Top 7 Romantic Types of Kisses (Including the Best One)

Kisses are a weird act. You press your lips against someone, and it signifies love? Such a simple action, but it’s fascinating how it has established itself as one of the best and most used expressions of love. The fact that it is used both in platonic as well as romantic expressions speaks volumes about the dynamic nature of a kiss.

Some romantic types of kisses are forehead kisses, Eskimo kisses, French kisses, single lip kisses, earlobe kisses, neck kisses, spiderman kisses, etc. Among these, the French Kiss is the best for expressing passionate love to your partner, while the Forehead Kiss is the one that signifies care and affection.

But romantic kisses are just another breed. With so many ways to do it, a romantic kiss is the quintessential show of love. Let’s look at the 7 types of romantic kisses in detail.

Romantic Types Of Kisses

1. Forehead Kiss

First comes the arguably most tame kiss – a kiss on the forehead. It’s one of the most dynamic kisses and is used to express love, care, affection, and comfort.

A good forehead kiss is gentle, sweet, and more like a caring graze than a passionate peck. It communicates that you care for your partner and are there for them in good as well as bad times.

Many people use it to console their partners in times of distress, thus, cementing its place as the most comforting kiss of all.

Forehead Kiss

2. Eskimo Kiss

Also called a kunik, an Eskimo kiss is where a couple rubs their noses against each other playfully. Sometimes, it also involves rubbing the nose against each other’s cheeks.

A legend says that the Inuit people kissed like this to avoid freezing their mouths in the cold North American weather.

Nonetheless, it has evolved to be a widely used way of kissing amongst people from all parts of the world.

The Eskimo kiss is a more playful, caring kiss and signifies the cheerful aspect of love between two people.

3. French Kiss

Here comes the most famous kiss, the classic French kiss. It is probably the most passionate kiss and is exclusively used in a romantic and/or sexual setting.

It’s a kiss where the tongues are involved. To be a bit more descriptive, it’s a deep kiss that has you opening your mouth and using your tongue to explore your partner’s mouth.

It is very intimate and sensual and is often the one used in make-out sessions, foreplay, and even during (or after) the “deed”. The French really are the masters of love, aren’t they?

But don’t worry, cultures are meant to be explored and exchanged, and the French kiss is already the most explored one around the world, if you know what we mean.

4. Single Lip Kiss

This is quite unusual kiss where you focus on just one of the lips of your partner – the upper or the lower. You kiss one of them, even lightly biting it and sucking on it as things progress.

This is one of the teasing kisses which has a high romantic and sensual undertone to it and is highly effective in building sexual tension.

Tip: Use this before going full-on French; it will be a terrific way to build up the spice before going all the way.

Out of curiosity, I researched and wrote another article on: Why do we kiss on the lips? Feel free to check it out.

5. Earlobe Kiss

Sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it? But the people who are into it can vouch for us here. The earlobe kiss involves gently kissing or even nibbling on the earlobe of your partner.

Its vibe is very similar to the single lip kiss, as it helps build up the sexual tension. It’s very sensual, romantic and gives a tingling sensation to your partner, making them feel aroused.

Here again, our tip will be to use it in the foreplay, and you will see how your partner melts in your embrace.

6. Neck Kiss

The neck area is one of the most erogenous regions of the human body. Thus, it’s no surprise that kisses on the neck are a hit amongst men-women alike.

The kissing can be gentle, like a feather’s touch, or a passionate nibble that leaves the infamous hickey.

Whatever it be, this is one of the most sensual kisses and can be a great prelude to more intimate physical contact.

Neck Kiss

7. Spiderman Kiss

Yeah, this one’s for all the Marvel/Spiderman fans out there. But not just for them; any couple who likes to be a bit playful, adventurous, and likes to try new things in their sexual life can try this.

The Spiderman kiss is inspired by the famous upside-down kiss between Spiderman (Peter Parker) and Mary Jane (his future girlfriend), where she removes his mask to half his face and kisses him on the lips in the gloomy New York rains.

So, how to do this in real life? You and your partner kiss upside down, with one of you hanging from something or lying on a bed while the other person leans in to kiss.

We would suggest the lying-on-the-bed version as it’s safer for us non-Spidermen.

Unless you are a Spiderman, then hand upside down all you want! It’s a playful and romantic kiss that’s perfect for couples who love to have fun while romancing.

A Word on the Best Types of Romantic Kisses

Here’s a summarized version of the best types of kisses. For a more in-depth read on which is the best kiss and why, do check out my article on: Which Type of Kiss Is the Best?

Which Kiss is the Best for Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

The best kiss for your girlfriend/boyfriend is the French Kiss. It is arguably the most passionate kiss and involves a lot of physical touching, not just through the lips but the tongues and the hands, too, as the kiss often accompanies a lot of sensual groping by both parties.

It is romantic, intense, and sexual like no other, and with the right circumstances leads to a happy ending. As we said earlier, the French really are the romance wizards.

What is the Most Affectionate Kiss?

As for the most affectionate one, the Forehead Kiss takes the cake here. It’s a kiss that signifies care, comfort, and a soothing feel for the one receiving it, and nothing speaks of love more than the care that your partner showers upon you.

Be it a time when you are stressed about your financial situation, worried about that job interview, or just having one of those sad days – a gentle, affectionate kiss on the forehead with an embracing hug from your partner will be enough to calm you down and feel relaxed.

Don’t Limit Yourself to One Type of Romantic Kiss…

No matter which kiss you choose to express your love, the dynamic nature of a kiss means that it can be used both in platonic and romantic expressions of affection, making it a powerful symbol of love in any relationship.

Considering we talked about the romantic ones, communicate with your partner about this, and you two can choose the one amongst these that suits you two the best. In fact, try all of them if you want!

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