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“Women are impossible to understand”, a thought quite common among men. But the other side of the coin ain’t that different. After all, thinking of something romantic for your boyfriend seems like a daunting task. There are few things that excite men, and beyond the usual list of gifts and sexual plays, it becomes almost impossible to think of anything out-of-the-box.

Some romantic fantasy ideas for your boyfriend are: initiate PDA, talk to him about his interests, compliment him genuinely, plan out dates with him, give him little gifts/surprises, give him a unique nickname, make him the little spoon while cuddling, indulge in his sexual kinks, and many more.

Look no further, as we have listed a plethora of ideas for you to make your boyfriend feel loved and special.

Romantic Fantasy Ideas For Him

1. PDA

PDA (Public Display of Affection) is quite a spicy topic. While many people are opposed to it, thinking even a kiss in public spaces is too much, others seem to embrace it wholeheartedly.

Men, in particular, have been found to be quite fond of PDAs and are often the ones initiating them.

So why not return it back? Start with normal grazes on his thighs with your fingers/hands, and move on to kissing or even smooches if he goes along with it.

If the situation allows for it, initiate a steamy make-out session in the corner of a park/theater and watch your man bewilder at your newfound wildness.

2. Talk To Him About His Favorites

Men usually like to talk at length about their interests and hobbies. Give them a bit of room to be comfortable.

They can go on a long and passionate talk about whatever interests them, and just like any human, feeling heard when you are talking about your passion feels good, especially when that listener is your special someone.

So, talk to him about his favorite sports. Make yourself familiar with his hobbies. Discuss with him the news, be it geopolitics or technology.

Making sustained efforts to understand his interests and taking an interest in his interests will strike a lovely chord with him and make him feel heard and just overall comfortable in your presence.

Talk To Him About His Favorites

3. Compliment Him

Here’s some truth for you first: Men are not used to compliments. In fact, an average man gets much fewer compliments than an average woman, be it regarding his appearance, work, or anything else.

So it’s quite simple here. Compliment him! Praise that new shirt of his. Tell him his new haircut looks dashing. Say that his efforts at work will be worth it.

Compliments will make him feel much more loved and special and will make him appreciate your presence in his life more, as it makes you a person who recognizes his unique traits and acknowledges the specialty of his existence.

Just be careful about one thing – the compliments have to be genuine.

Don’t be fake about your praises. Men can smell false compliments from a mile away, so just be genuine about the things you praise instead of being manipulative about the whole thing.

4. Little Surprises/Gifts

Yeah, grand surprises and big gifts have their appeal. But remember that time he brought your favorite flower when you had a bad day at work?

Or when he bought you tickets for the first day first show of the new movie you wanted to watch for a long time? Or when he cooked your favorite dish to celebrate your promotion at work?

Well, guess what, men too love such kinds of surprises and gifts!

Just like you feel special and over the moon when he does those little things out of love for you, even he will feel all the same if you do that for him.

So, go pick him up from his place of work sometimes. Cook him something his mom used to make for him when he falls sick. Surprise him with a copy of his favorite retro video game.

As the saying goes – It’s the little things that count in the long term.

Little SurprisesGifts

5. Call Him By A Unique Nickname

Babe, bae, baby, love – all these are fine, but there’s nothing that screams intimacy and closeness more than a unique pet name. Give him a nickname that only you call him by.

Try to be unique with it. Play with his name a bit and come up with something that is undoubtedly him. And make sure to use this name publicly, too, and not just when you two are together alone.

It will make him feel just that extra special when he hears this unique name of his out of the mouth of the one he loves, given by that same person.

6. Be The Big Spoon

Ah, cuddles. What a way to show physical intimacy without being overly sexual! And being the little spoon, being covered by the warmth of his body on a chilly winter night?

I am sure you would have quite a few stories to tell about a lot of such nights.

But again, he likes it too! He also wants to feel like a cocoon wrapped by your arms and legs under the blanket on a chilly winter night.

He, too, wants to feel your slow breaths on the back of his neck. He, too, wants to be the little spoon. So, try to be the big spoon occasionally. He will greatly appreciate it.

Be The Big Spoon

7. Play Out His Fantasy

Everyone has fantasies, we are sure you do, and we are also sure that your boyfriend has some spicy ones too. So, communicate with him about this.

Get to know what sexual fantasies he wants to experience, his kinks, and his fetishes. Being open about such topics would greatly benefit your relationship.

It will lead to greater intimacy and trust between you two. After you have gained the forbidden knowledge, try to implement them with him.

It will not only make him feel special but also satisfy his sexual cravings in a way he has only, well, fantasized about.

Just be open and communicate with him at all times so that none of you feel uncomfortable at any point.

8. Plan A Trip To His Dream Destination

Honeymoons are not the only time when couples can go on a long trip to a dream destination.

