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Bedroom – probably the most intimate place for a couple. And you just don’t have any idea how to spice it up in there. Well, we understand your confusion. After all, does the most intimate place even need anything else other than two people madly in love with each other? The answer is: Yes. Making the place suited to a romantic rendezvous is a task that, once completed, can make your relationship bloom higher than ever.

Set up some mood lighting and some good music and do this for her in the bedroom: movie night, on-bed dinner, cuddle-only night, giving her a massage, sexual Treasure Hunt, roleplay, drawing her naked, and exploring each other’s sexual fantasies.

Let’s look at the ideas in detail.

First Things First – Setting Up The Room

Before jumping into the ideas, let’s first set up the place where the ideas need to be executed, that is, your bedroom.

1. Get a Large Bed

First things first, get a large bed. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need to be cramped for space with her when things are getting on, do you?

Unfortunately, many guys are unaware of this and make a small bed (meant for one person) their go-to place to sleep and, well, sleep.

Getting a large enough bed would also make her more comfortable to stay at your place for the night (and longer) if you two are not yet living together, and that means more time for you two to spend together, which will lead to better bonding.

2. Get a Duvet/Comforter

So your bed is made, but what about the thing over it? Well, a comfortable mattress and a bedsheet is given with at least a pair of pillows, but beyond that, a blanket is what most people opt for.

DON’T opt for it. Instead, go for a duvet/comforter, a thicker quilt that provides a sense of gentle comfort to the people under them.

A duvet/comforter is much more preferable if you want to make your bed more snuggle-friendly.

She will feel the warmth inside it with you, and that will make her mind feel safe and secure in your presence which also means more cuddles!

Get a DuvetComforter

3. Get some Mood Lighting

One of the surefire ways to set up your room for some action, mood lighting is all the craze nowadays amongst the youth.

For intimacy, people prefer darker environments instead of a well-lit one, but pitch-black is not something practically feasible (or even preferable).

However, dim lights of specific shades like pink, purple, red, and the like give the room a sensual vibe and can actually affect the mood of your lady more than you would imagine.

Specific kind-of lights called fairy lights are cheap and readily available, and with a day of work can be easily set up in your room.

Tip: Involve her in setting up your room’s lighting, as this will make her more invested and also express your desire to make things more exciting between you two without explicitly saying so.

4. Get a loudspeaker

Get a normal loudspeaker, nothing too fancy or too loud.

Apart from lighting, music is the other thing that sets up the mood quite efficiently, and a speaker will let the music echo in your room and make the situation between your lady and you more romantic.

Just be careful not to set the music too loud, but rather a bit slow and “in-the-background”. Basically, it should not be in your face.

Tip: Make a Spotify playlist with her, and play that whenever you two are getting comfortable with each other. Select songs with a sexual/romantic vibe, and let things play out from here on.

So now that you have set up your room to be one of a lover’s, it’s time to get into the ideas that can capitalize on this.

Get a loudspeaker

Romantic Ideas To Implement

1. Movie Night

Starting with a pretty tame one here, but a classic romantic movie night is a good way to spend some quality time with her.

Select a romantic movie to watch, turn on your speaker, turn off the lights, get under your duvet with her and cuddle with her as the movie plays out on the TV/laptop.

The movie choices can be romantic/sexual, but an unorthodox choice can be horror, with you two comforting each other during the screams of the movie’s characters.

If you’re looking for more less bold ideas like these, do check out my article on impromptu and creative romantic ideas.

2. Have an On-Bed Dinner

Dinner dates are famous for a reason, so add a twist to them and have an on-bed, candlelight dinner with her.

Turn off the lights, light a few candles around your room, bring her favorite food and have dinner with her on the bed itself.

Yes, it will be a bit uncomfortable to have dinner on a soft mattress, but the comforting environment of the bedroom combined with the candle lights will make her remember the dinner for the rest of her life.

Tip: If possible, make the food yourself, even if you are not a great cook.

This will express efforts from your side, and she would feel special and cared for, even if the food is a bit burnt (we hope that doesn’t happen, though).

Have an On-Bed Dinner

3. Spend a Cuddle-only night

It sounds a bit blue-ballsy, but a cuddle-only night can actually make things more intimate between you two. Set up calm music, turn on the dim lights, and cuddle with her for the night.

Nothing beyond cuddles, mind you—just you and her holding each other in your embrace and occasionally looking into each other’s eyes.

In fact, this can be the perfect time to have a romantic conversation with her about your feelings, reminiscing about how you two met and how you fell in love with her.

All this will make her feelings stronger toward you and move things forward.

A cuddle-only night will also make you two crave each other more, as although the mind was stimulated but your bodies couldn’t do anything (well, anything beyond cuddles).

The sexual tension between you two would skyrocket the day after, and the coming night can be one of the most sensually pleasing for both of you.

