Dating A Fighter Pilot | Common Experiences

Charming, aren’t they? You had always admired their personalities from afar, but now that it’s your time to shoot your shot with a fighter pilot – you’re not so sure. Or even scared, maybe?

The experience of dating a fighter pilot is unique and thrilling. Fighter pilots stand out from the crowd as confident and attractive people who are deeply passionate about their job. Their skills from work, such as emotional strength, penetrate into their relationships and make them great partners.

While all of their traits may seem appealing, dating a fighter pilot can come with its own upturns and downturns. Let us know what it’s actually like to date a fighter pilot.

Common Experiences While Dating A Fighter Pilot

While every person is unique, the thing about fighter pilots is that a lot of their work skills seem to shape their personalities.

As a result, most people have a common view and certain experiences when dating a fighter pilot.

1. Obsessed With Their Job And Planes

The obsession with planes should not come as a surprise. But how many people are actually obsessed with their job?

Fighter pilots look like a bunch of enthusiastic kids when it comes to flying planes, going on missions, or doing something remotely related.

Of course, their job has different roles; some are boring, and some are more exciting than the adrenaline rush itself.

But all in all, they just love what they do. Be prepared to hear never-ending stories about how awesome it feels to be a fighter pilot.

To top things up, the nation comes above everything else for them, and they are willing to make supreme sacrifices at a moment’s notice.

Obsessed With Their Job And Planes

2. Their Habits Might Seem Strange

Fighter pilots, like many defense personnel, behave differently than most civilians. Why? Because their job is quite different and unlike any other 9-5 shift.

They need that certain attitude to remain confident under immense pressure, which we might sometimes find cocky.

Further, you’ll often find a fighter pilot ready with multiple plans for the simplest of tasks. A plan B is always there.

Since they need to be in control of the situation out in the sky, it often translates to their personal relationships, which you might be uncomfortable with.

However, they don’t let their ego get in the way if you are in the driver’s seat. They are happy being the pilot up there.

And lastly, you’ll always find them seeking thrill and adventure since they are accustomed to extraordinary experiences.

This often makes them a bit restless on the ground as day-to-day life can get mundane.

3. Aim For Perfection

Obsession with one’s job doesn’t mean you are the best at it. But when you are a fighter pilot, you have no other option but to outmaneuver every enemy.

Outside the cockpit, they are looking to do things perfectly all the time. Can’t help it, can they?

Since they take their job very seriously, always trying for perfection, who has the time to take life seriously?

You’ll often be left amazed, scared, and frustrated by how little they care about their personal life.

You may catch them doing something dangerous and unnecessary just for a few moments of thrill and getting things right.

They do not know which sortie will be their last, and thus they try to leech the most out of every moment of life.

4. You’ll Experience A Range Of Emotions

Just like 720 degrees of space for a bird in the sky, dating a fighter pilot will invoke different emotions from every angle.

On some days, you’ll feel thrilled about having them in your life, while on other days, the unpredictability of their job will make you worried.

You’ll have loads of fun on a good day because of their usual happy-go-lucky outlook toward life and its uncertainty.

You’ll love how they try to make the most of every moment. On the other hand, on a bad day, you’ll feel anxious and pray incessantly that they return home safely.

Even the popular jokes on ejecting mid-flight and ejection seats would feel unfunny, and you’ll never want a day when your date or spouse actually has to use those tactics.

Somewhere in your mind, you’ll always know that death is a possibility, and you can never be sure whether you’ll see them again.

Dating a fighter pilot is always a bittersweet experience, with lots of heartaches and farewells.

5. You’ll Meet Many Influential People

The elite hang out with the elite.

The job of your date will require them to attend important functions and get-togethers, which are always filled to the brim with important people from the defense forces.

Further, there are many other important guests from different walks of life.

So you’ll be meeting many important people who will help you develop important contacts.

Furthermore, if you end up getting married, know that the air force (like most armed forces) always considers the life partners of their personnel as an extension of the force itself.

