How To Kiss A Shorter Girl? | Tips & Things To Avoid

The difference in height while kissing can force you to put undue strain on your body & posture. Add to that the pressure of making the kiss perfect, especially if it is the first one. 

To kiss a shorter girl, sit, or lie next to her so that your lips are at the same height. If you kiss while standing, focus on elevating her body while supporting yourself on something stable at the same time. Always be ready, confident, and capable enough to lift her in your arms if there is no support.

Don’t stop being creative and passionate. Seek new ways to solve the height issue. Not only will it give both of you better access to each other’s lips, but it will also reduce the monotony of your kisses.

Ways To Kiss A Girl Shorter Than You

Here are some tips to overcome the difference in height and kiss easily. Doing so would need both of you to support each other physically.

Actions like you supporting her head while kissing and she clinging on to you for life are good ways to begin kissing.

Don’t fret about making it perfect though, whether or not you are into the kiss matters more for the girl.

1. Show Her Your Intent To Kiss

If you are trying to kiss a short girl while standing, make sure she is comfortable before the kiss rather than trying to balance her while kissing.

Also, be assertive and be clear with your intent. Girls like it when guys are direct and confident.

If she doesn’t know that you are leaning in for a kiss, you’ll end up kissing her on her forehead or poke her in the eye.

Create a moment of silence where you look into her eyes and slowly lean in. If she wants to kiss you, she will lift herself up on her toes and kiss you.

You can then pull her in closer and lift her partially so that her feet are just off the ground.

If both of you are standing barefoot, she can also tip-toe onto your feet for better elevation.

Show Her Your Intent To Kiss

2. Bend Her Backwards

Bend her a bit towards the back and lean on her. Wrap one of your arms around her waist and give her lower back a slight push towards yourself.

Lean in gently while maintaining eye contact and kiss. By doing so, you will take her by surprise, and she may lose her balance.

Make sure that your grip around her waist is gentle yet firm. Also, you should be in a very stable and comfortable position or else you will go down along with her.

3. Hug And Lift Her

While standing, hugging and lifting her to your face level can be a good idea.

Romantically take both her hands and wrap them around your shoulder and put both your arms around her waist. You can then lift her as now you both support each other.

Pull her in closer, touch her calves and pull her leg towards you with one hand while holding her from the other. She will get the idea and wrap her legs around your thighs.

Before you try this, make sure that she is holding onto you firmly.

Else, both of you can fall if your one-handed grip on her waist is not strong enough. Don’t try this if you have any back, shoulder or arm injuries.

This position requires some strength and puts a lot of strain on the body

4. Kiss While You Are Lying Next To Her

One of the easiest ways to kiss your short girl is while you are lying beside each other on the bed or anywhere else. It’s the most comfortable position in which you can kiss.

You won’t be feeling any stress, strain, or sprain, unlike other positions mentioned above, requiring some strength and balance.

Make sure that you do not force her to sit or lie on the bed or the ground. This will take her mind off you, and she might feel scared as to what you have on your mind.

Go in for the kiss only if laying next to each other happened naturally.

5. Do It While Seated

Another smooth way to a short girl’s lips is while both of you sit next to each other on a bed or a couch.

In another variation, you could be sitting, and she could be standing right next to you. Preferably, make an arrangement where you both are seated side by side.

Invite her to your place to watch something you both love. If it is something romantic, it’s even better.

You could do the same in a car or the park while sitting on a bench or the ground.

If going in for a kiss at a public place, ensure that there are no distractions or many people around, else she might feel uncomfortable.

Do It While Seated

6. Bend Your Knees

If she is on her toes and still there is a height difference between the two of you, bend your knees to come face to face with her.

Of course, lifting her is always preferable, but you can try this if you are unsure about lifting her due to your strength or her comfort level.

This position can be hard on you if the kiss lasts long. You might feel a slight pain in your knees, or your legs may start shaking.

Use this tip for the short kisses or pecks only where you don’t have to stay in that position for long.

It is never advisable to put a strain on your knees. Don’t try this if you have a knee injury.

7. Take Advantage Of Shoes With Heels

Most short girls prefer wearing heels to elevate themselves slightly, but some don’t like wearing any.

If you plan on kissing her anytime soon, casually slip the idea into a conversation that you love how she looks in heels.

Even if she doesn’t usually wear heels, she might make an exception since you just complimented her. The chances are that she would be wearing heels on the next date.

However, don’t force her into wearing heels just because you want to kiss her.

Would the kiss be all that great if she feels extremely uncomfortable and struggles to balance herself while wearing heels? No! Try other options on this list.

8. Take Support Of A Nearby Wall

When the girl’s back is against the wall, lift her by supporting her legs. You would be standing, and the wall would support her back.

