Why Do I Love Her? | Primary Reasons & Infatuation Check

Finding your better half in a woman is a beautiful experience. Knowing why you love her can make you appreciate her even more.

You love her because out of all the women you’ve met, she is the one you find worth pursuing. Irrespective of whether you two are together, she makes you feel the way you want to feel. Life most certainly feels a bit brighter with her around.

With her by your side, you feel as if nothing can stop you from conquering the world.

Pro-tip: Chasing a woman will only get you so far.

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Probable Reasons Why You Love Her

Here are the core reasons why you feel you love her. Some or all of these may apply to your situation.

1. You Feel Comfortable Around Her

You love her because you can be yourself when you are with her.

Thinking about what you should say next or how you look isn’t what’s going on in your head all the time.

You are at ease with her, and everything feels natural. Even the silence doesn’t feel awkward. She makes you feel complete and at home.

TABLE: Men Feeling Awkward Around Women They Fancy

What Happens?Percentage Of Men
Accidental farting3%
Trying too hard to impress her74%
Cracking dad jokes56%
Throwing up3%
Bragging about themselves23%
Saying nonsensical things59%
Source: Based on a survey conducted by RebootLoveLife.com with 856 men between the ages of 18-65 years.
Note: Percentage doesn’t equal to 100 due to overlapping criteria.

You don’t think about your problems when she’s around. Your worries disappear just by looking at her.

You are calm and at peace when you are with her, making you love her even more.

You Feel Comfortable Around Her

2. She Makes You Laugh Or Laughs At Your All Your Jokes

You love her sense of humor or her way of seeing things. The X-factor could also lie in the fact how she laughs at your jokes.

Even the silliest ones crack her up! You do not have to go out of your way to be funny or entertain because she likes you for who you are.

You gel together so well that you even have inside jokes that only the two of you can understand.

She follows you in your stupidity, and even doing silly things with her is quite fun.

3. Her Personality Is Impressive

Be it because of her passion for something she does or her kind and caring nature towards everyone, you love her for who she is.

It can be her intelligence that you like or her being silly sometimes that feels cute.

If she is a strong independent girl, then you love her for how well she manages everything.

When she needs guidance, you love to be there for her and help her out. You love her in all her forms as they all have something that you fancy.

4. Her Presence Is Cozy

You love her because you feel great in her company. You have a lot of fun when you are with her and even getting bored with her isn’t that bad.

Feels familiar, right? You both have similar interests, and conversations just go on and on once you both get started.

It might even be possible that she doesn’t see you in a romantic light yet and that only adds to your attraction for because you don’t have her yet.

We are hardwired to be attracted to what we can’t have. You can read about all the interesting reasons in my article: Why Do We Want What We Can’t Have.

5. She Genuinely Cares About You

You love her because she is kind and caring towards you. She shows empathy and compassion and forgives you when you make mistakes.

She never hurts your feelings and tries to cheer you up when you are sad.

When you get sick, she goes to extreme lengths to take care of you and make sure you get well soon.

She constantly stays in touch with you without intruding in your personal space.

6. You Can Express Yourself Freely

You like how you can be vulnerable around her without being judged.

Even when she does not agree with you, she doesn’t judge you for your thoughts.

You don’t feel shy about sharing the moments of your life where you are not proud of yourself, and she does the same.

You both have a good laugh about such things, and these topics aren’t unearthed during fights to make each other feel bad.

You Can Express Yourself Freely

7. With Her You’re Growing As A Person

You love this girl because she helps you grow as a person. You learn and explore new things together.

She takes an interest in resolving your problems and comes up with ideas to help you.

The process of tough decision-making is not as jittery when you have her by your side. She even gives you her unbiased opinion.

She motivates you when you feel disappointed, and her encouraging words show you a ray of hope at the end of a dark tunnel.

8. She Understands You Well

She is a person who completely understands your feelings.

When you are bothered by something, she listens to you carefully and takes an interest in your life. You feel someone’s there to hear you out.

She may often agree with you but isn’t afraid to call you out for your mistakes. Talking to her and sharing things with her lightens your mood.

She is one of those rare people to whom you can speak your heart out.

9. Your Dreams Matter To Her

It is hard to find people who actually understand our dreams, let alone be supportive of them.

She understands your dreams and believes that you are meant to achieve big things in life. Why wouldn’t you fall in love with her?

Your dreams matter to her as much as they do to you. You see her getting worried for you. She always nudges you to keep trying hard and never quit.

10. She Is Always There For You

Whenever you need her, she always has time for you unless she is really busy.

You are on the top of her priority list, and she always takes out time to call or text you to tell you how much she misses you and wants to see you.

She is one of those people whom you can count on in difficult times.

