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Conscious control over lip movement while kissing is something most people aren’t even aware of. Of course, who will remember what steps to take during the surreal experience? But its importance becomes apparent when your experience is ruined.

Move your lips down to up while kissing a clean-shaven guy on either lip or if he has a light stubble. Kiss his bottom lip if there’s a 5 o’clock shadow or heavy stubble. Don’t move your head much, and use your upper lip more. Control his upper lip if he has a fully grown mustache and beard.

Below we’ll get into the details of these techniques and more variables to watch out for.

Choosing Lip Technique Based On His Facial Hair Growth

Different levels of his facial hair growth would require you to adapt your lip movement strategy accordingly. Do not make the mistake of assuming that one technique fits all.

1. When The Guy Is Clean Shaven

Kissing a clean-shaven guy isn’t much of a problem since there is no threat of any itch or scratch.

You can choose whichever lip you find the most comfortable and let the kissing motion develop instinctively from there.

Move your bottom lip outward while moving your neck in a down-to-up motion. Your upper lip would follow the motion involuntarily.

Go in for full passionate kisses if you want, as there is minimal risk of getting hurt.

When The Guy Is Clean Shaven

2. On Appearance Of The 5 o’clock Shadow

The 5 o’clock shadow refers to the prickly hair that comes up in the evening if the guy shaves in the morning. For some guys, this thorn-like hair can appear the next day.

Notice the phrase thorn-like because his facial skin would feel very rough on touch. The hair themselves truly feel like thorns, and there’s no exaggeration.

TABLE: Women On Comfort Level While Kissing Guys With Different Facial Hair Styles [On A Scale Of 1-10]

Facial Hair StyleComfort Level While Kissing
No hair or clean shaven10
The 5 o’clock shadow1
Light mustache only8
Heavy mustache only6
Light stubble all over7
Heavy stubble all over4
Fully grown mustache only5
Fully grown beard only7
Long mustache and beard6
Source: Based on a survey by consisting of 306 women.
Note: Average figure calculated after data collection and rounded off for representation.

When you’re going in for the kiss, make sure you aim for his bottom lip by placing your upper lip between his lips. This ensures as little skin contact as possible.

Next, make your upper lip do more work and move your neck as little as possible.

If at all it needs to move, pull your head outwards, and your lips will follow this motion naturally. Go in again and place your upper lift softly as instructed above.

Do not move your head upward or downward, especially against the grain, as his beard can scratch your skin, and there will be a burning sensation along with some pain.

3. If He Has A Light Stubble

The hair wouldn’t feel much prickly if the stubble is light and reflects only a few days of growth.

In fact, they are a bit soft since they haven’t yet been exposed to harsh environmental conditions like sunlight, wind, pollution, and dust.

You can kiss on both the upper and the lower lip of the guy based on your preference. The lip movement is much the same as when you would kiss a clean-shaven guy.

You might feel some tickling sensation, but nothing that would be a dealbreaker.

However, the caveat is that pressing too hard for passionate kisses will make your skin rub against his beard stronger than usual.

In the heat of the moment, you might not notice the slight discomfort, but the friction is potent enough to turn your skin red due to bruising.

4. In Case Of Heavy Stubble

The heavy stubble phase is the one when a lot of beard hair begins sticking out. They are not that pleasant to look at and bother everyone around them.

Kissing a man sporting heavy stubble can be a bit of an ordeal. There are high chances of a beard burn!

Here too, you’d want to place your upper lip between his lips and focus more on his bottom lip. Then too, a few stray hairs from his upper lip might bother you.

Maintain the same lip movement as we talked about in the 5 o’clock shadow case. Full-on passionate kisses are a strict no-no.

5. Kissing A Man With Long Moustache And Beard

A fully grown, thick hair farm is a treat to the eyes if the man has a well-defined grooming routine. However, kissing a man sporting a heavy or long beard is a different story.

There is no way around the fact that some of his hair will come into your mouth when you’re least expecting them while enjoying the kiss.

But the monstrosity of the feeling can be minimized by allowing it to happen less frequently.

While going in for the kiss, hold his face as you would and use your thumbs to lift his mustache a bit. Plant your bottom lip below his upper lip.

This way, you’ll feel his mustache on his upper lip. Then, isn’t doing so a bad idea? Wouldn’t you want to go for his lower lip instead? No!

We have much less movement control over our upper lip as compared to the bottom one.

Thus, if you aim for his upper lip, you’ll also restrict any remaining movement by controlling it to make sure his mustache doesn’t rub against your upper lip.

The only friction you might feel is on your chin area due to his beard. Move both your bottom lip and your neck in a down-to-up motion simultaneously.

Now imagine kissing his bottom lip instead, where his upper lip will be much more free to move.

Coarse hair from his mustache have a high probability of wreaking havoc in the area above your upper lip if he kisses you hard.

Kissing A Man With Long Moustache And Beard

Other Factors To Decide Lip Movement

His facial hair growth is not the only thing you might want to consider when going in for the kiss and quickly deciding how to move your lips.

Understand the factors below and how you can combine them into your kissing technique to land in the perfect one.

1. Consider His Lip Thickness

If he has thin lips, your lip movement needs to be a bit strong to get hold of his lips.

But at the same time, you need to be careful not to dig into his mouth with a jerky movement.

Thin lips are tricky in that sense as you can quickly find your lips brushing against his gums and teeth if you go in deep.

However, if he has medium-sized or thick lips, the kisses generally feel better, softer, more sensual, and you’re in for a treat.

You can be a bit more passionate and aggressive with your kiss without damaging your lips.

You can even comfortably place your lips between his luscious ones and let them envelop you.

2. Giving The Kiss A False Start

Protrude your lips a bit while going in for the kiss but stop when his lips are about to touch yours. Pull back a bit and look into his eyes.

This sort of teasing can make him crave and want to kiss you even more passionately. You can then move in again to kiss him or let him reach out to your lips.

The false start makes the guy move in, leave him hanging without a kiss, and tease him a bit, all within the duration of a few seconds.

It makes the kiss feel so much better when it finally happens.

3. Using A Lip Glide In The Beginning

The moment you’re about to kiss him, gently touch his lips and glide your lips across a couple of times before actually going for the full-on kiss.

The rub should be as gentle as possible and not how kids wipe their mouth with a tissue. You are not looking to scratch an itch with his lips.

You can even combine this technique with the ‘False Start’ explained in the previous point to amplify the pleasure of the kiss.

So, the flow would be False Start → Lip Glide → Kiss.

4. Opening The Mouth As Required

If you have kissed the guy a few times and both of you are quite comfortable, it’s time to take things a bit further. It’s time for the French kiss!

But a French kiss does not mean snogging the soul out of him.

At least initially, your tongue should just touch his tongue and that too not more than a couple of times during the kiss.

Thus, you need to have strict control over how much you’re opening your lips.

This will allow you to gauge whether or not he is comfortable with the idea of you trying to ‘explore’ his mouth with your tongue.

You can increase the parting between your lips gradually and be a bit more daring once French kisses become a norm between the two of you.

Opening The Mouth As Required


While kissing him, you might tend to get too lost in it, but incorrect lip movement can snap you back to reality.

It may be because of a beard burn, hurting your lips by rubbing against the sharp edges of his teeth, or simply due to him pulling back because your tongue went too deep into his mouth.

Keep in mind what you’ve learned and make your next kiss better through better lip control. It’s something that will take practice, but the efforts are rewarding.

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