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Say you’ve been texting someone for a while. You’ve gotten to know them deeply and wonder if you’ve started liking them. You ask yourself if it is even remotely possible to fall for someone over texts. Let me tell you, it is.

It is possible to develop feelings for someone via texting. This is because texting them every day has led to the evolution of emotional intimacy between the two of you. You have developed a bond with them, and being vulnerable doesn’t seem daunting anymore.

There are always circumstances and situations under which you begin to develop feelings for someone. Read on to find out if you’ve been in such a situation before.

Situations When It’s POSSIBLE To Develop Feelings Through Texting

1. They reach out to you at significant timings

According to multiple body language experts and relationship therapists, timing is one of the most critical factors in assessing someone’s true feelings toward you.

How one spends the first hour of the day and the last hour of the night holds utmost truth; therefore, if you were in the mind of someone as soon as they wake up or go to sleep, it says a lot.

It’s not just about the ‘good night’ and ‘good morning’ messages but more about the timing of it all.

If someone texts you at odd hours after making time from their busy schedule, it speaks volumes about their true feelings and real intentions towards you.

They reach out to you at significant timings

2. They don’t leave you hanging

If you’ve been responded to almost immediately, chances are, your person is very much into you. If someone truly likes you, they will always prioritize you and talk to you as much as possible.

However, usual delays in text backs are possible due to work or any other task keeping them occupied for the time being.

According to relationship therapists, if someone is into you, they will make sure to text you back in the first hour of the text receipt to keep the spark alive, even if they are an inconsistent texter and don’t always have their phones on them.

Consideration over texts creates a space where you and your person can fall for each other because you always make sure to be there for them.

3. They tell you close to everything

Your significant other or potential partner tells you everything about their day. They text you about what went down in the office and their plans for the evening.

When they tell you about everything, they want to keep you in the loop and let you know about their life because they prioritize you and are grateful for your presence in their lives.

This becomes an obvious sign that they are into you and creates the perfect opportunity for the both of you to develop serious feelings for each other.

It is considered a sign of deep intimacy and trust if your partner or potential partner shares their day-to-day whereabouts.

4. They pay attention to your life

When talking to someone over texts, if they bring up a fact about yourself you mentioned in the chats a while back or posted something on your social media, they are clearly paying attention to what is going on in your life and are actively listening to what you have to say.

Bringing up these little conversations over texts helps them get to know you better and it can keep an online conversation alive.

5. They ask you a lot of questions

In conjunction with the fact that they pay attention to your life, you may also have noticed that the object of your interest asks you many questions about anything ranging from your day to your goals in life.

This is an obvious indication that they are interested in you and want to know you on a deeper, more intimate level.

When you have someone who wants to know your goals and ambitions in life and also try to support you through it, there is a high possibility of developing romantic feelings for them; therefore, if you and your love interest talk about these things over texts, it creates an ambiance where both of you can potentially fall for each other.

6. Engaging conversations over texts

Efforts in trying to keep the conversation interesting also gives an insight into the person of your interest as they are trying to get to know you better and are also trying to let you know, albeit subtly, that they are into you and would like to explore a romantic relationship with you.

This holds true even if the person isn’t a huge fan of texting, as they will try to make sure to speak with you because of your importance in their lives.

Engaging conversations over texts

7. You let each other know when you can’t text

Conversations about when you will be available to talk to each other over texts are essential if you’re in a textual relationship.

This is because of the fact that textual relationships come with their own insecurities, as you and they are not with each other in person. Therefore, communicating is very important.

Letting your person know when you’ll be busy adds a sense of security to the relationship. It helps create an atmosphere of understanding between you and your partner.

8. Texts only the both of you understand

Only some conversations are unique.

Therefore, if you find yourself in a conversation where you and your person have specific inside jokes, nicknames, or lingo that you use only for each other, it adds much meaning to your relationship.

Not only does this make you feel exceptional, but it also lays a foundation for your potential feelings. Such texts usually indicate a certain level of emotional intimacy and comfort that both of you share.

These kinds of texts also indicate a certain level of feelings you share for each other, which creates the perfect opportunity for you to explore the relationship better. .

9. Complimenting works wonders

Compliments are a great way to initiate feelings between you and your partner. Of course, sometimes compliments come from a place of physical attraction only.

Still, if someone is genuinely into you, they will try and compliment you on the most subtle things that even you might not be aware of.

Be it an old photo or a unique habit, if the person is truly into you, they will compliment you on things they’ve observed about you.

This shows how truly considerate they are for you and how much they like you. These compliments are way beyond how you look and about things even you are not consciously aware of.

10. Expressing emotions healthily

Speaking with someone over text makes you feel vulnerable as you don’t have to worry about how they would feel if they saw you in the state.

Vulnerability also stems from comfort and intimacy; therefore, if you and your partner can feel vulnerable, that is a sure sign that you have developed feelings for each other and can communicate well.

Expressing emotions also applies to dealing with arguments. The kind of time you get to process your emotions when you’re texting someone doesn’t apply to when you’re face-to-face.

