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Have your kisses been feeling mundane lately, and you’re looking for something new? Want to know which types of kisses to deploy in your arsenal to make your partner go gaga? Then use the best kiss!

The best type of kiss is the French Kiss. It is romantic, sensual, and leaves behind sparks in your partner’s belly. The French Kiss is also excellent for foreplay to help heat things up in the bedroom. However, it can be complicated, difficult to master, and not an ideal choice for your first kiss.

There’s no ‘one kiss fits all’ strategy you can use if you want to improve your kissing technique and leave your partner satisfied every time. Below, you’ll find a list of 15 different kisses to choose from!

The Best Types Of Kisses And Their USP

A kiss with sensuality, playfulness, and confidence is the kind of interaction that leaves that special someone in awe of you and sweeps them off their feet – whether you kiss them once or a hundred times.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each type of kiss would help you choose the most appropriate one depending upon the occasion.

1. A Kiss On The Cheeks

Since a soft kiss on the cheeks is not as sensual, it makes a perfect first kiss for most couples.

The gesture can instantly translate into a non-verbal way of saying, “I like you.”

You can also use a cheek kiss to show affection at random intervals of the day while being within acceptable levels of PDA.

A Kiss On The Cheeks

2. The Forehead Kiss

Just like the cheek kiss, a forehead kiss is an equally sweet gesture. It can make your partner feel loved and protected.

A forehead kiss is usually non-platonic and is a sign of deep affection.

A forehead kiss followed by the touch of your hand across your SO’s face can make the moment more intimate and romantic.

Whether you choose to take it forward or let the moment linger hereafter is up to you!

3. A Peck On The Hands

Another way to show your interest in someone is to kiss their hand. Often considered a polite gesture, it leaves a great impression on people.

However, beware that not everyone is up for it as sometimes it looks too pretentious and as if you are mindlessly copying what some colonial-themed movies taught you.

It might be awkward and make the receiver uncomfortable since kissing your date on the hand is not a common practice even in European countries anymore!

So, better try it out with someone who trusts you a bit more and would just laugh it off without judging you even if you goof up.

When you are in a more romantic setting or want to show deep love rather than interest, you can add some twist to the hand kiss by holding your partner’s hands and kissing their knuckles.

The simple gesture is enough to make your partner feel significant and secure in the relationship.

4. Eskimo Kisses

An Eskimo Kiss is essentially a nose rub. Rubbing your nose gently against someone’s nose is both playful and affectionate.

A nose rub is not erotic in nature but can be turned into one if held for longer periods.

Similarly, rubbing your nose gently across your partner’s lips can also heat up the moment.

5. A Full-On Smooch

The smooch is one of the most common methods of expressing your carnal desires.

It can range from gentle to rough to wild – depending on how you want to play it out.

This lip-to-lip contact is one of the best ways to communicate your intentions clearly.

It often lasts long and is much more intense than other simple, affectionate kisses. Smooches will surely leave your partner wanting more.

6. Making Out

A full-blown make-out is a great turn-on if you are looking to make things steamy.

The use of hands across your partner’s body makes it sensational and unforgettable.

A make-out kiss can end up differently based on where you want to take things (or not) and include a wide variety of other kisses too.

You could just leave it at that, essentially leaving your partner want more later or continue to rock their world.

However, keep in mind that generally, this type of kiss is not the best way to initiate.

Whether you are on a date with someone new or with an age-long partner, you should start slowly and intensify gradually.

Otherwise, the experience can be sloppy and sudden.

However, if both of you want to dig your nails into each other’s back and want to escalate things as soon as possible, make-outs can be great!

7. Kissing With Your Mouth Closed

If you are not yet completely comfortable with your partner, a closed-mouth kiss is a perfect way to break the ice.

A closed-mouth kiss does not allow you to exchange moisture or play with your tongue: just your lips and a little pressure.

While it is the best way to take it slow with your new partner, it can also make anyone yearn for more.

