What Kissing Does To A Woman? | The Magic of a Kiss

Ah, a kiss. What a pleasant experience! Be it the first one that one remembers for the rest of their life or the regular morning kisses that couples exchange like a routine – kisses are arguably the best sign and the undisputed king of physical affection. Especially when it comes to women, kisses are one of the crucial aspects of physical intimacy, for some, even more incredible than sex. Why is that, and what does kissing actually do to a woman?

Kissing a woman makes her feel sexually aroused, increases her heart rate, makes her flush, releases oxytocin and other feel-good hormones, and relieves her stress. It makes the girl feel euphoric, emotionally connected and desired in the relationship.

Let’s look at the effects in detail.

Effects Of Kissing On A Woman

1. Increase In Sexual Arousal

Starting with the obvious, kissing a woman arouses a woman sexually and makes their sexual desire more pronounced. A kiss is often the igniter of a sexual rendezvous and constitutes the core part of foreplay.

Kissing is necessary for any sexual encounter, be it a standard peck on the lips, a steamy makeout session, or well, the home-run – sex.

There’s a reason any physical relationship starts with a kiss, and that being its status as the one that starts the intimacy in a relationship since time immemorial, which in turn is because of its almost magical effect on women (and men too).

I’ve covered another interesting aspect of a kiss in my article on why do we kiss on the lips?

2. Increased Heart Rate And Blood Flow

The act of kissing is inherently intimate. It makes the woman’s heart race, making the heart beat faster due to the mind’s response to the physical act.

This, in turn, increases the blood flow throughout the body, which further causes a rush of adrenaline and produces feelings of excitement and heightened sensations in women.

The increased blood flow also supplies more oxygen to the brain, contributing to the already heightened senses of the woman.

This is a physical-psychological intertwined effect and forms a cycle that keeps the woman elevated both in mind as well as the body.

Increased Heart Rate And Blood Flow

3. Increased Production Of Saliva

Kissing stimulates the salivary glands, which increases the production of saliva. This is a natural response from the woman’s body, and there are multiple reasons for this.

First, it makes the kissing smoother and overall more pleasurable for both the girl as well as the guy.

Second, it enables the exchange of hormones and bacteria through the kissing process between the couple, which is believed to contribute to a deeper sense of intimacy, connection, and bonding.

4. Flushing

The physical experience of kissing can make the blood vessels under the skin (particularly the facial skin) dilate, which causes the woman’s face to redden, which is called flushing.

This is often interpreted in popular culture as the girl “blushing” and, in animated shows, is shown quite prominently as the after-effect of a kiss.

Feelings of shyness and excitement are also interpreted from this. However, it is a purely physical response, and the emotions can be varied.

5. Heightened Sensations

Building on to the previous effect, kissing lifts the woman’s physical senses to a heightened state.

Touch, Taste, and Smell become ultra-sensitive, and women have reported feeling an out-of-body experience while being in a spicy makeout session.

This is a purely physical response that the body employs to make the (sexual) experience overall pleasurable for the woman.

Heightened senses make the woman sensitive to each and every moment, and even a touch of the session will make them feel elated and aroused.

Heightened Sensations

6. Release Of Endorphins And Oxytocin

The title is self-explanatory – kissing makes the brain release these hormones in the woman’s body. But what are these hormones?

Endorphins are natural painkillers that can produce feelings of happiness and well-being. Painkillers generally produce these effects, with endorphins being the body’s own, self-produced ones.

Oxytocin, on the other hand, is famously known as the love hormone and is found to increase feelings of trust and bonding between partners.

The release of all these hormones makes the overall experience quite therapeutic for the woman.

7. Relaxation And Stress Relief

Kissing has proven to loosen up the muscles all over the body of the woman due to the release of endorphins, making her feel more relaxed than before.

It also unties the mental knots, which helps in stress relief. Both these effects combined make kissing a very relaxing and unwinding experience for the woman.

Now if the kiss leads to other more vigorous activities, that is an added bonus as the entire sexual session can overall be a very relaxing one too.

Though quite obviously, the relaxation comes after the session, it comes nonetheless (pun not intended).

8. Reduced Levels Of Cortisol

Building on the previous effect, kissing has been proven to lower cortisol levels in women. Cortisol is the primary stress hormone, and high levels of this can damage the human body and mind.

Kissing reduces the cortisol levels in the body, thus, making the woman more relaxed, stress-free, and calm.

Reduced cortisol levels have also been linked with an increase in life expectancy, so kissing your girl can actually make her live longer and happier (and hopefully, with you too).

Reduced Levels Of Cortisol

9. Changes In Breathing Pattern

Particularly observed in an intense and long kissing/makeout session, kissing can cause almost instant changes in the breathing patterns of women and men alike, leading to a more elevated physical experience.

Often, the breathing becomes shallow and rapid, causing the body to become excited and start the sexual arousal process.

10. Perspiration

Building on the intense example, a passionate kissing session can make the girl sweat, and it is the magic of the human evolutionary process that even this adds on to the overall physical experience.

Perspiration can enhance the taste and sensation of the activity and is a prime indicator of the increasing intensity and vigor of the experience.

So if the girl is perspiring, it is often a sign that things are going good, and a “happy ending” is in sight.

11. Nipple Stimulation

Leading on from the previous point, a longer kissing session can stimulate the woman’s nipples.

This is the body’s response to increased sexual feelings, as it starts triggering the primary and secondary sexual organs to stimulate the body for, well, sex.

