Never Chase A Man After A Breakup | Unwanted Consequences

Breakups are pretty nasty, and the urge to chase after your man to give your relationship another chance is unavoidable. But before you take such a step, it’s important to know what you’re putting at stake here.

Never chase a man after a breakup because it will boost his ego and push him further away from you. You will look needy and desperate. Chasing him will lower your value in his eyes, and you will lose self-respect. Even if you get back together, it won’t be like before until he realizes your worth.

You must carefully evaluate every aspect of your relationship with him and decide what’s best for you. This article will discuss why it isn’t worth chasing him and the power of silence.

Why You Should Never Chase A Man After Being Dumped?

You should never chase a man after being dumped because he is not into you anymore. He has lost interest in you and is not attracted to you now. You will become vulnerable in front of him and give him an edge over you. Also, you may act irrationally now and will regret your actions later.

Here are some more thoughts on why it is not worth chasing a man after the breakup.

1. You Look Desperate

You want to chase after him because you feel what you had together was amazing, but he will feel differently.

Your ex will see you as a loser who can’t accept and deal with a breakup maturely. He will perceive you as emotionally weak and desperate for love.

No person wants to be with someone needy and miserable. Instead, people want someone passionate, motivating, and full of life.

You should not text him or call him after the breakup. Instead, wait for him to call you or just focus on moving on without him and regain your emotional stability.

You Look Desperate

2. Do You Want To Push Him Further Away?

He will take you for granted when you give him more attention than he deserves.

He will start flying high, and no matter how much effort you put into getting him back in your life, he will run further away from you.

Also, the constant pressure may annoy him and make him take extreme measures like blocking you or ghosting you.

You don’t want it at any cost if you ever want to get back together with him. Don’t force him back. He will come to you if you mean to him that much, and he genuinely likes you.

3. Losing Value In His Eyes

When you start chasing after a guy who dumped you, you lose value in his eyes. He stops realizing your worth.

For him, you become just an option, who he can get any time he wants. He will treat you like an ordinary person.

You’ll be left more hurt by the feelings of insecurity and discard. Keep your integrity and self-respect intact by not begging and chasing after him.

4. Becoming Vulnerable

After being dumped, a person gets emotionally broken.

You become vulnerable, and chasing after him in such a situation can lead to him taking advantage of your weakness.

He will manipulate you, and you will do stupid things that you would never do when in your complete senses.

And even if you get back together, you will always be vulnerable because you behaved differently when you were supposed to stand up for yourself and fight for your self-esteem.

He gets the authority to rule over you because he knows that he is your weakness.

5. Not Letting Him Realize His Loss

When you are endlessly running after a guy who dumped you, you are not giving him a chance to realize his mistakes.

If you don’t give him the space to think about you and the relationship you two shared, how will he know what he is losing?

Give him the time and space to miss you and know your worth. He should be able to feel the void and understand how you completed him.

6. It Boosts His Ego

While you are losing your self-worth by going after him, you surely are giving his self-confidence a boost.

You are putting him on a pedestal, which has its consequences. He will start to think highly of himself and develop a toxic attitude towards you.

He will start believing that if he can make you chase after him, he is capable of impressing someone better than you.

It’s better to maintain distance and suffer in silence than to go crazy after him and stroke his ego.

7. He Loses Interest

Guys like the thrill of chasing and taking up challenges. When chasing after him, you take that opportunity away from him.

He will lose interest in you because you are no longer a challenge to him.

You think that showing your love will get him back, but seeing you in such a terrible condition will give him more reasons to stay away from you.

You need to pique his interest in showing emotional stability and confidence even after a breakup.

He Loses Interest

8. You Regret It Later

We know that breakups are heartbreaking, and you want to do everything in your capacity to keep the relationship alive.

You get ready to put yourself down to make him change his mind. You will take stupid steps because you are not in a condition to think rationally.

Furthermore, you just want him back, no matter the cost. But when you get over all this, you will regret your actions and will wish you had behaved more wisely.

You will agree to all his demands.

This will only cause problems in the future as you’ll start feeling like a slave and would always be afraid of saying no to him, fearing getting dumped again.

9. Self-Doubts Creep In

You will continuously cry and beg for his attention, and he will constantly neglect your advances. This will make you doubt your worth.

You will start wondering if you only deserve to be treated like this. Will you ever be able to get a decent guy who’ll treat you nicely?

What if this is the end, and no one would ever love you as much as he did? All these thoughts make you chase after him even more.

You will stop believing in yourself and lose your self-confidence and sense of worth for a relationship that might not even work.

10. It’s Emotionally Exhausting

You will get so busy thinking about this guy and running after him that you will not think for once that you are also broken and hurt.

You’ll not realize that you need some time to grieve and recover physically and emotionally.

You will be a mess and still won’t give up on him, who doesn’t even care that much for you. Instead of planning and plotting your next move to catch him, you must take a step back.

Give it some time and think of how you feel about this breakup, and do you really need to chase after him? Is it actually worth giving a shot?