She is the kind of person who won’t leave your side whatever may come because of her unconditional love for you.

11. You Feel Special With Her

We all love to feel important and special.

When you have someone by your side to whom you are very important and who loves to make you feel special, it becomes hard not to love such a person.

She knows about your likes and dislikes and doesn’t miss a chance to surprise you.

She plans special things and gives you personalized presents or those DIY gifts which scream of her effort.

And when you look into her eyes, you can clearly see how important and special you are to her.

You Feel Special With Her

12. There Is Respect And Admiration

One of the most important things we seek in a relationship is respect. You can’t love someone who is disrespectful towards you.

She respects you and adores you. Moreover, she keeps cool even at the time of nasty arguments and never uses abusive language.

She never misses a chance to praise you and tell you how much she admires you.

Being a man, feeling like a knight in the shining armor is pretty awesome, and she gives you that chance!

She is head over heels for you, and that’s exactly what makes you love her even more.

13. Your Friends And Family Like Her

You love how she always tries to actively take an interest in your life and wants to be a part of it.

She tries hard to make a bond with your friends and make your family happy. They totally love her!

She has never been rude to them or badmouths anyone because she knows how much they mean to you.

You feel as if she cares about them as much as you do.

The last thing she would do would be to come between you and your loved ones and force you to make a choice.

14. She Understands Privacy

You don’t feel suffocated by her presence. She does not act needy, clingy and always gives you the space you need.

Not only she respects your freedom and privacy, but she also has the same high parameters for herself.

This makes her a valuable woman in your eyes. You love how she has a life of her own and does not seek your attention or validation all the time.

15. Her Trust In You Is Absolute

What you love about her is that she trusts you. She doesn’t doubt your actions or tries to control your life.

You are not constantly nagged or questioned about your whereabouts, and your word is enough for her.

Of course, you should always understand that breaching her trust is a big no-no.

She doesn’t check your messages or call logs to see if you are cheating on her. In fact, she gives you complete privacy.

She doesn’t put any pressure on you to be loyal and honest with her. Being with her feels smooth and natural.

16. You Share Similar Values, Beliefs And Lifestyle

Different values, beliefs, and lifestyles are some major reasons behind regular arguments and make things sour between people. Love is not all lovey dovey for a lot of people. Why?

You can read about it in my article: Why Is Love So Hard?

Since you are on the same page regarding most of the things, you don’t have to spend time convincing each other or arguing.

Further, even if there are disagreements, what follows is a healthy discussion.

Talking to her feels like talking to an alter ego who understands remarkably well where you are coming from.

You Share Similar Values, Beliefs And Lifestyle

17. There Is A Definite Emotional Connection

Your bond with her has only become stronger with time because she connects with you on a deeper level.

She shares every little thing with you, and you do the same. There is nothing that stays hidden between you two, and that makes your bond even stronger.

You both know each other inside out and trust each other with your secrets.

She gives you unconditional emotional support and fills you with positive emotions when you need them the most.

How Do You Know If You Really Love Her?

To know if you really love her, be in constant touch for at least 3-4 months and then gauge your emotions. You could be in a romantic relationship with her or keep it limited to occasional flirting during this time. If you still have strong feelings after this period, you aren’t just crushing and indeed love her.

Sometimes we are infatuated with someone and confuse our feelings for love. Crushing on someone is temporary, whereas love is a much deeper emotion.

Whatever is mentioned below, the caveat is that you shouldn’t have recently developed a crush on this girl.

Because then it would be highly improbable that what you’re feeling is out of love. You have an almost similar experience when you have new crush.

3-4 months is a good time to filter out your fascination as not being just another crush. Conventionally, you take time to fall in or out of love.

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Here are a few more ways to self-validate that what you feel for her is love indeed and not a short-lived fascination.

1. Her Appearance Isn’t The Only Thing That Matters

Let’s get one thing out of the way. One of the major things we look for in a partner is good physical appearance.

For some, it is the only parameter, while for others, it is one of the several things that they like about a person.

Those who say that a person’s physical appearance doesn’t matter to them at all are usually lying.

You can read more about it in my article on Can You Fall In Love With Someone You’re Not Physically Attracted To?

Simply put, a person doesn’t have to be supermodel hot or conform to the false notion of beauty portrayed by social media.

For you to find them attractive, they just have to be good enough according to your standards of beauty, both physical and otherwise.

Coming back to the girl you love, you love how she looks or carries herself. You love her smile, her eyes and find her physically attractive.

Moreover, you love her extraordinary personality.

If you think that she is the most beautiful and amazing girl in the world while seeing her almost everyday even after 6-8 months, you love her.

When you are in love with someone you start to believe that they are the best and no one can be as perfect.