In this position, all her weight would not be on you. This is a very hot and intimate way of kissing a girl.

Ensure that both of you are very comfortable with each other on an intimate level before trying this position.

Do not try this if you are kissing her for the very first time and she is still not very comfortable around you.

You will never see her again once she asks you to put her down and walk away.

9. Kiss Her When She Runs And Jumps Into Your Arms

This one is a bit tricky but fun. If she is very excited to meet you or about something else, it’s quite probable that the girl will run in towards you and jump into your arms.

As she is about to reach you, move your head a bit backward. Do not move the body as you may lose balance due to the force of her jump.

At the same time, let her throw her arms around you while you embrace her waist. Give a slight upward thrust so that she comes to your eye level or slightly above.

Her instinct might force her to wrap her legs around you and hug you tighter so that she doesn’t fall.

Moving your head backward ensures that you do not bang your mouth against her when you go for the upward thrust.

This is a more exciting and adrenaline rush variation of the classical lift and kiss. But it takes a lot of strength and balance to pull off.

Kiss Her When She Runs And Jumps Into Your Arms

10. Lift Her And Swirl

This technique is similar to the previous tip. The only difference is that you also swirl a bit while giving an upward thrust to make things more romantic.

This technique’s beauty lies in the sheer perfect timing where three actions, the upward thrust, the wrapping around of her legs, and the swirl, happen simultaneously.

11. Get Down On Your Knees

Eliminate the height difference by standing on your knees while she normally sits on a bed or a couch.

Doing so is very romantic as it makes eye contact at the same level a possibility.

It eliminates any awkwardness as now you’ll be right in front of her while you kiss, and she wouldn’t have to struggle to match your height.

Place a soft pillow or a yoga mat under your knees before you kiss her. It helps if the floor is already carpeted.

Kissing on your knees when you are on a hard floor will give you a burning and painful sensation in your knee area within seconds.

12. Use Some Props

Make your environment work for you. Before meeting her for the date, reach the location a bit early and see which would be the best place to kiss her.

Find a spot that will either elevate her to your height or won’t make you uncomfortable while you sit or crouch.

If there is a chair or a stool nearby, go in for the kiss around it. You can lift her and put her on the chair or stool while kissing.

You won’t have to bear her weight for long this way.

13. Kiss Her On A Staircase

A staircase makes it very easy to kiss by allowing two people to stand at different heights.

You could either kiss while standing on different steps or while sitting side by side on the same step.

Another possibility is where you sit on the lower step, and she sits on the one just above you.

Here, she will have to lean forward a bit, and you can kiss her easily. Staircase kisses are also quite memorable if there isn’t much distraction around.

They feel much more cozy like kissing at home.

Kiss Her On A Staircase

14. Make Her Sit On Your Lap

Try this one only if you two are very comfortable around each other, and she won’t mind you pulling her into your lap.

Your lap not only resolves the height problem while kissing but can also cause the kiss to develop into something more steamy.

Sitting on a guy’s lap while kissing can feel very intimate to a girl, and you have to ensure that she is ready for it mentally.

15. Use A Slab Or A Table

Kitchen slabs and tables offer couples with height differences a perfect place to kiss. Lift her while kissing and gently place her on a slab or table.

The bonnet or the back of a car can serve the same purpose.

Ensure that the spot you place her on is squeaky clean. She won’t be pleased if, after kissing you, she realizes her favorite dress is ruined.

16. Kiss Her Like Spiderman

Remember how Spiderman kisses his love interest while hanging upside down? If you are near monkey bars or a chin-up bar, you can always try this one.

You need to hang yourself upside down while she can easily adjust to your level by crouching a bit.

Kissing her this way would make it extremely memorable and also feel very different than conventional kissing.

Ensure the bar is not too high up, or your lips would still be way above her reach or force her on her toes.

Remember, hanging upside down will send all the blood to your head, and you will feel dizzy and lightheaded.

Also, your legs and core need to be very strong to keep you suspended.

Do not try this if you do not work out regularly and have never hanged upside down for a few minutes.

You can fall on your skull, which can cause some serious brain damage and break your neck.

17. Be Open To New Experiences

Try kissing her underwater in a deep pool or the sea.

Any place where you are suspended in the middle and your feet are not touching the ground allows you to be at the same level while kissing.

Always keep a check that you aren’t keeping her underwater against her will.

She might be feeling scared since everything looks scary and blurry underwater.

Even while kissing, ensure that she is not feeling breathless and wants to go up for air. Let her body guide you.

Be Open To New Experiences

18. Sweep Her Off The Ground

Perhaps the most romantic way to kiss a shorter girl or any other girl is when she is in your arms and surrenders herself to you completely.

