Dating A Fat Girl | PROs, CONs, and How To Tips

The idea of dating a fat girl has many misconceptions and stigmas attached to it. But after clearing your mind and being sure about what you want, here is what you should expect while dating a big girl.

Date a fat girl only if you like her and not to fulfill a fantasy. Chubby girls are profoundly affectionate. She will make you happy, help you block out any negativity, and you will become emotionally strong and confident. Further, you will enjoy intense intimacy while being with a big girl.

If you are new to this territory of dating a plus-sized girl, don’t worry, we have you covered. Here is everything you need to know before stepping foot into the world of a big, beautiful woman you’ve set your eyes on.

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Benefits Of Dating A Plus Sized Girl

Here are some of the most obvious benefits of dating a plus-sized girl. While the actual experience will heavily depend on the girl you’re with, most of these would hold true.

1. Pretty And Charming

Chubby girls have pretty faces and charming personalities. Their smile is really cute, and it complements their plum cheeks.

Your day will brighten just by looking at her cute face. You can kiss all your worries goodbye while with her because she will know how to make you smile.

She will fill your life with positivity and good vibes, just like her own. Chubby girls learn to stay happy and charming no matter what. Why?

Because they already have experienced so much bullying and negativity by the time they are adults, they essentially close themselves to the mean remarks.

It doesn’t mean those things don’t affect her. But she becomes much better at dealing with that stuff. You will learn the same from her.

Pretty And Charming

2. Not At All Pretentious

Most plus-sized girls are very genuine and down-to-earth.

Girls who care too much about their looks and are always conscious about their physique are seen as self-absorbed by guys.

They tend to be more selfish and do not show much interest in knowing other people. In contrast, chubby girls know how to look beyond physical appearances.

She will be fun and bubbly. She won’t try to be someone she is not or be the center of attention. Instead, she will pay full attention to you and make you feel valued.

3. Doesn’t Care About Good Looks

This point is an extension of the previous one. Girls who spend too much time on their outer appearance look for the same qualities in the people they date.

As a result, they don’t care much about what’s inside.

At the same time, girls who are not much bothered by looks (like chubby girls) tend to focus more on what kind of person you are from within.

Plus-sized girls will be easier to approach and win, even if you are not so good-looking yourself. Just be a decent person, and she won’t give you a hard time.

4. Fun And Adventurous

It is a misconception that fat girls are lazy and not active or sporty.

You will learn how adventurous chubby girls are, unlike many others who aren’t overweight and yet choose to stay indoors with their gadgets.

Despite their heavy bodies, you will be amazed to see the positive energy they possess when it comes to gathering new experiences and enjoying life to the fullest.

Most plus-sized girls would be up for taking on new risks and challenges. 

5. Comfortable To Be With

Chubby girls often go to great lengths to make the people around them comfortable because they know what it feels like to be left out.

She will make you feel accepted and give you the comfort of a close friend. You won’t feel the uneasiness that is usually experienced while on dates.

Also, most probably, she won’t be uptight around you. Further, you can talk your heart out and eat as much as you want without being judged.

You can be yourself around a plus-sized girl because she will accept you for who you are and not judge you on how you are supposed to be around girls.

6. Warm And Affectionate

Chubby girls don’t shy away from expressing their love for their partners.

Not many people approach them, and the ones that do get all the warmth and affection that has been saved for some time.

So dating a plus-sized girl means opening the gates to immense love. Your days and nights will be flooded with kisses, hugs, and cuddles.

And believe us, chubby girls are the best to hug and cuddle, and you’ll never get the same feeling by hugging a skinny girl. She can be your cute teddy bear!

7. Not High Maintenance

Unlike many girls, most chubby girls are easy to be with. She won’t feel entitled to everything.

Her needs will be minimal, and she won’t demand things from you or expect you to take the lead in every situation. Even ordering food on dates will not feel like a task.

She will know how to find happiness in little things. Even your smallest gestures will be greatly appreciated when dating a plus-sized girl.

Not High Maintenance

8. Focus On Building Connection

Most chubby girls are not shallow. They are not used to being persuaded by men regularly.

A chubby girl won’t take you lightly and believe in building a connection and forming a meaningful relationship. She will know your worth and value your company.

She would love to know more about you instead of talking obsessively about herself. A big girl will care for you and will try to be a part of your world.

9. She Will Defend You

Plus-sized girls have strong personalities.

