physical connection.

He will judge your response to a passionate kiss and see if it’s okay to take things to the next level or not.

Would A Guy Kiss You If He Wasn’t Interested?

A guy would kiss you even if he wasn’t interested in you romantically and only wants to sleep with you. A kiss is an expression of deep interest in a person, and if the guy doesn’t feel for you, he might be having not so innocent intentions.

Here are some more scenarios.

1. He Wants Some Action

A guy will kiss you without any interest if he is desperately looking for some action.

He is not interested in anything long term because all he wants is to get laid.

Such a guy would not show much interest in taking the time to make you feel comfortable and desired. He’ll only focus on getting into your pants asap.

He will constantly try to take things to the bedroom.

He Wants Some Action

2. You Didn’t Say No

This is one of the rare occurrences but cannot be ruled out completely.

It sometimes happens that a guy would kiss you for no reason because he just felt like kissing you at that moment. So, he leaned in for a kiss, and you didn’t stop him.

That’s it, that’s why the kiss happened. Maybe from this point onward, he will start taking an interest in you.

However, it is also probable that he will avoid you because he regrets acting out of impulse and feels awkward.

But is there a way to ensure that his interest doesn’t dwindle in you now that you’ve broken the kiss barrier? Yes!

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3. He Is A Playboy

Guys who are used to getting attention from girls may have no problem kissing a girl without being interested in her.

He is doing it to make you feel good and show you how good he is. He likes fooling around, and a kiss doesn’t mean anything to him.

Maybe the next time you mention the kiss, he’ll be like, “So what?!’.

4. He Is Drunk

A guy can kiss you under the influence of alcohol or other substances. Obviously, he is not in his senses and might not even remember it tomorrow.

It’s true that under influence, people feel a bit more daring, and the suppressed urges come out.

You might be confused about why he kissed you even though he has never shown any signs of interest.

This might be an indication that he does feel something for you. Whether or not it is romantic, you cannot judge it immediately.

5. You Initiated The Kiss

If you were the one who leaned over to kiss him, then he may have kissed you back so that you don’t embarrass yourself.

He might have been pulling back but decided against it at the last moment because he only wanted to be supportive and nice.

If he kissed you back, it doesn’t mean he is interested in you. He just didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

You Initiated The Kiss


Even if your guy doesn’t display favorable signs while kissing you, don’t fret! Find the root cause.

Sometimes changing your technique while kissing helps a lot. Also, remember to maintain proper oral hygiene. Now it’s your turn.

Does your guy show any of the signs that are a dead giveaway that he loves kissing you? Let us know in the comments!

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