Is She Flirting With Me On Snapchat? | Signs To Look Out For

You cannot rely only on texts when it comes to flirting, as texts do not convey emotions as much as the tone of voice. That problem is solved to some extent through the use of media. Enter Snapchat, where snaps are a fun way to exchange pictures and videos.

She is flirting with you on Snapchat if she sees all your snaps and drops in a compliment or two every time you share something. She’ll try to initiate conversations when you don’t snap her and instantly respond to your snaps because she doesn’t want to risk you going offline.

But reading the signs correctly is important. Even if she replies to your snaps quickly, it could also mean she is bored and doesn’t have anyone to talk to. Thus, seeing the complete picture is better than reading a one off sign.

Pro-tip: Snapchat is not where your game should be restricted to. You’ll miss out on a lot.

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Signs She Is Flirting With You On Snapchat

Here are a few signs to look out for. Again, instead of focusing on just one sign and getting overly excited about it, look for a combination. This way, you’ll save yourself from reading her intentions wrong.

1. She Checks Out All Your Stories

You can be somewhat sure that a girl likes you if she takes too much interest in your life. Similarly, this girl seeing all your snaps shows her attraction towards you.

Either this or she just has the habit of regularly checking her snaps. Whenever you’ll check out the seen by people feature, her name will always be there.

She checks out all your snap stories and never ignores the snaps you send to her. She’ll be in constant touch with you from the very beginning for no good reason.

That shows her keen interest in you and the possibility of you two being something more than just snap buddies.

She Checks Out All Your Stories

2. You Get A Lot Of Snaps From Her

She has a little idea of the kind of person you are or the lifestyle you lead through your snaps, and possibly she liked it.

Now she also wants you to take an interest in her life. Not only does she stay updated about your snaps, but she also sends you her own snaps.

Be it pictures of random things around her house or somewhere outdoors, the captions are phrased as such that you are compelled to engage.

She is trying to initiate an exchange of snaps back and forth. She wants you to know that she exists and wants to be an active part of your life.

TABLE: Single Women From Different Age Groups On How Frequently They Snap Their Crush?

Age RangeFrequencyPercentage
Few times a week32%
25-34 Daily27%
Few times a week39%
Rarely 26%
Few times a week15%
45-54 Daily1%
Few times a week3%
Rarely 57%
Few times a week1%
Source: Based on a survey by consisting of 1440 single women.

3. She Replays All Your Snaps

A great sign to know if she is into you is checking how often she’s using the replay feature.

She’ll check all your snaps several times because she can’t get enough of you in that one view.

Sometimes she even saves some snaps of you so she can look at them anytime she wants.

This hints that she is intrigued by the kind of snaps you send her, and her interest in you has only increased.

It could be anything, your looks, your lifestyle, or the dog you own that keeps her hooked.

So, you may want to keep sending such snaps as she likes them and increases your chances of going forward with her.

4. She Replies To All Your Snaps

You’ll find that she instantly replies to all your snaps as if she was waiting for you to begin.

She’ll be available whenever you are free so that she can hold a conversation with you. Also, your conversations with her would last more than what’s usual for you.

She’ll ask questions about your life, things you like, the kinds of songs you groove on, or the movies you watch.

She’ll want to know more and more about you, and her snaps would be related. There will also be frequent memes related to the things you like.

5. There Are Frequent Compliments

Whenever you send her snaps or upload a story, she compliments you right away.

Whether it is about the content or the caption you wrote, she just finds out one reason or the other to shower you with generous compliments.

Her comments are flirtatious and show her liking for you. When you put up a snap story, she is usually the first one to reply to it.

Why? Because she just wants a reason to initiate a conversation with you.

There Are Frequent Compliments

6. She Reminds You To Send Her Snaps

If you somehow forget to send a snap on any given day, she reminds you to send one.

But you should figure out if she is just concerned about the snap streak or she wants to have a look at your pretty face.

It gives her another reason to initiate a conversation. She’ll go on and on by asking questions about your day or telling you what’s going on with hers.

You’ll also feel that she never feels like ending the conversation, and most of the time, it’s you who says bye first.

7. Her Snaps Would Get More Frequent

She’ll send you snaps quite frequently as she wants you to take an interest in her life. She’ll share snaps of the simplest things in her life.

It could be the cup of coffee she’s having in the morning or a book she’s reading at night.

Also, she’ll be familiarizing you with her daily routine so that you can find something in common.

She’d want you to be a part of her life by giving you some sneak peeks every now and then.

By sharing her snaps frequently, she is making you habitual so that you start expecting snaps from her and ask for one yourself the day she doesn’t send one.

8. She Is Comfortable Enough To Send Face Snaps

A girl would avoid sharing pictures showing herself to people she doesn’t want to engage with on a personal level.

If she is not sending you pictures of random things but herself and you are not even her best friend, she probably wants you to be more than just a Snapchat buddy.

By sending snaps that show her face or body, she conveys that she trusts you enough and would like to have a closer relationship with you.

