What Kissing Does To A Man? | The Surprising Effects

What’s in a kiss? Actually, everything. We know kissing to be this all-encompassing act – it’s both romantic and sensual. The wide variety of kisses that exist can hold unique meanings and leave behind different kinds of feelings in people.

Most men find kissing exciting, arousing, and enchanting. If a man is into you, kissing can also make him feel loved and confident. The act is essential for men to bond and connect emotionally and express their feelings for you non-verbally. Great kisses can uplift a man’s mood any day.

Let us take a look at what a kiss can do to men in general.

Effects Of Kissing On A Man

Kissing in humans is associated with a shot of oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These hormones are responsible for most, if not all, of the effects of kissing that a man goes through.

These feel-good hormones are often associated with the most addictive or joyous activities in our lives.

Thus, the ultimate effect of kissing is that it feels good. But here’s a detailed breakdown of what happens in a man when they kiss:

1. Attraction

Anyone who has kissed before can tell you that kissing is a game-changer in dating. When a man is already attracted to you and kisses you, he experiences his attraction being strengthened.

On the other hand, if a man kisses you for the first time and seems to enjoy it, it can ignite feelings for you that were not there before.

All the other feelings associated with kissing spark their interest, which makes you seem more appealing as a person – one who can make them feel like this over and over again.

Kissing is also an intimate connection. Allowing someone else to come that close to you physically also plays a significant role in attraction – all thanks to biochemicals.

2. Nervousness

Finding someone attractive tends to send jitters down anyone’s body. Especially when kissing someone they like, men can feel tingling sensations across their bodies.

It is usual for a man to feel nervous before or during a kiss in such circumstances. This is why some guys tend to get sweaty palms when they kiss.

They may be constantly thinking about being good enough at it, you liking them back, or what you’re thinking when you’re kissing them.

Such nervousness is often uncommon when you’ve been partners for long enough or kiss frequently, but men can still feel a dash of it when they kiss you that quickly subsides.


3. Bonding

Beyond attraction, kissing’s release of hormones is an integral part of bonding. Romantic kissing on the lips especially creates a sense of easing into the person.

This ease and comfort also comes into play with fondling, kissing on the cheeks or the forehead, and embracing someone.

Kissing allows a man to connect with you. You start becoming their place to find solace or the person with whom they can be authentic.

This after-effect of kissing is applicable at every stage of a relationship, making kissing an essential part of relationships throughout their duration and a healthy sign.

4. Excitement

The jitters of nervousness aren’t all alone – they are also given company with that of excitement. Most men will have an eagerness to kiss you, particularly if they like you.

Whether it is the first time or a hundredth, a man gets excited at the idea of kissing.

This excitement can be in the form of just getting to be close to you, crossing a milestone, or in obvious cases, for arousal.

Either way, it is a feeling that becomes starkly visible on his face and in his actions as he approaches to lean in or when his face lights up at the mention of it.

5. Boost of Happiness

Among the surge of many emotions, the most important is that kissing gives a man a quick boost of happiness.

The feeling of happiness is both addictive and desirable in humans, making kissing a wonderful experience sought by most people.

The shot of serotonin kissing brings to a man is similar to when you crave and have your favorite dish. He suddenly feels not only joy but also a little content at the moment.

Particularly with life’s many ups and downs, this boost of happiness that comes from kissing often restores his energies as he forgets everything else in the meanwhile.

Boost of Happiness

6. Re-Assurance

Contrary to projected stereotypes around men, men do need validation, assurance, and comfort from their partners from time to time.

Some men may need it more than others, based on their individual personalities, but nearly all men would find it in the form of kissing.

In serious relationships or dating advances, kissing is a way of communicating to them that you are theirs.

Continuing to kiss throughout your relationship reassures your man that you are still just as interested and in love with them as you were earlier, if not more.

Thus, kissing to reassure your man and comfort him can also help him tackle his insecurities or when he’s scared of losing you.

7. Igniting Confidence

Kissing someone they like also ignites confidence in a man. While they may be nervous at the first kiss, they tend to feel more and more better as they continue to kiss you.

A man, after a kiss, can feel more confident in his feelings for you, in how you feel about his kisses, or the way he does it. On top of it all, he will feel better about himself, giving him a kick of higher self-esteem.

In short, kissing gives a man a self-esteem boost, and these feel-good signals are an incredible add-on to the dynamic shared in any relationship.

8. Triggering Thoughts

What feels better than to know that the man you like dreams or thinks of you all the time? Guess what – a kiss can do the job.

A great first kiss leaves a man thinking all kinds of thoughts based on your situation with him.

A kiss can trigger erotic or romantic thoughts in any man’s mind. It is also likely that if he really enjoyed the kiss, he might replay that moment in his head over and over again.

But all the fun isn’t limited to the first few kisses. Whether a first kiss or the fiftieth one, a kiss will almost always trigger a thought in a man’s mind.

For healthy relationships, kissing can trigger a quick happy thought about how he admires or loves you. For struggling relationships, a beautiful kiss may rekindle old memories.

Triggering Thoughts

9. Desire to Kiss (More)

When a man enjoys kissing you once, it pushes him to want to kiss you more.

