The No-Nonsense Guide To Dating And Sexcess

The No-Nonsense Guide To Dating And Sexcess Book Front Cover

Revamp Your Dating Life In A Systematic, Step-by-step Way!

Do you want to:

  • Have the kind of dates and relationships you’ve dreamed of?
  • Become the person who’ll people love to have as a partner?
  • Eliminate the unnecessary and focus only on what works?
  • Improve the overall quality of life beyond dating by working on core problems?
  • Have a system that literally holds your hands and teaches you how to achieve all of the above?

Then Dating And Sexcess is the book you NEED. But…

Beware: There are no magic pills or shortcuts inside. Instead, you will get an action plan!


Only twelve years ago, after his first breakup, Shashank desperately sought help to win his ex back. Even though that proved to be a futile excursion, he soon found himself questioning what went wrong in the relationship and how he could find more dates in the future.

After countless hours spent on educational material, he found a common problem within many dating guides. They all wanted to 10x your dating life. But what if your dating life was a big zero? ZERO TIMES TEN IS STILL ZERO!

Now, using his learnings and methods to attract multiple dates and after creating a digital brand that has attracted over 750,000 people across the globe, Shashank has laid down the step-by-step framework behind his success. With this book, he attempts to take your dating life from zero to one. To create genuine attraction in that one person first and replicate the results in as many people as you want.

Shashank Verma is the founder of several successful blogs. His current venture, Reboot Love Life, has helped thousands to improve their love life and make fundamental, practical changes to problem areas. Shashank currently lives in New Delhi, India, and goes on coaching calls in his free time.

Who Is This Book For?

Anyone who is:

  • Single and looking to find a reliable, long-term partner
  • Looking to explore their options by landing more dates
  • Wanting to move on from their breakup or win their ex back
  • Fed up in their current relationship or marriage due to monotony
  • Divorced and looking to start dating from scratch

What Will You Get Inside The Book?

  • Short-term goals that begin to scratch the surface
  • Mid-term goals that give you direction and motivation
  • Long-term goals that shape your overall skills and personality
  • FREE BONUS: A printable checklist to keep track of your goals and progress!
  • And much more…

This book will NOT improve your dating life. I mean, only your dating life. It will improve you! Are you ready?

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