2. She Is Often On Your Mind

When you love someone, it becomes hard not to think about them multiple times throughout the day.

If you’re in love, you’ll often think about the time you spend with her or the sweet nothings you whisper into each other’s ears.

You’ll find yourself thinking about her before going to sleep, and when you wake up, she would be one of the foremost thoughts on your mind.

When you’d be having a good time somewhere, you’d want her to be around and be a share your experience.

3. You Care About Her

Do you find yourself caring a lot about this girl? It could be something small like not eating properly or a big problem in her personal or professional life.

Further, you keep a check on yourself to never do anything that may hurt her feelings.

You love her because you care, and you care because you love her. It’s a cycle of cause and effect.

When she’s upset, it makes you worry, and you do anything within your capability to resolve the issue and make her smile again. You are protective about her.

You Care About Her

4. Her Absence Is Unbearable

You miss her when she isn’t around and always wish to see her as soon as possible.

Missing someone causes our feelings to intensify, and we end up feeling even more for the person. This ultimately leads to loving them.

Since you’re habitual to her presence, you never feel like saying bye to her.

The physical distance makes you melancholy, and you feel impatient when she is not with you. Time without her does not seem to pass.

It makes you think even more about her.

5. You Are Ready To Compromise For Her

Usually, we do not compromise until it is for people who are close to us.

If you find yourself making little compromises here and there for a girl, then you are in love with her. You do so because it makes you happy to see her happy.

You are very strict and particular when it comes to other things but often bend some rules to accommodate her.

It shows that she is different from others and holds a special place in your life.

6. You Share Secrets With Her

You aren’t afraid to share your darkest secrets with her because of the bond the two of you share.

Not only are you quite comfortable telling her everything, but you also share some great chemistry that no one else can beat.

In addition, you love how mature she is about your secrets and keeps them safe from the world outside.

7. You Like To Make Her Feel Special

You think of different ways to make her think about you and bring a smile to her face.

Meetings are planned well in advance, and you love to imagine how happy she’d be when you surprise her.

You love to take her to the restaurants she likes or cook her favorite dish at home.

Moreover, you never miss a chance to give her a happy memory and show how special she is to you.

Doing so is your way of thanking her for making your life so beautiful.

8. You Aren’t Insecure About Her

Immature people try to express their affection through restrictions. Why?

Because they are unsure about themselves and live in the constant fear of being dumped.

Mature love means letting your partner fly and not putting them in a cage or treating them as your property.

You truly love her if you believe in her and never try to control her actions. If she grows professionally or personally, perhaps you’d be the happiest person.

You know in your heart that she loves you too and won’t leave you for the next person that comes along.

You are secure about your own identity and existence in her life.

You Aren't Insecure About Her

9. She’s The One You Turn To

Whenever you have something to say, anything good happens to you, or you find yourself in the darkest pits of despair, she is the one you pour your heart out to.

You know that she will actually be happy for you in your success.

And every time things go wrong, you tell her without failing because she knows how to calm you down.

She genuinely takes an interest in your life and whatever happens with you affects her equally.

10. You Are Always Honest With Her

Why are you always are honest with her? Because the thought of lying to her makes you uncomfortable.

You can’t even think about lying to her due to the immense trust she has in you. You know that you can’t bear the guilt of keeping things from her.

11. A Future With Her Seems Possible

One of the significant signs of you being in love with this girl is that you want a future with her.

The thought of settling down with her, living together for the rest of your life, and growing old does not make you panic.

Instead, it fills your heart with immense happiness and excitement.

Your future plans involve her, and you are open to the thought of getting married to her one day.

12. Life Without Her Would Feel Empty

You feel loved in her company, and she has changed your life in so many ways that the thought of living without her gives you chills.

You don’t want to break up with her ever and can’t imagine a day without her by your side.

You’ve grown so comfortable together that you can’t see someone else in her place. She has become a significant part of your life.

13. Other Women Don’t Interest You

You don’t have any interest in other women around you because she is enough. For you, she is the perfect and the most wonderful woman.

She understands you way better than anyone else ever will.

Therefore, you can’t think of cheating on her with someone else as you are more than satisfied with the relationship you have with her.

Other Women Don’t Interest You

14. You Are Creating Memories

Most of the happy times or memorable moments you can think of these days are the moments spent with her.

She has given you so many great memories for a lifetime. You look forward to many more fabulous times that you’ll spend with the love of your life.


To make sure that you do love her and not just crushing, ask yourself if she really makes you happy and loved?

Loving her should come naturally to you and is a feeling you won’t be able to control.

Sometimes you’ll have valid reasons, but sometimes you’d love her without any reason.

Now tell us in the comments below why do you think you love that girl?

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