They lead a tough life and constantly struggle with self-esteem issues, nasty remarks, and people overlooking their skills and talents for the conventional ‘princess’.

This helps them build a strong and independent character. Your chubby girlfriend won’t need you to protect her from the world. She will fight for herself.

Also, she will not be afraid to put up a fight and won’t be scared about taking a stand for you if needed. She will fearlessly defend you and always be by your side.

10. Highly Confident

Most fat girls are very much confident and comfortable in their own skin because they learn to accept and love themselves for who they are.

Many other girls find value in physical appearance, which needs maintenance and can change anytime.

On the other hand, plus-sized girls build value through knowledge, skills, and achievements, which can’t be taken away from them by old age.

And not to forget, they can always change their physique if they want to. She won’t need your validation to feel beautiful because she knows she is.

So, that’s why big girls do not feel threatened and have more confidence.

11. Emotionally Strong

Due to their appearance, fat girls do not feel much appreciated and accepted in society.

They are constantly struggling for their place, which is difficult both physically and emotionally. This makes them strong emotionally, and nothing can easily hurt them.

She will not be selfish and will also help you deal with your emotions. You can be vulnerable around her without the fear of being judged.

You will learn not to let negative things affect your life and not be bothered by the social norms for perfection.

12. Intimacy Is Not Superficial

Many people find plus-sized women extremely attractive due to their well-defined figures. All those thick and soft curves around their body enhance the appeal.

Your desires will automatically increase while dating a chubby girl.

She will have more skin to grab, squeeze or play with while making love, making you even more turned on.

You will get the greatest pleasure while being intimate with a chubby girl as they provide better bounce with those extra cushions on her, leaving fewer chances of injuries.

13. You’ll Never Go Hungry

Most chubby girls are quite homely and can cook. They do not starve themselves by relying on others to prepare food for them. When they feel hungry, they cook.

So, you won’t ever run out of food to eat when dating a chubby girl.

She won’t stop you from eating what you like or ask you to keep your weight in check unless you have horrible eating habits. Everything you wish will be at your service.

If you start feeling hungry at midnight and want some snacks, she might make them for you and also sit down to eat with you.

Her fridge will always be stacked with good food. Also, a plus-sized girl will know the best places serving mouth-watering food.

You'll Never Go Hungry

14. You Won’t Feel Insecure

Not everyone is into plus-sized girls. Simply speaking, it leaves you with lesser competition.

You won’t have to feel insecure about everyone hitting on your girl or getting cheated on. You’ll rarely be jealous.

You can lead a carefree and happy life with your chubby girlfriend.

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CONs Of Dating A Big Girl

Not everything is hunky-dory in the world of plus-sized women. And the issues they face will result in a spillover effect into your life.

Here are some of the biggest challenges you’ll face when dating a fat girl:

1. Generally Considered Unattractive

A plus-sized girl is not taken as conventionally good-looking by people. Rather, she’s seen as someone who does not care for herself and does not respect her body.

Their body fat and stretch mark gross people out. Thus, you’ll be heavily judged for being with a fat girl.

People would assume that either you’re desperate or something is wrong with you. Even her friends and family will constantly suspect you of cheating on her.

Skinny girls get more attention compared to fat girls. Big girls face a lot of discrimination in many places that can make you feel ashamed of your choice.

You’ll need a lot of courage to date a chubby girl and accept her with all your heart.

2. Judged By The Society

Your family probably won’t approve of you dating a chubby girl.

They might fear that people will judge both you and them. Your friends will make fun of you for dating a fat girl. You’ll hesitate to introduce her to your family and friends.

In some extreme cases, she may not feel welcomed by your loved ones and can experience passive-aggressive behavior.

There will be constant pressure put on you by others to leave her and look for someone in ‘appropriate shape’.

3. You’ll Be Seen As A Loser

If you are dating a big girl, people will assume that something is wrong with you. When out with a big girl, you’ll draw unnecessary attention.

They will probably think of you as a pervert and a jerk who is either trying to fulfill his fantasies with a fat girl or using her to fulfill monetary and other needs.

Girls around you will think that you can’t get a better girl, and that’s why you chose to settle for a big fat girl.

No one may ever understand your love and affection except for the girl herself. But constant criticism and judgment by others may make her doubt your real intentions someday.

4. Fatigue Will Be An Issue

Too much fat in the body results in constant fatigue due to all the extra weight. She may not be able to match your energy level.