Deal with your emotions first, and then decide what you should do.

11. It Won’t Be The Same As Before 

You may, after all, convince him to get back together with you, but what you don’t know is it’s not going to be the same as before.

The relationship and the environment will become bitter and unhappy. He won’t feel the same way for you as earlier, and seeing that will hurt you.

He now knows how much you want him to be in your life, which gives him the upper hand in your relationship.

Also, if he dumped you once, he will not hesitate to do it again. You must ask yourself what else you are willing to lose and how long do you plan to run after him?

12. He Dumped You For A Reason

He dumped you, probably because he lost interest in you and the attraction faded away.

Probably, this happened because you guys spent a lot of time together, and he got bored with you over time.

You need to understand that he needs to feel attracted to you again, which is not going to happen if you stop taking care of yourself and crazily beg him to get back together.

You must leave him be and pay attention to yourself. Let him miss your presence, and when he comes to you, he should see a better version of you.

What Silence Does To A Man After A Breakup?

Silence makes a man anxious and impatient. His thoughts start to run wild, and he loses self-control. Furthermore, it gives him time to rethink his actions and realize his mistakes as he starts missing you. Your silence will kill him from within. He will become curious and try to get in touch.

Here are some more powerful and favorable effects your silence would bring:

1. Makes Him Miss Your Presence

He will start missing you when you are not hogging his space and leaving him alone after a breakup.

He will think of the time you guys spent together and your shared happy moments.

He will see how your presence brightens his world and what joy you bring to his life.

He will miss talking to you and sharing his day-to-day life, happiness, and worries with you. Also, he will crave hearing your voice when you will go completely silent on him.

2. He Will Worry about You

When you are with someone, you develop a habit of caring for them and staying worried about their well-being.

He will start thinking about you when you give him the silent treatment. That caring part of him will come into play out of habit.

He will start wondering about how you are dealing with the breakup. How hurt you must be after he dumped you?

Are you eating properly or punishing yourself by starving? All these thoughts will creep into his head and make him more and more curious.

He Will Worry about You

3. Makes Him Anxious

He would have anticipated that you’ll chase him, but what would grab his attention is if you don’t.

He will wonder why you haven’t called or tried to meet him. Don’t you miss him, or are you happy without him? Have you started seeing somebody else?

What if he loses you forever? All these thoughts would make him anxious. So he will keep waiting for you to reach out to him and talk him out of this.

4. He Will Get Curious

After your silent treatment, he will grow extremely curious to get information about you. He will probably start stalking you to get insights.

He may subtly reach out to your friends and family, asking about what’s happening in your life.

But he won’t directly talk to you as it will make him look like a loser. Knowing that you are doing fine after being dumped will startle him.

He will feel as if he meant nothing to you, which will be a huge blow to his ego. He probably will start chasing you to know why the separation didn’t affect you.

5. May Doubt His Decision

Silence makes a man reflect on his actions. He will start to think if he made the right choice by breaking up with you or if it was the stupidest thing he ever did.

He will wonder where things went wrong and what if he overreacted to everything.

He will finally be able to look at both sides of the coin and conclude where he lacked as a partner and disappointed you.

If you were always good to him and loved him with all your heart, he would regret dumping you.

6. Won’t Have The Upper Hand

Till now, he thought he was the one who held the whip, but your silence will shake his beliefs.

He will lose the power or authority he thought he had over you despite you being the one who was dumped. Not seeing any effect of his actions on you will bother him.

He will become restless and will try to find out how deeply or lightly you are affected by this breakup.

7. Realize Your Worth

Not being able to get in touch with you will make him feel helpless.

He will notice all the good things about you and what made you so special in his life. In turn, your absence would make him sad.

He will learn to value you and appreciate all your efforts as a partner. Your ex will now realize your true worth and fear losing you to someone else.

If he feels that whatever happened was unfair and you guys were great together, he will definitely come and talk to you.

8. He Will Think You Got Over Him

The no-contact rule will make his mind run wild. He will think you are not chasing him because you quickly got over him, and he didn’t mean much to you anyway.

He will feel that you were never emotionally attached to him, which will hurt him. It will make him doubt his worth and think if he made a mistake by leaving you.

9. He Will Want To Connect With You

All these thoughts and doubts will keep haunting him. He will be left confused. Your ex will want you to answer all his questions and put him out of his misery.

He will start stalking you on social media and constantly text or call you.

Your ex will grow impatient. He will ask your friends to contact you and ask you to get in touch with him. The tables will turn.

Your ex might even show up uninvited at your doorstep or other places you regularly visit. He will beg for your attention.

He Will Want To Connect With You


Don’t chase after your man blindly when he dumps you. Stop and ask yourself if it’s worth the effort. You may even lose yourself in the process.

It’s important to understand that once a relationship breaks, it will never be the same, no matter what. It will be better to accept reality and move on with life.

He would come back to you if you and the relationship meant something substantial to him. If it didn’t, is it really worth being with him at all?

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