Imagine your growth in that kind of environment!

6. There Are A Lot Of Stories

One thing about dating defense personnel is that they are exposed to different cultures, places, and people.

While you can’t always visit the places they’ve been to or have the same experiences, their vivid stories will fill in the gaps and stir up various emotions.

So every time there’s a gathering of friends from work, be prepared to be bombarded with detailed narratives of what they’ve done, their experiences with flying, and how fascinating the world is.

They always have interesting stories to share but also get ready to hear a few of their favorite stories on repeat, especially when hanging out with their squad.

The spark in their eyes while sharing their glorious stories will make them worth listening to every single time.

There Are A Lot Of Stories

7. There Will Be Inside Jokes

Fighter pilots do have a rather different life than regular citizens.

They also spend a ton of time with fellow service members – their squad is like their extended family.

You will have a history that makes up just as many inside jokes when you share so many instances with someone and have common personalities.

While inside jokes may not seem like that big of a deal, they may still make you feel left out when hanging out with your partner’s work friends and their families.

You may give out an awkward laugh – but don’t worry. Their friends know you’re new here, and you will learn these stories and references in no time.

You might just throw in a few of your own jokes eventually.

8. You’ll Be Their Shoulder To Cry On

It is no wonder that being a military member comes with heavy baggage. Every working day can get risky, not just for them but for their team as well.

A fighter pilot loses a friend and witnesses traumatic events of an attack multi-folds than the average person.

Fighter pilots’ fellow servicemen are like family and often make up most of their social circle.

They are bound to lose a fellow pilot friend at least once in their life, and you become their solace through it all.

While it can become difficult to deal with and help someone going through so much or understand their pain, it also results in a bond like no other.

9. Helping Other Spouses To Get Through

One of the most difficult phases of dating a fighter pilot is deployment, which is one that all partners must go through.

Staying away from your partner for prolonged periods and passing each day with uncertainty is bound to cause distress.

However, when dating a fighter pilot, you are very likely to bond with spouses and partners of other fighter pilots or friends of your partner.

During deployment, you will likely spend plenty of time together as you understand each other’s feelings.

You make great friends and keep great company, and you will always have someone to be there for you and support you.

In the same way, you would help other partners get through this phase, leaving you feeling good most of the time.

10. Children Will Travel A Lot

This is probably the most fun aspect of dating a fighter pilot – you get to travel a lot.

And if you get married and choose to have children, traveling becomes an added advantage.

You can be sure that your children won’t only get the best education but will be exposed to multiple languages and cultures.

They will likely grow up open-minded and smart through a healthy childhood.

However, this can also cause distress for those who like more stability and are not that fond of frequent changes.

11. You’ll Have to Learn A Lot of Acronyms

Like many other things, fighter pilots also use a lot of acronyms among themselves. It’s a cool thing, isn’t it?

Don’t be surprised if you get lost in conversations halfway because they said a word you have no clue about.

It may seem embarrassing initially, but it’s best not to pretend and make a fool of yourself. Just ask them about it.

If you’re in a gathering with their friends and feeling a little shy, find your alone time with your partner and ask them about whatever it is you didn’t understand.

There’s no better way to learn your acronyms and fit in than learning from the expert itself.

You can also try searching for it on the internet, but each squad might just have its own set that only your partner can help you with.

You'll Have to Learn A Lot of Acronyms

12. It Is Not A Fixed 9-5 Job

Dating a fighter pilot comes with many uncertainties because of the nature of their job. Their work timings will always be irregular.

On some days, they might fly for 12 hours a day or, on certain occasions, through the night.

Sometimes the two of you might have the entire week to spend together, and other times they might always be caught up for several weeks.

Fighter pilots can also be sent for long hauls, where they are gone for months. It’s just not just how often they’re gone but also where they are deployed.

Sometimes, you might be worried all day or night when they have to fly over unsafe zones trying to rescue people.

You may feel helpless about being able to protect them, but find solace in the nobility of their profession and be proud of them.