Kissing can be an incredibly addictive act because of its association with dopamine – the hormone responsible for most addictions in humans.

The desire to kiss more and more after one kiss is also supplemented by the desire to feel all the other associated feelings with kissing.

Just like your desire to have that one more bite of dessert or sleep for 5 more minutes – a man is only looking to feel that good again. Hence, even if he’s not “addicted”, he will still want to kiss more.

10. Feel Loved

It is no wonder that marriages are sealed with a kiss. Kissing has been forever used symbolically to express unrequited love or romance.

Kissing is an act that, when thought about, can make people feel giddy and happy – all because of its association with love.

While kisses can also be used only for erotic engagements, most people consider kissing (particularly passionate, intimate kisses) as romantic attention.

And kissing does in actuality spark love because of the release of oxytocin in both men and women.

Every time a man kisses you, especially when he’s into you, he feels loved and connected to you. It brings him closer.

11. Getting Hooked

Since kissing is so addictive, it can not only make him addicted to the act of kissing you but also to you as a person. Good kissing can leave a man completely hooked on you.

This is because he is associating not only all of these feelings with just kissing but also with you.

When a man kisses you, he feels loved “by you”, confident “in you”, and attracted “to you” – you become his center of attention.

While the kick of hormones is the same as kissing in general, it does not always make a kiss so special. Men know when they like someone after they kiss, and once they do, they will get hooked on you.

Getting Hooked

12. Relieving Stress

Putting all the love, romance, and “feeling special” aside, who knew kissing could be such a stress buster too? The feel-good hormones kind of give it away, but kissing can ease plenty of mental strain.

Whether it was a long and tiring work day or a comment that left him upset, kissing his partner can make a man let go of lurking thoughts, at least for the meanwhile, and zone into the moment.

Perhaps, kissing is a night-routine man can adopt for a good night’s sleep.

Why Kissing Is Important To A Man?

The array of associated effects and feelings make kissing essential to a man. Contrary to popular belief, kissing can be a great deal to men, here’s why:

1. To Read Emotions

The body language given off by their current and potential partners can let a man know exactly how they’re feeling.

Kissing in relationships then becomes a mode of communication, and it is often essential for men to read their partner’s emotions.

When a man kisses, he can figure out when something is off, whether the other person is stressed or happy, and how both people feel about each other.

Kissing can give it all away, regardless of your attempts to hide it. Most men do not need to be conscious of this communicative ability or choose to kiss to read emotions intentionally.

For most people, it is mainly subconscious and our innate ability to read these bodily cues. Nonetheless, kissing is still vital to men on a conscious and subconscious level.

To Read Emotions

2. To Test Compatibility

The primary reason why men are eager to kiss on the first few dates, or that humans have a tendency to kiss the person they are looking to mate with, is to test compatibility.

A great date sealed by a bad kiss takes away second chances for most people. It’s not just about how good of a kisser you are.

Apparently, our body has weird ways of sensing fertility and health as well. Physical proximity and saliva have significant roles to play in the background.

Most men, after the first few kisses, will find out whether it’s going to work out or not. Even those in relationships can begin to sense the “loss of compatibility” in later stages during their kisses if it comes.

Thus, in a way, it can also let men test the health of their relationships.

3. To Feel Secure

Based on all the emotions and effects of kissing felt by a man, kissing becomes a way for a man to feel secure in a relationship.

When a man feels love and comfort in a kiss, it helps them know that their relationship is stable and just as good as it was before. Taking cues of their partner’s feelings from kissing assures them time and again.

Kissing regularly allows a man to shut down his insecurities, develop trust, and know that the feelings shared between them and their significant other are still just as real.

Similarly, kissing a new date for the first time can also help drop the nervousness and get more comfortable around them.

To Feel Secure

4. To “Mark Their Territory”

We’ve all biologically known men to be of a territorial nature. While it may be easy to explain in terms of reproductive science, humans are more complicated than that.

Therefore, this does not imply that men see their partners as objects to be possessed. However, a man loves to claim a person as theirs and show their partner off.

Kissing, especially in public, is a way a man lets the world know that this person is theirs and makes him feel confident in the relationship. For some people, it can mark exclusivity.

Similarly, in private, men also like to remind you of their attachment or association with you through kissing.

It’s simply a way to reaffirm for themselves and to communicate to you their devotion towards you as a partner.

5. To Build The Heat

Putting emotions aside, it is no surprise that kissing is an arousing activity and a means to prepare to hop into bed with your partner. Most people would find it incredibly weird to jump right into the act.

As a result, kissing is essential to a man if he wants to turn you on and get things going.

Exploring different kinds of kissing, surprising you with a kiss, or lovingly caressing you when you kiss – all of it helps build the heat at the moment and, in the long run, to do the deed.


Whatever gender or identity you may belong to, kissing often has similar consequences for people. However, humans aren’t as easy to predict as listing down a couple of hormones.

The experience and significance of kissing can differ for every man based on their past experiences, cultural influence, or upbringing.

The best way to figure out what kissing does to a specific man is to either observe or directly ask them out. But this unique quality of humans makes kissing all the more enticing.

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