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You are lucky! Unlike me who couldn’t find any real reviews of Text Chemistry when I needed them, you have this whole article.

A short while ago, my dating life seemed non-existent. It was a terrible phase. The guys that were showing interest weren’t exciting enough and the guy I had a crush on didn’t seem to be into me at all. I took the risk of buying Text Chemistry and haven’t regretted it even once.

I could have let things be and regret it years down the line or take control. I chose the latter. After looking for answers on almost all kinds of dating websites, forums, social media, and whatnot, my days of search bore fruit.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Dating Or Texting Guide

Before you hand over your money, here are a few things you should look out for in a guide like this.

1. Why Do You Need Them?

A guide like Text Chemistry is supposed to help you get out of a dead-end in your love life.

Whether it is attracting the right man or reviving a stale relationship, expert advice always goes a long way and helps us get desired results faster.

2. Are These Guides Right For You?

In a nutshell, yes. Often, these guides are full of golden nuggets of information that we aren’t able to think of otherwise.

However, guides are a step by step course. Those looking to get results from day one should refrain from buying it.

3. What To Look For In A Dating Or Texting Guide?

Not all programs give you a glimpse of the actual content within, but the sales page gives you a rough idea of what to expect.

Any red flags that you see here would undoubtedly be present in the actual product.

a. Easy To Understand

Even the best piece of information is of no use if you cannot comprehend the language used.

A guide should help us understand and apply the instructions easily instead of beating our head over it.

b. Evergreen Content

Either a guide should present evergreen information or stand true for several years, at least.

Also, the information within should be updated from time to time.

c. Practical Application

If the instructions feel like they stand true only for an ideal scenario and useless in the real world, then consider your money wasted.

We need practical and achievable goals.

d. Customer Support

Sometimes you might need help with aspects like downloading the program, quick resolution of technical issues, and claiming a refund.

Text Chemistry Customer Support

e. Price

If the price doesn’t feel justified in comparison to the information promised/provided or burns a hole in your pocket, then probably the content isn’t worth it altogether.  

Text Chemistry By Amy North

Text Chemistry is a complete ‘done for you’ texting guide for women.

The program claims to be full of texts and strategies to capture a man’s attention and have him hooked onto you.

Whether it is a new crush or an existing boyfriend growing cold, the goal is to make him obsessed with you.

The complete program consists of the main ebook, a video series, and three free bonus ebooks.

Based on my experience, Text Chemistry can help if you find men ignoring you, growing cold quickly, want to attract your new crush or an ex-boyfriend back.

However, if you expect Text Chemistry to work from the moment you send the first text, then refrain from buying it.

It is a step by step guide where the next step builds upon the last.

Detailed Analysis Of Text Chemistry

Text Chemistry Books & Videos

1. Our Rating

Text Chemistry Book Rating

Overall Score: 94

2. Pros and Cons

+ No fluff, no-nonsense to the point advice

+ Leaves no room for guesswork

+ Deep insights into male psychology

+ Texts that don’t make you look needy

+ Money-back guarantee that works

– A lot of material to consume

– No paperback, only e-books & videos

– The free Tinder e-book could include more info

3. Videos Complement Main E-book

While going through the main ebook, I found the video lessons to reinforce the main points.

There were certain parts of the guide, which made me question the instruction as it wasn’t what I would normally do.

However, the videos made me understand the Text Chemistry texts even better and make sense out of parts that seemed counterintuitive at first.

Text Chemistry Video Series

4. Focuses On Creating Tension

What I really liked about the whole program was that it doesn’t deviate from the critical end goal.

Creating tension is a time tested method to make a man crazy about a woman, and Text Chemistry revolves around this concept.

Every text helps you escalate the conversation. Thus every action of yours is a step towards this goal of seduction and chemistry.

5. Works On Men Of All Ages

I have used this book’s methods on 7-8 men of different age groups and was surprised to see similar reactions.

Note that I have dated men around five years younger than me to around fifteen years older.

And when I say men, I am talking about males above the age of twenty.

This diverse age range affirmed my trust in the fact that these texts target the general male psyche.

It is not like they only work on men belonging to a particular age group.

6. Attracts Crushes & Brings Ex Back Too

From my experience, I was sure that Text Chemistry works while trying to grab the undivided attention of a completely new man.

But I was apprehensive about it working on an ex-boyfriend. 

As an experiment, I called up a friend and asked her to try the ‘Satellite Text’ on her ex and a few more.

One thing led to another during the next few weeks, and last I heard from her was when she and her ex were going out again.

This also told me that Text Chemistry didn’t just work for me but can also work for other women.

7. Activates The Right Psychological Triggers

Since Amy has a degree in psychology, this explains why the course is full of specifically tailored texts to trigger male psychology.

She calls these texts as attention hooks and is a fruit of years of research on couples and her experience as a dating coach.

Texting is an essential form of communication, especially in the primary stages of dating or relationships and even while re-establishing contact with an ex.

Amy’s whole strategy is to gain the maximum possible benefit during these stages and make it easy to attract your man.

8. Texts Cover A Lot Of Situations

One of the key things that made me a fan of this program is that the texts cater to a variety of situations in which a girl can be.