Such trips can be planned at any point in the relationship, and what better way to make his day (or rather days) than to plan a romantic getaway to a dream location of his.

It can be Japan, South Korea, France, or Switzerland, or even a short trip to his childhood vacation spot.

And yes, it will take time and a sufficient amount of money to plan and execute it all, but well, this is one of the more ultra-ideas we are proposing. So, go all out!

Tip: Try to plan this on a special day/month, like his birthday, your anniversary, or a way to celebrate a big milestone in his career, etc.

Plan A Trip To His Dream Destination

9. Show Him On Your Social Media

Being acknowledged and loved publicly gives a special sense of affection to a person, and showing your relationship and your boyfriend on your social media handles is an efficient and easy way to do so.

You don’t have to go overboard with it, like uploading every single detail of your two’s life together on your stories and posts, especially if either or both of you are social media recluses.

So go at your (and your boyfriend’s) preferred pace and keep it all comfortable for the both of you.

10. Plan Dates

Often, it’s the guy who plans the dates and all the logistics that go behind it, like the venue, timings, etc. And the woman is the one who is courted by her partner.

But turn the tables sometimes, and plan out some extensive dates for you two. It will require efforts from your side and, consequently, will show your efforts to him regarding the relationship.

Plus, it will give him room to relax and just enjoy the date, as the planning and execution are being handled by you. Let’s look at some date ideas that you can plan in detail.

Plan Dates

The Classic Dinner Date

Yeah, a bit old-school, but there’s a reason it is so famous and still one of the most sought-after dates. You can either plan a romantic dinner at a great restaurant or make the food yourself.

Our tip: Involve him in the preparation of the food, and look at how things play out magically from there.

Gaming Date

This is for women who have gamer boyfriends. Often, your boyfriends play their favorite video games alone or with his mates, so how about being his mate for a night?

Bring out one of his preferred games, a lot of snacks and drinks (soft or hard), and a game with your man all night!

Massage Date

Light up some candles (preferably the aromatic ones), play some calm music, and give your man a nice, soothing all-body massage.

Use some traditional oils like grapeseed or almond, and let him relax under your hands.

Just a heads-up, things may go towards the sexual side of things on this date, and we would suggest you, well, go along with it! What better ending to a massage than a happy ending!

Road Trip

Plan out a road trip with him, be it by motorcycle or car. It can be a short one to the nearest lake or a long one spanning the entire country.

List out the places to visit and activities to do in between the trip to make the entire journey more happening.

A road trip is different from a regular one as it involves a lot of coordination between the two of you, and such coordination improves bonding and makes the relationship stronger.

Plus, only a few men would pass on an opportunity to drive their car/ride their motorcycle for long distances with their significant other beside/behind them, so plan it out!

Road Trip

Visit That Quirky Place He Always Wanted To Go To

There must be some places that are quite different that he wants to visit, maybe something related to his hobbies or interests.

These places may not be suited to a traditional date, but if you plan out something in these places, it will be one of the most special dates for him.

Examples of such places can be museums, planetariums, archaeology sites, science-talk events, anime-related events, etc.

Late Night Long Drives

The title itself signifies how romantic it sounds.

Being with your loved one, in the silence of the night, inside a car, on a long drive, with slow-romantic songs playing in the car’s speakers – it’s like straight out of a rom-com movie!

Add rain to the weather, and it will be like those fantasies written in romantic literature. So, take the keys, make him sit in the passenger seat, and drive your car into the dusk till dawn.

11. Initiate Things In The Bedroom

As with the previous point, it’s often the guys who initiate things in the bedroom (or outside the bedroom, only to eventually end up in the bedroom).

And although women are as eager as men to get on with the action, some of the more introverted or rather submissive women stop themselves from being proactive about it.

So, if you are one of those submissive or hushed types, try to initiate some action on your own.

Take some burden off his shoulders (not literally, if you know what we mean), and take his shirt off instead of letting him take yours off. Beyond that, we think you can handle it yourself.

Initiate Things In The Bedroom

12. Make Something With Him

Doing something together can itself be romantic, but doing something together that results in a permanent-materialistic thing will be memorable for both of you.

Be it a painting, a ceramic statue, a clay model, a chair, or other furniture, or just renovating your whole house – things that will remain after the activity is complete will act as memorabilia for your relationship and your bond with him will be deepened each time you two look at it.

It’s one of the prime reasons why a baby acts as a strong sign of the bond between a couple, as it’s something they both created and a live symbol of the love between them.

By the way, we are not telling you to have a baby with him. We used the experience as a metaphor for this point. Although if you two want to be parents, who are we to stop you!


Men are quite mysterious when it comes to what they want. They don’t seem to have many interests, but a bit of searching can reveal a lot about their inner wants and desires.

Hope this article fast-tracked the search process for you and helped you plan out your dates with him!

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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