Slightly move to her side and bend forward a bit. Perform a sweeping motion on her legs around the calve area using your dominant hand.

As she leans and falls backward, support her back with your non-dominant hand. Lift her gently.

You will realize her reflexes have caused her to wrap her arms around you. Stare into her eyes for a moment and go in for the perfect kiss.

Another variation to completely sweeping her off the ground is to let her piggyback on you. You only tilt your face sideways so that she can kiss you.

What To Avoid When Kissing A Shorter Girl?

1. Avoid Wearing Height Enhancing Shoes

It would be a bad idea to wear shoes that will give you more height than you already have.

You might not intentionally wear such shoes, but you may end up wearing them without realizing it.

Always check the sole of the shoe you are wearing if you plan on kissing her that day.

See how many extra inches the shoe is giving you. Try to minimize the height difference and don’t end up doing anything that will add to the height disparity.

However, it would be great if the girl wears heels or any footwear that adds to her height.

2. Don’t Comment On Her Height

Short people get comments about their height all the time. Even if you find her petite frame to be cute, refrain from making any remarks, especially while kissing.

You never know, her height may be her biggest insecurity. She must have thought about the height difference before she said yes to dating you.

She knows people will also comment about you as a couple if there is a stark difference in height.

The odds of this relationship working were against her, but she gave you a chance. Do not spoil it.

TABLE: Short Girls On Common Problems While Dating Taller Guys

Kissing is awkward73%
I look like a child next to him61%
Lack of confidence due to insecurity94%
Awkward situations in the bedroom49%
Have to wear heels a lot68%
Source: Based on a survey by consisting of 139 women with heights ranging from 4’11” to 5’2″.
Note: Percentage does not equal to 100 due to overlapping problems.

Probably she is already worried about why she is short and how she would have looked different if she were tall.

It may be possible she faced some bullying because of her height.

When the whole world is trying to tell her that she is too short for everything, your arms should be the place where she finds peace and acceptance.

Never talk about her height or call her names even in a dorky, fun way.

3. Avoid Empty Spaces

As we mentioned before, while kissing a short girl, you need to make the best use of your surroundings.

It is always advised to choose a place to kiss where you have something to give her natural elevation.

The other option is to find a spot where you can sit and have her face around the same height as yours.

Sitting on the ground is an option but doesn’t feel very comfortable. All the choices can be difficult to implement in an empty space, forcing you to lie down on the floor.

Avoid Empty Spaces

4. Don’t Be Shy

If you feel the need to pick her up to kiss her better, do it. Taking action is better than thinking about the could have and should have later on.

Just like not understanding her non-verbal cues related to her comfort can spoil the moment, not understanding that she is willing to be picked up is equally bad.

Not taking action when the moment is right reeks of a lack of confidence and is an attraction killer.

5. Don’t Miss Your Workouts

As you know by now, kissing a short girl might require some lifting.

To not blow away the whole moment when it comes, make sure that you are in the best physical form possible. Strength training is a must.

You never know from where she will come running towards you and jump into your arms before kissing you passionately.

Regular workouts will make you more attractive in her eyes as girls do like their men to be fit and healthy.

6. You Cannot Be Stiff

Kissing a short girl will always involve some bending of the neck, back or legs. You can not afford to be rigid or stiff.

Being flexible enough to pull it off without an injury is crucial. You will not become flexible overnight, so you better start now.

Include some yoga and stretching in your daily workout to make your body flexible for any situation.

7. Don’t Crush Her

Your larger frame might be too strong for her petite body, and you may grip her a bit too strongly when you lift her to kiss.

She won’t complain to not make things awkward between you two but might begin feeling breathless and uncomfortable.

Keep your grip in check, and don’t make the kiss a nightmare for her.

Don’t Crush Her

8. Don’t Blame Her If You Can’t Kiss Properly

Despite trying out all the different things mentioned above, it might be possible that you still don’t enjoy kissing her the way you want or still feel uncomfortable.

It is also possible to sprain your neck or back while kissing despite doing everything right.

Do not complain about it afterward because it will make her feel bad about being the person responsible for everything going wrong.

We understand that it can be difficult to hide your expressions when you are going through a bit of pain, and it is absolutely fine to do so.

However, don’t blame her or say nasty things about how she is the reason behind your suffering or unsuccessful kissing attempts.


It’s true that kissing a girl who is shorter than you is a bit challenging, but it’s not something that’s not completely salvable with a different approach.

Instead of complaining, try to find ways to overcome the problem and come closer to each other.

If you have more ideas about how tall guys can easily kiss shorter girls, let us know in the comments below.

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