Therefore, you get the upper hand to process your emotions and help sort out the matter quickly.

These things teach you how to handle conflicts better and also give you a deeper insight into your person’s personality.

Now that you know about the situations in which you can develop feelings for someone, it is also vital to know when it is impossible to develop feelings when texting to help you save time and grief.

Situations When It’s IMPOSSIBLE To Develop Feelings Through Texting

1. Your energies don’t match

Energies flow through your body when you’re excited to talk to someone. If they don’t reciprocate the same energy, it’s a dead giveaway that they’re not interested in you.

Lack of energy makes it impossible to develop feelings, especially when you’re separated by a digital screen.

According to multiple relationship therapists and psychologists, when trying to make someone feel comfortable, we tend to “mirror” them in the sense that we tend to put in the same kind of effort they are putting into the conversation.

If you like someone and they don’t mirror you, it indicates that they’re not interested.

Your energies don't match

2. They don’t try to know you better

Questions are a sure-shot way to get to know someone better. Suppose this key element needs to be added to the conversation.

In that case, it is pretty evident that there is no scope for any romantic feelings in the relationship. This is because a critical aspect of mirroring involves being vocal in your interest in the person.

If they are interested in you, they will want to know you better. Therefore, you need to assess if they are asking you any questions about your interests or not.

This will let you know if there is a place for romance in your online relationship.

3. Delayed responses

If someone takes a long time to text you back, it’s probably because they’re not interested in talking to you.

When you’re interested in someone, chances are you’d want to talk to them every hour of every day. The opposite, however, is true if they don’t want to explore a relationship with you.

Delayed responses make you question whether they’re interested in you and add a sense of insecurity.

This insecurity, in turn, leads to the eradication of any feelings that could’ve blossomed between the two of you.

4. No response at all

“No response is also a response”. This statement holds true for most textual relationships where either one of the parties is not interested at all.

A lack of responses from your partner usually indicates their disinterest in your life and your affairs.

This disinterest hinders any romantic feelings between you and your partner, and it is time you rethink your relationship.

5. You put in all the effort when texting

Suppose you’re the only one constantly putting in the effort on texts and striking up conversations.

In that case, that’s a strong indication that it is time to get out of this relationship and set your eyes elsewhere.

In conjunction with the fact that your energies do not match, the fact that they don’t put in the effort to even text you to ask about your day says a lot about their interest in you.

This sort of one-sided effort also contributes to the lack or loss of feeling in the relationship.

One-sidedness in a relationship usually leaves little to no scope for moving forward in the relationship together.

6. Shorter or dryer texts from either ends

Longer, more thoughtful paragraphs are indicative of real interest.

Therefore, if you notice that you have been getting very dry and short “hmms” and “idks,” it probably means that there is no spark between the two of you. It’s time for you to move on.

According to multiple experts, a lack of genuine interest means that their regular texts to you are limited to just one to three words.

There is also very little excitement between the two of you; therefore, the chances of romance become incredibly bleak.

Shorter or dryer texts from either ends

7. They aren’t attentive to what you say

Feeling like you’re not being heard is genuinely the worst. If your partner or love interest has a habit of doing that, maybe it’s time you embrace the possibility that they aren’t interested in you.

Genuine interest in someone stems from the fact that you pay attention to everything they say or do. Now, suppose someone isn’t making an effort to remember something you said to them.

In that case, it’s an obvious indicator that they don’t care much about you and aren’t interested in you at all. This leads to a situation where it becomes almost impossible to fall for each other.

8. The conversation doesn’t flow naturally

If there is instant chemistry between you and someone, conversations between the both of you flow naturally.

However, if talking to someone makes you feel like you are doing a humongous task, the chemistry between you and them just isn’t there.

The person you’re interested in might never leave you hanging over texts. Still, something in you doesn’t sit right, and that in itself is the most significant sign that romance is impossible between the both of you.

9. They don’t want to meet you in person

Texting is one thing, and meeting someone without the boundary of a digital screen is entirely different.

When you find someone interesting and “your type” when texting them, chances are you want to meet them outside the DM. However, the opposite is usually true if you don’t find them interesting.

Whenever you try to make plans to meet outside, they either hit you with an “Oh, I am busy that day” or a flat-out “no”.

Face-to-face interactions are possible only if you like or are open to liking someone. Still, if they get squirmy when making plans, they aren’t interested in you and would rather stay home.

10. They tell you straight up

Paying attention to direct and subtle hints is very important to assess whether you’re being neglected emotionally.

The person you’re speaking with would tell you upfront that they aren’t interested in you or do so through their actions. Keeping an eye out for these actions and words is extremely important.

Straight-up rejection causes sorrow and leaves no room for any romance in the future.


Texting is a tricky business, especially texting someone you like. Since texts are often deceptive, you might need help understanding the underlying emotion behind the texts you exchange with your love interest.

So, consider the points mentioned above and look for these signs when texting the one you like. It might just save you a heartache!

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A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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