9. She Only Sends You Snaps In Which She Looks Hot

Before clicking a selfie, she’ll check if her hair is done right, or she’ll do a minor touch-up so that she looks good.

Her camera angles are placed such that she would look attractive in pictures.

She’ll also use snap filters to enhance her features. For example, she’ll try to look cute and hot in short videos or snaps so that you like her.

In a nutshell, she only wants you to see when she’s looking her best and not the times where she may be looking unattractive or come across as a turn-off to you.

She Only Sends You Snaps In Which She Looks Hot

10. Her Snaps Are Intended Only For You

It can be misleading if the snaps you receive are the same ones she sends to all her friends.

This makes you just another person on her list and no different than her usual snap buddies.

But if she mentions that her snap was meant for you only, either through a caption or through text, you have all the right to feel different and special.

11. She Drops Flirtatious Snaps

That girl is definitely flirting with you if she is sending naughty selfies or short videos hinting at something.

Combine this with the fact that those snaps are only meant for you, and it is a green signal to approach her.

Whenever you find her posing seductively and trying to look sexy in her snap, tease her a bit and amp up the tension.

12. She’ll Try To Catch Your Attention

She will try to impress you and catch your attention by sending you snaps of what you like or would feel good about.

These would include what you are interested in irrespective of whether she likes the same things or not.

For example, she’d tease you about the sneakers you have been wanting to buy or with a snap of her watching your favourite movie.

It could also be visiting a fun place that you often talk about and including a caption saying ‘let’s do this together the next time’.

13. Her Snap Captions Reveal Her Intent

Her snaps for you would rarely be bland or blank. She will pair her snaps with little captions or quotes that reflect her interest in you if she is into you.

If you want to get an idea of what’s going on in her head, read her captions or the kind of text messages she has been sending you lately.

Most guys often miss the blatant hints within the captions that clearly reveal that a girl is head over heels for them.

14. She Tries To Reach Out More

You’ll find that she wants to stay connected with you for as long and as frequently as possible.

Why? Because she doesn’t want the spark to fade away with conversation stretching over two or three days and becoming dull.

She’ll want the conversation to keep moving forward on any given day and start with something new the next time.

Also, you’ll find her frequently using the voice calling or video calling feature of Snapchat.

She will try to ensure that you connect with her on a more personal level, which is something you might not be doing with some other girl.

She Tries To Reach Out More

15. She Would Look For Progress

You know she is looking for progress when she is trying to get more info about you. It could be asking for your Instagram id or your phone number.

Asking you questions about where you stay and what time of the day you are usually free will give her a rough idea about how to approach asking you out and where to meet you.

She’ll hate it when things get stagnant, and you’ll constantly find her trying to take things forward with you.

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Snapchat?

To flirt with a girl over Snapchat, keep the conversation more picturesque rather than textual. Snapchat is a visual medium and not WhatsApp. Simultaneously, be frugally available and have a life. Don’t stick to your phone waiting for her snaps.

Always being available shows you have nothing better to do.

So, instead of faking it by playing mind games and replying after X number of hours, actually have something to do in your life.

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1. Don’t Be Just Another Dry Guy

Snapchat is a fun medium with several features that you can use to keep the conversation interesting. Still, some guys only use texts, duh?

So don’t be one of those guys who make a girl feel so bored that she regrets talking to him.

Instead, use the various features available to you, and don’t be afraid to experiment with something new.

Also, if she doesn’t feel compelled to talk to you more and more, you’re doing it wrong!

You don’t need to be the funniest man on earth or an exceptionally articulate guy.

But having the confidence to hold a decent conversation, pulling her leg a bit, and harmless bantering and teasing to escalate seduction make conversations easier.

2. Pictures And Games Are Your Weapons

Most guys do not research much when it comes to flirting and thus do not do anything unusual. Snapchat allows you to step outside the box.

Games like truth and dare, goofy, silly pictures and videos, challenging her to do something similar are great ways to have fun together.

The more you think about what she will think, the more likely you’re to become the guy she didn’t feel any connection with.

Don’t try to emulate the charming guy you saw in some movie. It’ll only put you under immense pressure.

Girls have the best time of their life with guys who are so confident in their own skin that they couldn’t care less what the girl might be thinking about them.

The internet is full of ideas about what all you can do with Snapchat. Make efforts.

3. Using Selfies Yields Better Results

Rather than sending her snaps of random things you’re doing, either send her playful selfies or pictures of you doing the activity.

This shifts her focus onto you and opens the way for her to send her own selfies, thereby breaking the initial awkwardness.

You can also use some fun filters for a good laugh.

By eliminating any awkwardness, you can then move into the territory of playful teasing and flirting more confidently.

Using Selfies Yields Better Results


Don’t believe everything you see on social media as people pretend to be different from what they are in real life.

It’s so easy to hide behind the screen and intentionally send mixed signals even when you aren’t attracted to someone. People do so to keep their options open.

So, don’t think too much about the signals you’ve been getting on Snapchat.

Thus, you need to be really careful while trading your heart online and instead observe the real-life behaviour of the girl in question.

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