Whether it is men ignoring your messages, behaving coldly, an ex-boyfriend situation, your current boyfriend losing interest in you, the guy not proposing even after a long time, or making a new guy fall for you, there are texts for every situation!

This helps me in not ending up stranded and helpless. A situation presents itself and boom, I know exactly what part of the guide to refer to.

9. Three Bonus e-Books

Your education about attracting and keeping the man of your dreams doesn’t stop at the main Text Chemistry ebook.

Three absolutely free ebooks come along with the paid program and gel into the whole scheme of things pretty well.

These are:

Text Chemistry Bonus Ebooks

a. Tinder Success Secrets

Teaches you how to set up your profile and picture the right way to avoid mistakes that are costing you any chances of success.

Through this, the book aims at attracting only the right kind of men and avoid potential creeps.

However, I feel there was a scope of a lot more info here.

I have read a lot more strategies about Tinder across many articles on the internet.

But considering the fact that this is a free bonus ebook, I can let it pass I guess.

b. Why Men Leave

Through this book, you will learn the ‘real’ reasons behind why men leave even perfectly good relationships and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

This book is also my favorite one out of the bonus ebooks as it helps keep my man interested in me like the initial days.

c. The Phone Game

And the final bonus ebook indirectly underlines a fundamental principle. Non-verbal communication is more important than the words used.

It teaches you how to use your voice in a way so that a man gets addicted to it and cannot resist talking to you.

10. Awesome Support

To be honest, as a customer, I never had to interact with the support team as everything was flawless technically.

No issues there! However, I had to contact the support team a fair share of times while writing this review regarding a few doubts I had related to the program.

I got a response within 24 hours every time.

And it got me thinking that if the team has a high response rate towards affiliates who may or may not bring them sales, then how quickly they must be solving customer problems, i.e., people who actually buy from them.

11. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Text Chemistry is definitely not a scam, and I can vouch for that. You get a ‘No Questions Asked 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee’ if you do not find the program working for you.

And in case Amy and her team fail to provide a refund, your purchase is backed by ClickBank, which is the world’s most trusted platform for digital product vendors and customers.

They certainly will get you a refund as they have stringent, consumer-friendly policies. That’s double protection for you!

Text Chemistry Money Back Guarantee

12. Value For Money

Given the insane amounts of information Text Chemistry contains along with its bonuses, you can call it anything but not overpriced.

And seeing that the guide has worked for both my friend and me and got us great results, any price seems justified now.

However, the team behind this product seems very honest in this aspect, as the price tag is quite reasonable.

Even if you are someone with not a lot of money to spare, this won’t leave a dent in your bank account.

Text Chemistry Real Reviews By Real Users

I scoured the internet to find whether other women were having the same success with Text Chemistry as I had experienced.

Have a look at these:

Text Chemistry Testimonial 1
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Text Chemistry Testimonial 4

Alternatives To Text Chemistry

In case, texting is not your thing (or you aren’t comfortable with it) but still want to achieve similar results then do have a look at the following alternatives.

You can choose any of the following programs depending on the situation you are in.

1. His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession

His Secret Obsession is a breakthrough program that teaches you how to tap into any man’s emotional and biological drive.

It tries to harness a powerful life-long desire all men share by awakening their secret desires.

Though this is not a program specifically based on texts, the end goal is still the same, i.e., making a man crazy and obsessed about you.

You can call it the big brother of Text Chemistry as the methods used here are not limited to texts only.

This perfectly opens up a lot of opportunities for other forms of communication. If I had to pick one alternative, this would be it!

2. The Ex-Factor Guide

Ex Factor Guide

The biggest drawback I see in Text Chemistry when it comes to trying to get an ex back is that there is no dedicated section for the same.

And even if it did have one, I would rather have a complete guide made for it than just a brief article.

The best part about The Ex Factor Guide is that there is a separate program for getting an ex-boyfriend back and a separate one for getting an ex-girlfriend back.

This means that you can expect gender-specific instructions, which is a huge plus as both men and women deal with a breakup differently.

3. Never Chase Men Again

Never Chase Men Again

This is a dating guide for women available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook format on Amazon.

It teaches you how to attract the guy you want and avoid a dead-end in any relationship.

Further, the book is full of methods focusing on keeping a man interested without playing games or becoming his doormat.

If you have been taken advantage of by an undeserving man in the past, do check this book out.

Amazon provides a free Audible trial, and you can use it to access the book’s audiobook version any time, even if you buy Text Chemistry.

Free stuff doesn’t hurt, right?


A man who is worth going after will always ignore you if you do not push the right buttons in him.

Text Chemistry is an in-depth guide not only to attract and keep great guys but also an excellent way to ramp up your texting game.

The information you will get in this guide will stay with you for years to come.

This means that no more cold shoulder from men and no more unexciting, mundane relationships. Not just now, but for years to come!

Knowing exactly what to do, in my opinion, is always better than going around in circles. Check out Text Chemistry by clicking the link below.

P.S.: I am currently in a relationship with Shashank who makes my heart skip a beat every time I see him! Thank you, Amy, for creating Text Chemistry for women like me. Love, Nicki.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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