4. Look At Old Photos/Videos

If you have been with her for a long time (more than a year), then this is recommended to you.

Put on some chill music, look through old photos and videos of you two, and let each other reminisce about the past.

Going through the past will make her re-remember the things that happened between you two and make her feel stronger about the relationship.

During this, make sure to be with her and talk to her about the moments that you two are looking at.

Nostalgia is like a drug and can make both of you appreciate each other more as you relive the past in your heads.

Look At Old PhotosVideos

5. Play a Treasure-Hunt Game

Let’s just dive right into the steps for this one. Make paper chits with a physical action written on them, like “Give a Kiss”, “Make Out”, “Remove Your Top”, “Ask For Lap Dance”, etc. and hide those chits in different parts of your room.

Then, make her find those chits but don’t tell her what’s written in them. As she finds a chit, ask her to do whatever is written on it and let things play out from there.

This will instill positive anticipation in her and make things more exciting between you two.

The game-field nature of this activity will also make the time you are spending with her more happening and make your efforts visible to her.

6. Give Her a Full-Body Massage

In today’s times of hustle and working 24/7, a full-body massage from the person she loves will be one of the best things you can do for her.

Don’t make it sexual, but rather keep the focus on relieving her from the stresses of life, be it mental or physical exhaustion.

Light up some scented candles (preferably the aromatherapy ones), put on some calming music, use a good oil like sweet almond or grapeseed, and massage her from head to toe.

During the massage, casually talk to her and let her vent about her life’s problems. This way, both her physical pain as well as her mental pain will be eased up.

Tip: Remember how we said not to make it sexual? Well, if things are proceeding toward the steamy side of things, then just go with the flow. Just make the experience comfortable and effortless from her side.

Give Her a Full-Body Massage

7. Role-Play

Roleplay is a timeless way of spicing up things between a couple.

Is there a favorite movie/TV show of hers where there’s a sexual scene? Learn the dialog, and reenact the scene with her.

You can even involve her in preparation for it and go all in with proper costumes and even background music! This will be a really enjoyable time for her and will also make your two’s sexual life more rousing.

On the off chance, she does not have such a scene in her mind, pick out a scene from any of the famous sexual movies (like Fifty Shades Of Grey) and use that as a base to take things further.

The only requirement here is that she must have at least seen the movie. You can even combine this with the movie night idea.

Watch a sexual movie one night with her, and then, after some days, reenact one of the scenes from the movie with her. This will make the entire thing more personal and spontaneous for her.

8. Bring Her Breakfast in the morning

Sounds a bit similar to the dinner date idea, but there’s a major difference. This should be a rare thing that you do for her.

A few times a week/month, wake up before her, prepare a light breakfast and bring it to her in bed. Let her wake up from the smell of her favorite coffee, and watch how she just melts every time you do this.

Please don’t make it a regular thing, though. Keep it occasional enough so that she does not become habitual to it, and the surprise element remains, always.

Bring Her Breakfast in the morning

9. Paint Each Other

I know it sounds a bit weird but bear with me for a minute. Get one of those UV lights and neon body-glow paints that are skin-friendly and glow up in the UV light.

Put on some sensual music, strip her and yourself naked, and paint each other with the paints in whatever pattern (or no pattern, just random strokes) you two want.

Tickle her, chase her, let her chase you, play with her using the paints and keep an overall playful vibe around during all this.

Then, turn off the lights, turn on the UV light and see each other’s body glow up in the most vibrant and almost trance-like way.

This will be a unique experience for both of you, and the darkness around your glowing bodies can proceed things between you two further towards the sexual side.

10. Explore each other’s fantasies

Everyone has their own sexual fantasies and fetishes, and being open with your partner regarding them can be a game changer for both of you.

Ask her about her fantasies and what she wants to try more apart from the regular stuff.

Maybe some adult toys, bondage, or even food-play can be the things that she wants, and you can try them with her to spice things up between you two.

You can even explore your own fantasies and try new things with her of your own choice. The only tip we will give here is to do everything with consent. That’s all.

Explore each otherΓÇÖs fantasies

11. Draw Her Naked

Specifically recommended for the artists out there.

This idea, inspired by the famous “Draw me like one of your french girls” scene from the movie Titanic, is one of the simple yet enthralling things you can do for her that will set her heart racing.

Bring a large canvas and the usual drawing tools, slowly and gently strip her naked and ask her to lay in a pose on the bed.

Then proceed to draw her like that. It will be a time-taking task for sure, but the entire time the sexual tension between you two will just keep on rising and make you two crave each other more than ever.


Being romantic is a given in a relationship. And the bedroom is the perfect place to let your romantic and sensual side out in full swing for her to relish.

We hope the article helped you in getting some exciting ideas for your lady!

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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