If you love to stay physically active and expect the same from your partner, then dating a big girl is not for you.

She may show the same enthusiasm, but her body won’t allow her to participate in outdoor activities with you actively unless she is on a mission to lose weight.

5. Can Be Emotionally Exhausting

You know how fat girls are always judged and criticized for their body weight.

They are made to feel ugly and disgusting by others, which can make their self-esteem plunge and cause emotional breakdowns from time to time.

You will have to connect with her on a deeper level and boost her confidence almost every day, which can be emotionally tiring for you as well.

He will see herself through your eyes, and you will have to make her feel special and beautiful.

Can Be Emotionally Exhausting

6. She’ll Have Trust Issues

Not many people show interest in dating a fat girl, let alone being in a relationship with them.

Also, fat girls often deal with being used for carnal fantasies and people leaving them after bedding them.

Such distasteful behavior creates trust issues in plus-sized women regarding dating and falling in love.

So, proving your genuineness and convincing her to believe in you can be very difficult.

7. Too Much Sweating

Fat girls generate more body heat and sweat a lot, which can be unattractive and gross for some people.

And body odor makes them look unhygienic, even if they thoroughly and regularly clean themselves.

Your friends and family can make faces while being around her at gatherings. It can also become a problem while making love to her.

8. You Too May Gain Weight

When you are in the company of a foodie, then you will definitely gain weight if you won’t keep a check on your eating habits.

You may spend a lot of time around her chilling and eating without working out, and she might not motivate you to do so either.

With all the unhealthy snacking, drinking habits (even non-alcoholic beverages), and being a couch potato, you can expect yourself to go out of shape.

Unless you encourage her to work out with you and stay focused on staying fit together, keeping fit may prove to be a struggle.

9. Spending Too Much On Food

Not all chubby girls are big-time foodies, but if the girl you are dating is, then you will be spending a hell of a lot of money on buying food and groceries.

Initially, it will be a good experience to explore good places that serve delicious food, but it can make a hole in your pocket in the long run.

You may regret this unhealthy spending later, irrespective of whether or not you end up together.

10. Some Positions Are Out Of Reach In The Bedroom

Dating a plus-sized girl is both a boon and bane when it comes to being intimate. You may experience the best intimacy and yet have some visible disadvantages.

You won’t be able to explore as much when switching positions while making love. Her being on top of you may not feel good due to her weight.

You may be restricted to some basic positions. Also, you may not be able to wrap your arms around her completely, which can feel uncomfortable sometimes.

11. Frequent Health Issues

Excess of body fat puts you at the risk of developing many diseases. Sooner or later, a plus-sized girl will experience health-related issues which can affect your relationship.

She won’t be able to actively participate in strenuous chores, which are sometimes necessary. Her health may affect intimacy as well.

Sometimes feeling sluggish will take a toll on her mental health, and she will become sad from within.

This will become the cause of arguments and fights in your relationship. Plus, the increased medical expenses will put a financial burden on you.

Frequent Health Issues

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How Do You Date A Heavy Girl?

To date a heavy girl, do not have irrational notions about her choices, comforts, and lifestyle. Learn to look beyond the outer appearance and focus on knowing the woman. Why? Because most people only focus on her weight, which will fluctuate. But you want her love for you to increase irreversibly.

Here are a few more tips to be kept in mind while dating a heavy girl:

1. Don’t Objectify Her

While dating a heavy girl, you may want to steer clear of objectifying her.

Do not tell her how desperately you like big girls and how you always had a thing for Big Beautiful Women (BBW).

Talk to her in a manner you would talk to any other girl. Do not see her as a fat body, but as a person who also has feelings and emotions just like you do.

You may want to start by complimenting her on little things like her smile or how she does her hair.

It will show that you are paying attention to her details and are not only after her body.

2. Don’t Treat Her Any Less

It is advised not to judge a plus-sized woman by her size. She may be a big girl but won’t take any random guy as her date.

Don’t forget that a chubby girl also has her preferences.

Just because you wrongly assume she doesn’t have much choice doesn’t mean she will settle up for whoever shows up first. Treat her like you would treat any other person.

Put efforts into pleasing her, complimenting her, buying her flowers, going out on romantic dates, engaging in thoughtful gift-giving, and making her feel special.

3. Don’t Try To Hide Her Away

The plus-sized girl you are thinking of dating has probably experienced her fair share of secret indoor dating because her date was ashamed to be seen in public with her.