Kissing With Your Mouth Closed

8. The Innocent Peck Kiss

A simple peck on the lips is ideal for showing love and interest anytime and anywhere, especially when you want to take your partner by surprise.

Continuing to give your partner peck kisses can keep a relationship exciting and playful through the years.

If it’s someone you have recently kissed for the first time, you can also begin using pecks to display affection in a different way.

Pecks give the best results when your partner is least expecting them.

9. Single-Lip Kiss

A single-lip kiss is just how it sounds. Instead of indulging in devouring completely, you tug at a single lip.

Softly sucking their lips between yours can send shivers down their spine as you initiate. Single-lip kisses are romantic but more sensual than a peck.

This is why it is often the starting point of more intense kisses like the French kiss.

10. The French Kiss

Everyone has heard of the French kiss. It is one of the most erotic and stimulating kisses of all.

There is so much you can do with your lips and tongue, and the French kiss covers it all.

A French kiss explores the most sensitive nerves in your partner’s mouth in a variety of ways.

It uses pressure, intensity, and movement to hit the right spots. With such complexity, a French kiss can easily backfire.

The best way to make it work is to move gradually – one step at a time. Take short breaks to let the feeling sink in before you move further.

Once mastered, you can make a French Kiss the best kissing experience you’ve ever had!

11. American Kiss

The American Kiss takes the simple kisses one step further but stays well below the mark of a French kiss.

Both of them indulge in deep kissing, but the American kiss does so without using the tongue.

If you are unsure about going too intense or are yet to master the French kiss, go for an American Kiss instead to take your relationship to the next level.

12. The Melting Ice Kiss

With the melting ice kiss, you pass ice into each other’s mouths back and forth.

The cold and warm kiss will leave a tingling sensation, making it fun and arousing. You can play with melt kisses in quite a lot of ways.

Try holding an ice cube in your mouth and rubbing it on the body’s most sensitive areas.

You can also try exchanging berries instead of ice to make it sweet rather than sensational. The more creative you can get, the better.

13. The Text/Call Kiss

Why should people in long-distance relationships (LDRs) miss out on kissing?

A kiss through text or call can still help your partner feel like you love them and have not forgotten about them – a common fear among long-distance couples.

I know it’s not the same as a real one, but it’s still better than nothing. You can seal your kiss in the mail rather than typing it on your phone to make it more real.

Just apply some lip balm or lipstick, leave your lip prints on a piece of paper and mail it to your loved one.

You can also use a text or call kiss if you are briefly away at work to remind your partner you miss them.

The Text Call Kiss

14. An Air Kiss

Blowing an air kiss is playful and versatile. You can blow a kiss to your crush or your partner, and it will make them smile.

You can make your special someone feel even more special when you’re in public spaces, seated apart or away from each other in a crowd.

Long-distance couples can also blow a kiss on video calls to make it a little quirky, fun, and flirty.

15. The Naughty Hickey

A hickey kiss involves intensely sucking on sensitive areas with thinner skin, such as the neck, ear, or arm, resulting in a mild bruise.

The area usually turns dark red or purple due to intense suction.

Leaving behind a hickey (or a love bite) can remind the other person of you every time they look at it in the mirror.

Hickeys are fun, intense, and passionate and best to use when you can’t keep your hands off each other, especially during foreplay.

However, it’s also important to be careful with it. You don’t want to hurt someone and leave them with a painful, negative experience for days.

Also, hickeys in visible spaces like the upper neck area can cause embarrassment to some.

They might not be comfortable with others knowing what they did last night!


What makes kissing so amazing is that there are countless ways you can play with it.

Open yourself to the possibilities of using your hands, fingers, lips, and tongue in creative ways if you want to make your experience memorable and unique.

Apart from the French kiss, the best kind of kiss is the one you have not had before.

A lot of how the experience feels also depends on how you use your environment to make the most out of it.

Try not to get too confused and just shoot your shot.

Every kiss has its own unique flavor, which becomes even better as you get more practice, and become comfortable and confident in executing it.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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