Dating A Mexican Man | PROs, CONs, and Impressing Him

Dating in Mexico is more traditional and conventional than in most foreign countries. In contrast, they are open-minded in many areas, like accepting LGBTQ couples and public display of affection (PDA) being very common in Mexico. 

Chivalry runs deep in Mexican men. It’s common to see a macho Mexican hombre open doors for his date and buy her flowers. They are passionate lovers, taking pride in their women. You’ll need to impress his family for approval. Also, you will love their food, celebrations, and rich culture. 

Being a foreigner, you can find difficulties adjusting to the patriarchal society and machismo mentality of a Mexican man. But here’s what you need to know to make the best of the experience.

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PROs Of Dating A Mexican Man

There are several reasons why you might want to date a Mexican man.

Here is a list of the most important ones that will surely compel you to give Mexican men a chance to enlighten your life.

1. Deeply Rooted Chivalry

Mexican men are highly courteous, not only towards their girlfriends but in general too.

People in Mexico take gender roles quite seriously, and boys are taught to be gentlemen. Mexican men pay a lot of attention to their girls.

So, don’t be amazed to see him get out of the car first and open the door for you every time.

Getting flowers will become normal, and he may not even allow you to pay for dates. You will feel appreciated and admired by him.

So, be prepared to experience next-level chivalry while dating a Mexican, as you’ll be treated like a queen.

Deeply Rooted Chivalry

2. Likes To Hug

We have heard men around the world cribbing about the long hugs, but it’s a totally different case with Mexican men.

Hugs and kisses are an important part of the Mexican greeting culture.

Expect to be showered with lots of warm hugs and those extra-sweet kisses while going out with a Mexican man.

You will love the way he hugs, giving you a sense of belongingness. His embrace will make you feel protected.

Also, you will no longer have to convince your man to cuddle because you will never have to ask if you’re with a Mexican guy.

3. Passionate Beings

The Mexican man you’ll be dating will be extremely passionate about everything. You can clearly see it in their colorful, vibrant traditions and rich culture.

They put their heart into whatever is important to them: their family, relationships, work, football, food, and festivals.

You will feel a similar dedication in your love life while seeing a Mexican guy.

A Mexican guy will be as passionate while making love to you as he is while cooking his favorite Mexican food.

4. Emotionally Expressive

Men, in general, find it hard to openly express their emotions and be vulnerable, but not a man who is from Mexico.

Mexican men don’t find it hard to deal with emotions as they express them freely.

It could be because families are closely knit in the Mexican culture, allowing them to feel various emotions right from their childhood.

You won’t have to worry about your Mexican date not being open about his feelings or being shy, as he, for one, will not leave a chance of expressing himself to you.

5. Extremely Romantic

As mentioned above, Mexican people are very passionate and emotionally expressive.

With these two qualities together, imagine the kind of lovers they will be. Most Mexican men have grown to love and respect women.

So, you will be an important part of his life.

A Mexican man does not feel entitled to affection but believes in earning love by putting effort and thoughts into his relationships.

He will sweep you off your feet with his romantic ideas.

He will cook for you at home, dance with you all night long, or call a mariachi band at your place to play romantic music for you.

Your Mexican date will express his love for you with actions using ways you might never have anticipated.

6. Caring And Protective

Most men in Mexico are very protective of women in general. And he will go the extra mile to protect the women he loves.

For example, when walking with you, he will make you walk on the pavement side of the street, while he’ll walk closer to the road side. Why?

So that no harm can come to you from an out-of-control vehicle that might hit the pedestrians from behind.

He will prefer to pick you up and drop you back home safely whenever you’re out with him. A Mexican man does not fear fighting for his woman’s honor.

7. PDA Comes Naturally

Mexico is known as the PDA (Public display of affection) capital of the world.

You’ll clearly see that in the parks and streets of Mexico, where couples are so into each other that they don’t care about what’s happening around them.

Your Mexican man will take pride in you and will see no harm in showing you off to the public.

There won’t be a street or restaurant where he will not hug or kiss you when you are with him.

He won’t shy away from showing his immense affection for you, even in public. And it won’t look as if he’s trying hard.

Get ready to be constantly kissed and touched by your Mexican boyfriend, with lots of compliments and fearlessly declaring his love for you to the world.

Kissing as a language of love is much more significant to Mexican men. Get a general idea of what kissing means to a man and multiply it 10x to know how los hombres mexicanos see it!

PDA Comes Naturally

8. The Family Is To Die For

For Mexicans, family is everything, and they are very protective of their family.

Nothing comes above their family, and they look after everyone and respect their elders. Dating a man with such high regard for the family will be a plus for you.

