How Do You Break Up Quickly? | Practical Tips

There are times when you realize a relationship is not working anymore. Whatever be the reason – sadly, you no longer want to be with your partner. Once you have this gut feeling, the correct thing to do would be to break up. 

To break up quickly with your partner, create a sense of finality and distance. Do not budge and have long conversations about ‘fixing stuff’ or ‘giving it another shot.’ Be open to hurting your partner (only emotionally and not physically). You are only doing it because it’s good for everyone. 

Messing this up would lead to a prolonged breakup, and in the worst instances, it would make things awkward between you and your partner. This article will focus on some super fast ways to break up. 

Fastest Ways To Break Up With Someone

If you need to get out of a relationship as soon as possible, the list below will help you figure out how to do it in a foolproof way. 

1. Have an Exit Plan

Perhaps, the most important step to ensure a quick breakup is knowing what to do after you’re through.

The key is to create the maximum possible distance between your partner and you.

If you live together, this might involve making arrangements for a new place and moving out when the time comes.

You might want to return their stuff that you have in order to make the breakup less painful for you. Also, consider deleting all your pictures together.

Be emotionally prepared both for having a difficult conversation with your partner and for the difficult time you might go through afterward.

Have an Exit Plan

2. Know What to Say

If you decide to have a conversation with your partner before you break up, it is important to say the right things to keep the conversation short.

Don’t go into any explanations about why you are breaking up, and don’t say anything that would give them false hope.

Anything that could lead to them saying, “Oh, we could work on that?!” would just prolong the discussion and might change your stance on breaking up.

Make them believe that it’s you and not them. Don’t leave any room for your partner to convince you that they can fix things. 

3. Profess a Lack of Attraction

Telling your partner that you are no longer attracted to them, physically, emotionally, or intellectually, is arguably the simplest way to end things with them.

You could also tell them that you have fallen out of love with them and no longer see a future.

If you think that they would still try to make things work, you could consider telling them that you have just discovered that your sexual orientation has changed.

This would leave them with no resort, and they would realize that the relationship has hit a dead end and that there is no option but to break up.

4. Falsely Accuse Your Partner

One way to end your relationship would be to accuse your partner of having broken your trust by violating the mutually agreed-upon boundaries of your relationship.

You can falsely accuse them of cheating on you and refuse to believe them if they insist otherwise. They would feel hurt by the accusation since they are completely innocent.

Your repeated insistence on their guilt might make them believe you no longer trust them.

This would push them into a corner, and they would have no option but to let you go.

5. Propose Being Polyamorous

Most people look to have a happy monogamous relationship with their partners. If your partner is the same, use this against them.

You could suggest wanting to spice things up by seeing other people and continuing to date.

This would be an unacceptable request for most, especially those who wish to be only with one person.

Subsequently, you could talk about this being crucial to your relationship, and if this makes them unhappy, they could choose to leave.

This would also make breaking up their responsibility and not yours. This is a way where you could make your partner break up with you if you cannot bring yourself to do it.

6. Text and Block

One of the quickest ways to break up would be letting your partner know of your decision over text and then blocking them across all platforms.

This would deprive them of the chance to try changing your mind and would get the message across loud and clear.

You could outline your reasons in your text or just let them know that you’re through.

Be as direct and blunt as possible in your text and tell them you are cutting off all contact with them.

However, be mindful that this method could be extremely heart-breaking for your partner.

7. Cross Their Boundaries

We all have certain boundaries that we don’t want other people to cross. Often, these boundaries are also the ‘dealbreakers’ in relationships.

Since dealbreakers are fundamental disagreements about behaviors and values, they’re often irreconcilable and make continuing the relationship pointless.

Engage in behaviors that are dealbreakers for your partner.

This could be saying something bad about their family and friends, changing your stance about wanting kids, or having the opposite political beliefs.

What you do would depend upon what your partner’s dealbreakers are.

If you feel guilty about violating your partner’s boundaries, remember that it is worth it for the ultimate objective, i.e., your freedom.

Cross Their Boundaries

8. Fake a Terminal Illness

Death signifies the end of all things. It could also signify the end of your relationship.

Telling your partner that you suffer from a terminal illness could cause them to rethink the relationship and end things with you.

It could also act as a valid reason for you to end things. The key to successfully lying here is making up a believable story.

It is natural for your partner to be very shocked by this revelation and to want to know more about the situation.

While painful, this method of breaking up would not cause your partner to resent you as they’d understand the situation on your end.

Have a family member or friend back up your story for the ultimate effect.

9. Ghost Your Partner

If the conversation feels too difficult to have, you could break up with your partner by cutting off all contact and ghosting them.

Ghosting might be a plausible way to break up in situations where a partner is abusive or cheating on you.

Sometimes, it’s the only option as abusers look to control all aspects of their partner’s life.

Ghosting would also work in situations where you do not live in the same city or have plans to move to a different city, making it extremely difficult for your partner to contact you.

As a cautionary note, this would be one of the most painful ways to break up and should only be done in extraordinary circumstances.

10. Cheat and Confess

If all else fails, you could always resort to cheating on your partner. You could hook up with an ex or create a dating profile to seek new connections.

You can then let your partner know of your actions to push them into breaking up with you.

This would involve a lot of pain and devastation for your partner and a lot of guilt on your end as well.

However, this would be an extremely effective method of breaking up quickly.


Sometimes, getting out of a relationship quickly helps save oneself from future hurt and suffering.

Keeping a particular person away lets you focus on moving on and working on other aspects of your life. Hurting your partner sucks, but sometimes it’s the only way.

However, you should always consider if the relationship can be saved by discussing problems with your partner. After all, ‘Communication is key.’

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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