Recommended Products For Men

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Here are some of the most useful resources we recommend. They will help any man improve his dating skills, relationship, or marriage.


Playing With Fire contains tons of useful and practical steps to make any woman feel an uncontrollable desire for you and only you.

If you have your eyes on a girl that you think is way out of your league and extremely hard to get, then this course will help you approach her the right way. Unlike most scenarios where the guy is obsessed with the girl, this course aims at turning the table and make the girl obsessed with you.

The content hits you with realizations right from the beginning and paves way for the understanding that why what seems logical to do always results in failure. The ‘Secret Language’ taught within the course is the heart of the program.

Playing With Fire comes from Alex, who has first achieved those results you desire and then teaching the principles. This tells you right off the bat that the content within the guide is not coming from someone who has no idea about how the female psychology works.


Ex Factor Guide Men

As the name suggests, the Ex Factor Guide is a hugely successful program to get your ex-girlfriend back. What makes it really unique is that the author Brad Browning understands that men and women are wired differently and thus he has a separate program for women to get their ex-boyfriend back.

It means that the information in this Ex Factor Guide For Men does not contain some generic information or ‘one rule applies to all’ kind of stuff. It has been curated keeping in mind how women react and how you as a man can use this to your advantage to get your ex-girlfriend back.

In the worst-case scenario, even if you are not able to get your ex-girlfriend back, the immensely useful tips and tricks in this guide will make the process of moving on much faster. The course teaches you how to become a man that women find attractive and not behave desperately.


Models Attract Women Through Honesty

‘Models’ is one of the foremost books we started testing out on the field and man it works! It gives us more insight into the correct mindset a man should have while approaching women. It also tells us how society as a whole makes us believe in things that never work for attracting women.

It treats seduction as an emotional process instead of seeing it from a logical perspective. The focus lies on connecting with women rather than impressing them. It also teaches you not to fake your behavior. You can attract women without lying and being your original self.

Rather than playing mind games, this book relies heavily on self-development. Each of the concepts has been thoroughly explained and the psychological triggers or buttons you push in women have been laid out.


How To Be A 3% Man

If understanding what women want has never been your forte like the 97% of men out there, then this book will prove to be immensely valuable to you. Attracting beautiful women is what every man wants at some point in their life but what most fail to realize is that women want an attractive man too.

Therefore, the focus of this book heavily lies on how to transform yourself into the same. It aims at developing characteristics in you due to which women chase you, instead of you chasing them.

Whether you are looking to date someone new or are already in a relationship, the book provides valuable insights on how you can develop traits that women find attractive. From creating chemistry to developing sexual attraction, this book is a must-read for every man at least once in his life.