As much as your partner might love and want to be there for you, they might fail to do so because of such uncertainties.

But just because they missed your birthday, it doesn’t mean they’ll make you feel any less special when they come back.

13. Plans Will Be Canceled

It can be challenging to date a fighter pilot at one point or another, especially when celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, and festivals.

This goes without saying, but their schedules won’t be predictable. They’ll be gone for major life events, and you won’t really get to have a say. Yes, that’s a little heartbreaking.

You should understand it’s not their desire to miss these special moments, and they’ll put all their efforts into being available via phone or video calls.

Life with them may be complicated, but they are all yours whenever they are with you, and it’s worth the pain.

14. Long Distance Relationship (LDR)

When dating a fighter pilot, the LDR becomes your first concern.

Being separated for months, away from the person you love, sucks, but the butterflies you feel in your stomach everytime you see them after a long time is worth waiting for.

You can always experiment and find new ways to keep close to them, like virtual dates or maybe long, mushy texts when connecting through calls is impossible.

When you really love someone, a long-distance relationship can get you closer than ever because of the time and effort you put in.

When things get tough with the goodbyes, you need to profess your love frequently and remember the tight hugs and sweet kisses that come with meeting them after months.

15. Quite Popular Among The Masses

When dating a fighter pilot, you will make some of your friends jealous – especially you ladies! Fighter pilots are always on their best behavior.

You will find them crisply dressed, well-mannered, and with a confident stance.

While you’ll have fun showing them off, they will catch the attention of many of your friends or other people.

Feelings of jealousy are common in such a scenario, and you would have to deal with your insecurities on your own.

Based on the stage of dating you’re in, you may seek reassurance to cope.

However, since fighter pilots are so popular and desired, they might just be looking for a friends-with-benefits scenario.

Fighter pilots are aware of how their work comes in the way of settling and starting a family, the painful emotions they have to deal with when in love, and the fact they can seek temporary affection make them more prone to not commit.

If you are looking for something more serious, it may sound scary.

But once a fighter pilot finds someone with whom they can traverse the ups and downs of life and someone worth fighting for, they will stick by your side.

Are Fighter Pilots Arrogant?

A fighter pilot will always seem arrogant to ordinary citizens. Their work forces them to come off as strong, confident, and competitive.

They have higher self-awareness of their achievements and hard work.

Mix it with the knowledge that they look drop-dead stunning and are always wanted, and you get the cockiness oozing out.

With all the charm, attractive personality, and confident stance, it is no wonder that fighter pilots can sometimes come off as a little smug – at least from afar.

And why should they not be when they’ve gotten themselves numerous accolades?

However, that does not mean that it always translates into their personal or even professional relationships.

Fighter pilots often fall within a category known as “humble arrogance.”

This means that they are well aware that the world does not revolve around them or that other people are necessarily inferior to them.

They also know their qualities, high IQs, social significance, and influence. In short, a fighter pilot has mastered the art of handling arrogance.

In a relationship, a fighter pilot would show signs of dominance (particularly men), but this would generally be healthy with the right person.

When a fighter pilot is really in love with you, they will go out of their way for you with sweet gestures, regardless.

Since fighter pilots are a bit arrogant and proud of themselves, showering them with compliments is a great way to make them happy and boost their ego.

In contrast, if you are ever troubled by their behavior, you can always sit down and express your feelings.

But make sure that you do not undermine or belittle them in a fit of anger as it may throw them off.

With all the confidence they exuberate, a fighter pilot can be a great company to keep.

Just try not to tick them off the wrong way or feel insecure of your own self, knowing they will treat you with the respect you deserve.

Are Fighter Pilots Arrogant


Dating a fighter pilot for the first time is going to be one hell of an experience – a roller coaster ride.

Whether you end up together or not, you are bound to learn and grow rapidly with someone like them.

They come with plenty of surprises, and your life will be exciting.

These mixes of emotions get scary at first, but if you love them, you kind of get used to it – and become a little bit more like them.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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