What Love Means To A Woman? | In-depth Explanation

The concept of love often feels impossible to define. Sometimes it’s a feeling, sometimes it’s a passing emotion, sometimes it’s something you can’t live without – love has different meanings to different people. But generalized meanings are often needed when we need to discuss love on a broad, humane basis, especially when it comes to women.

Women believe true love to be unconditional and selfless. Their partners must love their merits and imperfections while supporting them wholly in times of need. Women also expect freedom and space and want to be the top priority of their partner in a genuinely loving relationship.

Let’s dive into the psyche of women and figure out what exactly goes on in their minds.

What Does True Love Mean To A Woman?

Love is a tricky thing to define, but weirdly, the concept of “true love” is often one of our society’s most fantasized and romanticized concepts.

For a woman, true love is not just a feeling that she occasionally feels while looking at a hot guy or when a good friend helps her out in a tough situation.

It is something that she doesn’t simply feel; it becomes a part of her mind, body and soul. Thus, true love is expressed in many ways for a woman, as discussed below.

1. Unconditional Love

Women, in general, feel that true love is unconditional. When a person truly loves you, they would do so with no strings attached and with no conditions. They would love you at your highs as well as your lows.

They would never leave you in difficult situations, but rather their love blossoms even more in precarious situations of your life.

And even if you commit a mistake or fall out of love with them, they would still love you.

True love won’t care for her state or situation because conditions were never a part of the equation between the woman and her true lover.

Unconditional Love

2. The Merits AND The Flaws

For women, true love comes with the reassurance that the person loves them in their entirety, from the best of their qualities to the worst of their flaws. No human is perfect, without exception.

When a person loves you truly, they love each and every part of you, and you are a being of various qualities, some good and some not-so-good.

True love won’t just appreciate a woman for her good looks, curvaceous figure, or exceptional talents and skills.

Instead, they would care and love her even when she is being angsty, when she has dark circles after having been awake the entire night for an assignment, when she is being insecure, when she is being jealous, or anything that may count as a “flaw” for her.

As for her true lover, the flaws in her are just a normal part of the woman they love, and they are to be cared for instead of being scoffed at.

3. Being Her Strength

Many women, especially those with big ambitions, feel that true love would not just encourage them to pursue their dreams and chase their goals but would even help them in building the path to their success.

Their partner would make sacrifices, even jeopardize their own goals to help their woman achieve more incredible feats in life.

Such dedication from a lover is something expected by a woman when she thinks about true love, and she would expect her partner to be her strength in her life and support her in any way they can, be it financially, mentally, or even physically.

Things like managing the house when she has a seminar to attend, staying awake with her for the entire night when she has a deadline to meet, and other stuff often make a woman feel fulfilled and loved, truly.

4. Selfless Love

Loving someone selflessly is rare to find, and people often say the only selfless love that exists is the love of a mother for her child. But is that the only case?

Many women say no, as they feel selfless love to be an essential subset of true love.

Loving someone selflessly is a tough thing; after all, humans are naturally selfish, and their own needs and wants are supposed to be above others. But true love overcomes this natural desire.

A person who truly loves a woman would be ever-ready to sacrifice their own wants, plans, and dreams for the good of the woman they love.

They won’t think twice before canceling their long-awaited trip with their friends if their woman is feeling unwell, and they won’t think twice before rejecting an improved job offer in a different city just so that they can be in the same vicinity as their love.

In fact, they would even resign from their job and move to a different city with their girl so she can climb higher in her career without worrying about her love life being jeopardized.

Such things are common expectations when women think about the selfless aspect of true love.

5. Tons Of Reassurance

Being insecure and jealous is a normal feeling, and someone who truly loves you would make you feel secure and would calm your overthinking by doing whatever they can.

Women feel that feeling secure is one of the most important factors in a relationship. They expect their partner to be accommodating and caring when they feel jealous or insecure.

Their partner should give them as much reassurance as needed to make them feel wanted and loved in the relationship.

Things like blocking a person who’s hitting on their partner, or asking them to not talk too much to a friend of theirs, to call them more often, to be with them more than their friends – these situations are often what women feel strengthens a relationship and transforms an infatuation into true love.

6. Not Wanting To Change Her

True love accepts you for what and who you are. They fell in love with you and not someone who’s the carefully placed idea of what they desire in an ideal woman.

Acceptance of another person is an integral part of a relationship, as many women feel that their partners often want to manipulate them to change their behaviors, ideals and other facets of their identity.

These women expect their partners to accept them without any modifications, and feel that if their partners love them truly, they would not even attempt to alter them in any way.

Things like political ideologies, religious beliefs, eating habits, etc., are things that women feel their partner should not want to change in them but rather give them their deserved space and personal freedom to live the way they want.

Not Wanting To Change Her

7. Not Being Jealous/Insecure

A common problem women report facing in their relationships is their partner being overly jealous and insecure of their platonic friendships, which often causes unwanted friction between the women and their partners.