She doesn’t want to be hidden away from the world. She would want to go out with you in public and be seen.

You will have to accept her with all your heart and part ways with all fatphobic people in your life.

Hold her hand gently yet firmly while walking with her down the road. She will melt then and there.

4. Don’t Date Her For Your Fetishes

It would be outright wrong to ask her out solely because you have some kind of fat fetish. Don’t think she will be naive and won’t see through your dirty intentions.

She deals with such people every other day and keeps them at bay. If you want to win her, you’ll have to be one hundred percent real and have pure intentions.

Even if you like dating big girls, there is no shame in it, but treat her with respect and love. Do not try to play games with her or use her to fulfill your fantasies.

5. Get To Know Her Better

Your chubby girlfriend would really appreciate it if you’d show interest in her life. Ask her questions about her likes and dislikes.

What makes her comfortable, and what kind of environment is sickening for her? What would she expect to do on a perfect date night?

Getting to know her would help you develop a connection with her. You’ll be able to gain her affection by doing things that she likes and avoiding what hurts her.

As you may have figured out, this is not different from what you’d do with a non-fat girl. It’s exactly what you’re supposed to do, look beyond her body.

Get To Know Her Better

6. Take Pride In Dating Her

While dating a big girl, you will have to make sure that you are confident around her. Don’t hesitate or feel ashamed to introduce her to your friends and family.

If needed, be prepared to take a stand for her. Do not be okay with your friends mocking and making fun of her behind her back.

Speak out if someone is being mean or critical of her lifestyle and choices. It will give her great happiness to see you fight for her.

7. Plan Adventurous Activities With Her

Do not assume that she is only into eating and nothing else interests her. Not all plus size women have a low energy level and feel happy staying inside the house.

Many love to explore new things. And actively take part in physical activities as well. So ask her what she would like to do for fun and plan things accordingly.

8. Prove Yourself To Her

Proving that you are not like other people she dated before can be very difficult and time-consuming. But you’ll have to be consistent with your efforts.

Do not lose hope immediately, and keep putting in the effort. Make her see your honest intentions and genuine liking for her.

Make her believe that you won’t leave her after being intimate with her, but you’d like to be with her for the long term. Show her how much she means to you.

9. Give Her A Comfortable Space

Being overweight comes with its struggles. You will have to understand her comforts and discomforts and how to care for her considering her body size?

Do not make her sit with you in small restaurants with uncomfortably small chairs. Or ask her to wear clothes that look hot but are way too tight for her.

There will be days when she won’t feel like going out due to body image issues, and you must respect that.

You will have to be very understanding and considerate of her body weight while dating her and be human about her body’s changes.

10. Do Not Feel Pity For Her

Don’t date a fat girl if you pity her. You may come to know she has had bad experiences while dating and feel that she needs you to save her miserable love life.

Keep your thoughts to yourself. This is not the outlook that will take you too far with a big girl. Also, do not tell her that she is not fat when she asks because she knows she is.

Being body-positive and encouraging her is different from blatantly lying to her face. You can’t take away the fact that she is fat right now.

But the longer goal is to become healthier (and not skinnier). Accept that being a big girl is not bad, and tell her she is fat yet fabulous, fat yet beautiful.

11. Ask For Her Consent

While you may be excited about dating a BBW, we would advise you to ask for her consent before getting physical.

Do not incorrectly assume that she must be desperate about being intimate as she doesn’t have many options to begin with. You couldn’t be more wrong.

It also applies to trying new things in the bedroom. Just because you want something and have a fantasy about her doesn’t mean she will be up for anything you want.

She is a human and has the right to make her own choices and stay in her comfort zone. Do not hurt her by forcing things upon her. Enjoy the pleasures of intimacy with mutual consent.

Ask For Her Consent

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Dating a fat girl is no different from dating a skinny girl. Do not treat her differently because she is fat.

Approach her how you would approach any other girl, but also be aware of what to do and what not to do.

You should know that she already goes through a lot, both physically and mentally, so try not to add to it by behaving irrationally.

Care for what’s inside rather than focusing on the outer appearance. Be truthful and keep your intentions pure. Everything else will work just fine.

Shashank Verma

A trained theatre actor and a STEM graduate who brings perspectives and methods from these worlds into dating and relationships. Also a big time Krav Maga enthusiast and practitioner.

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