If things are moving forward, the girl’s nipples will become more sensitive, adding to the pleasure of the overall sexual experience.

Nipple Stimulation

12. Triggering Memories And Past Experiences

Intimate experiences carve out unerasable memories in our minds. Especially for women, intimacy of any level is a life-long memory.

The first kiss is always remembered; it doesn’t matter if the other person is present there in the woman’s life anymore or not.

Any kisses in the future can, thus, act as a trigger for memories and past experiences of intimacy in the women. Now, the experiences do not always have to be positive.

Nonetheless, such flashbacks have been reported to be had by a lot of women when they kiss; in fact, such sudden blasts of the past can be pretty surprising for the women and can even change the woman’s mood regardless of the nature of the memories.

But that’s for the physical effects of kissing. What about the emotional ones? How does a girl actually feel and experience on the inside during and after a passionate kiss?

How Does A Girl Feel After Kissing?

1. Euphoria

A kiss is an intense and exhilarating experience. Combining this with the release of endorphins, oxytocin, and adrenaline causes the girl to feel euphoric and light-hearted.

This makes her feel a rush of happiness and well-being and makes the general experience quite enjoyable.

Euphoria is a feeling seldom experienced in everyday life, and kissing is one of those rare activities that provide an instant hit of it to the girl.

2. Intimate

Kissing is inherently intimate and is often the intimate activity between a couple. Kissing acts as an ice-breaker for intimacy levels and helps the relationship move forward.

It makes the woman feel more intimate and close to her partner.

Also, it establishes a sense of safety between the two. Intimacy of any nature increases emotional bonding, and kissing can be considered the flag-bearer for it.


3. Emotional Connection

The intimate and closed nature of kissing enables it to be a great booster of emotional connection between a couple.

It makes the girl more invested in the relationship, as it’s the emotions that make (or break) a relationship. There are various ways in which this happens, some of which are listed below.

Increased Trust

The release of oxytocin makes the emotional bonding stronger and increases the girl’s trust in her partner as well as the relationship.

Trust is an integral part of a relationship, and being able to trust your partner, especially for women, is one of the crucial things that makes the relationship move forward.

And trusting someone during your most intimate and vulnerable moments is the ultimate test of the entire trust saga. Thus, kissing serves as a big proponent for this.

Enhanced Love And Affection

Quite obvious, right? Kissing increases the love and affection that the woman feels for their partner.

Kissing, after all, is a physical representation of both feelings, and it’s no surprise that the more you kiss, the better the love is expressed.

Enhanced Love And Affection

Improved Communication

Kissing can act as a form of non-verbal communication.

Be it a kiss while leaving for work, a goodnight kiss or one that goes on till further sexual shenanigans commence – in all such scenarios kissing is serving as a form of communication without uttering a word.

This further helps in building emotional rapport between the woman and her partner and improves the overall communication in the relationship.

After all, the most significant indicator of a healthy, communicative relationship is the non-verbal cues being understood by both parties.

4. Excitement

Kissing makes the girl excited and makes her feel anticipation for possible future and similar experiences with the same person.

This is fueled by the physical stimulation and sensations that come hand in hand with kissing and leads to her feeling satisfied.

5. Desired

When the kiss is initiated by the girl, and it is reciprocated well by her partner, then it can make her feel desired and wanted and make the bond between them stronger.

Any kind of love and affection, when reciprocated, gives one a sense of fulfillment, as they feel that their efforts are not going into a void but rather having positive effects on their overall experience.

Thus, when positively reciprocated, a kiss makes her feel loved and secure in the relationship.


6. Confused

Primarily happening in early-stage relationships or when the girl is not fully committed, a kiss that is unexpected or not in line with the girl’s inherent emotions can make her feel confused, unsure, or in the worst scenarios, even unsafe in the situation.

This can lead to her feeling uncertain about the future prospects of the relationship, and the lack of clarity in her mind can be broadened.

7. Anxious

Building on the previous situation, when the kiss was uncomfortable or unwanted, the girl can feel anxious, stressed, or even violated after the incident.

This will, obviously, negatively impact her views and feelings towards the kisser and the overall situation.

Such situations mainly happen during the first few dates when the kisser tries to go for a kiss pretty early in the relationship (if we can even call it that) and often leaves a bad taste in the girl’s mouth, both literally and metaphorically.

8. Reflective

During the early stages of the relationship, mainly after the first kiss in the relationship, the girl may reflect on the situation as well as her feelings regarding the relationship.

This can help her understand her own emotions better and help her decide the course she wants to take for the relationship in the future.

A proper introspection is what follows after, making the girl become sure about what she wants precisely in/from the relationship and, in turn, the kisser.


9. Nostalgic

Happens when the kiss triggers a past memory; the woman may start feeling nostalgic of previous experience.

Kisses are intimate acts that can trigger deeply buried memories as flashbacks for women, and this can serve as a great way for her to take a trip down memory lane and reminisce about her past.

Contrary, if the memories that are being triggered are negative ones, maybe of abuse or something similar, then it can make her sad or even depressed.

The thing to note here is that it’s not the fault of the kisser here; in fact, it’s no one’s fault. No one wants to experience bad memories again, after all.

The thing to do here is to help her forget the bad past and make her present bright enough to drown out the past’s darkness.


Kissing is one the most intimate activities that can be done between two humans, and for a girl, it can have a lot of positive effects both in mind as well the body.

We hope the article helped you understand the psyche of women when it comes to kissing!

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