Women feel that if a person loves them truly, then the person would trust them unreservedly and, thus, won’t be jealous or insecure of such minutiae.

And with their complete trust, their partners should also provide ample personal space and freedom to them so that the women can live their life according to their own wishes, with or away from their partner.

8. Making Her The Top Priority

Prioritizing their partner was a standard answer among most women when asked what true love means to them.

In fact, many have said that a person who loves a woman truly would make her the top priority in their life, and nothing would replace her as the sole, top recipient of their time, effort, and love.

These conversations are often valid when talking about other people in their partners’ lives, like their parents, siblings, friends, etc., where the women expect their partners to prioritize them above all the others in their lives.

Some women extrapolate this “prioritizing” towards other aspects of one’s life, too, like career, hobbies, etc. and expect their partners to put them above everyone and everything.

So many expressions of love that the women feel are a part of “true” love, but is there all to it? Are these expressions even completely valid?

The discussion seems to be long ahead, so let’s quickly move into the next section.

What Does Love Actually Mean?

Ah, love, what an uncanny feeling! Add true to it, and the already confusing concept becomes a thing to be discussed in a philosophy and psychology class.

As always, we humans tend to make simple things complex, and when it comes to women, they often mistake true love to be this other-worldly feeling that is only possible in movies, TV shows, and romance books.

Their expectations of true love ultimately are sky-high, and normal people often find it impossible to fulfill them.

Not all expectations are sky-high, mind you. Many requests or demands are necessary for a healthy and successful relationship in the long term.

But as for the few that seem to have set the bar too high, things need to be seen with a different perspective to make them in line with reality. Let’s try to look further into them.

1. Respecting Boundaries

True love, while being selfless and unconditional, also has the aspect of boundaries into the mix.

Boundaries are firm lines that one places to limit access to different parts of their life, and a partner should respect them and not cross these boundaries in the name of “love”.

Respecting boundaries includes respecting one’s own boundaries, too; without that, the love becomes tilted towards one person. The relationship loses its balance and nosedives into dependency.

In a relationship where the love is true, both the partners should respect each other’s boundaries and shouldn’t expect the other person to cross their own boundaries to satisfy the needs and wants of their partner.

2. Trust, But With Care

True love has trust as one of the most important factors to be successful, but as with everything, trust is earned.

One can’t just trust the other person immediately after a love confession, as trust takes time (and lots of it) to build.

Even once built, the partners should take care that they don’t commit any mistake that would make their partner lose trust in them, and thus, being truthful always helps in this regard.

Being honest goes a long way in becoming trustworthy, and both partners should strive towards that goal.

Trust, But With Care

3. Communication

Any relationship goes through its rough patches, and even the truest of loves will face challenges.

Being truly in love with each other means that both the partners focus on proper and effective communication instead of keeping things in their minds or holding grudges so that the problem can be rectified as soon as possible and their love life can return to normal.

Communication is vital in relationships, and true love will make conversing with one’s partner as seamless as possible.

Both people will work towards and share the same desired goal – to solve the problem instead of breaking away from each other.

4. Support, But With The Aim To Grow

True love doesn’t mean supporting one’s partner over anything and everything. It means supporting them when they are right and helping them improve in the situations they are wrong.

A lover helps their partner become a better person overall, even if it’s hard.

Constructive criticism is a healthy part of a relationship, and true love between two people ensures that the criticism is done healthily and received healthily.

In such relationships, it is often observed that the two people improve and become better in all aspects of their life, as they have an excellent support system that helps them improve, all within their partner.

5. No Demands, Just Wishes

In a relationship of true love, expectations are not demanded to be met but rather wished to be.

Demands, after all, have strings attached like deadlines- do this until this date or I’ll be angry, ultimatums- do this or I will leave you, etc.

This often puts unnecessary and sometimes toxic pressure on the recipient of the demands.

The existence of true love transforms these demands into good-natured wishes and are often communicated with consideration and care.

Next, both partners can come to a mutual understanding. The wishes can be fulfilled or sometimes negotiated. Saying something like “I think I am feeling a bit unloved in our relationship.

Do you think we can spend some more time to make me more comfortable?” can make a huge, positive difference rather than saying the same thing but in a demanding and toxic way.

This may be not talking to your partner and, when enquired about it, exploding with accusatory statements like “Go and spend time with your <insert female friend’s name>.

No need to be with me, anyway you don’t love me.” Proper communication is key in relationships and is often the difference between a successful relationship and a failed one.


The concept of love has always bewildered humans. For women, it has always been portrayed and learned as more emotional than physical.

Thus, true love becomes important for them in their pursuit of a healthy love life.

Getting in touch with reality to smoothen out their expectations, as well as understanding what love means to their partners too, can make things much easier for them and lead to them being in better and healthier relationships.

Hence, both the woman and her partner are happy, fulfilled and loved. Truly.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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