He will look after your family as his own and will not be disrespectful to them.

Also, if he plans to have a family with you, then you can relax knowing that your kids will grow up surrounded by friends and families who will care for them and love them more than anything.

9. Love To Sing And Dance

Music and dance are an essential part of Mexican culture, and people in Mexico love to sing and dance.

The dancing skills that most Mexican men have is awesome. Jarabe Tapatío, Salsa, Tango, you just name it.

You’ll fall in love with the Mexican guy you are dating when you see him groove to Mexican music, and if you share the same passion for music and dance, he will be the perfect match for you.

Get used to being romanced on salsa beats and make the phrase “danced the night out” a part of your life.

10. Tasty Mexican Food

Mexican people love their food and are great cooks.

Guacamole dips, tacos, tamales, and many more mouth-watering Mexican dishes are waiting for you if you are a foodie.

Your Mexican date will probably know how to prepare a delicious dinner with fresh ingredients that will impress you.

Seeing him cook for you while a romantic Mexican number plays on the stereo is a sight for sore eyes.

Also, he will for sure make you taste their wide variety of infamous street food.

Those include not only Mexican but Colombian, Puerto Rican, and Peruvian dishes, which you’ll develop a craving for.

11. Always Stays Happy

Happiness comes easy to Mexican people, and they are among some of the most jovial people in the world.

They are pleasant beings who love to stay close to their family and friends. Your Mexican guy would believe in celebrating life rather than accumulating wealth.

It’s often said that you should love a person who can make you laugh, and with a Mexican, you will have to beg him to stop cracking jokes.

Mexicans have a great sense of humor and a chilled outlook toward life. He will make you laugh out all your worries and help you enjoy life to its fullest.

12. Never Fail To Celebrate Their Holidays

Mexicans show a great level of passion and excitement for celebrations and festivals.

You’ll definitely fall in love with their cool customs and unique traditions, full of rich history and streets filled with colorful decorations.

They are into endless parties with gatherings of more than a hundred people, who all are their extended families and friends.

Served with delicious food, overflowing drinks, and laughter, singing and dancing all night long is something you would never want to miss out on.

It’s for sure that while dating a Mexican, you won’t have to look for excuses to gather your friends and family to have a fiesta.

13. Travelling To Mexico

While dating a Mexican man, you might get to travel around Mexico.

A country full of diverse landscapes, from mountains, forests, waterfalls, and majestic canyons to near perfect climate, mesmerizing views, and beautiful beaches, Mexico has it all.

And experiencing all this with an exotic Mexican man is a dream come true.

Also, with their long extended family ties, you probably won’t have to look for hotels but catch up with them instead and enjoy your holidays with home-cooked food.

Travelling To Mexico

14. Getting A Chance To Learn Spanish

You can’t stop a Mexican man from using Spanish even though you might not know a word of it.

He won’t put in the effort to compliment you in English when he can easily call you “me reina” or “bonita”.

Listening to him speak in Spanish and not being able to understand what he is saying in that thick, hot accent will automatically motivate you to learn some basic Spanish yourself so that you can also call him “mi amor”.

And of course, what better way to practice your skills than to have a native speaker around.

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CONs Of Dating A Mexican Man

While all of these disadvantages might not be observable in the guy you’re interested in, most of them should be visible.

Again, none of these are non-changeable, as communicating your comfort and discomfort can make him act more carefully around you.

1. Machismo And Patriarchy

Mexico is a male-dominated country. Most Mexican men embrace machismo from a very young age.

Machismo means taking immense pride in one’s masculinity, which can be very dangerous for women around them as the male may act in a sexist and abusive manner.

Also, it’s crucial for you to know that patriarchy is deeply rooted and celebrated in Mexican societies, giving Mexican men an unfair edge over women.

So, you must tread carefully while dating a Mexican man and step out of it quickly if you see any of these two red flags in the form of your man conforming to these two outdated notions.

The worst combination would be if he’s a narcissist too. Get a feel of what being with a narcissist is like through my article on dating a narcissist and bail out while you can.

2. Complex Family Values

Mexican families are quite large and conservative compared to most American, Canadian, Australian, Kiwi, and British families.

You may not be allowed to sleep over at the guy’s place until you are married or at least engaged.

Family matters a lot to Mexicans, and your guy would be expected to give equal importance to every extended family member.

Thus, it can be very difficult for a non-Mexican girlfriend to keep up with the lives of so many people.

Trying to alienate yourself and demanding your personal space can be seen as a sign of disrespect.

Not knowing the relatives and their names thoroughly may not leave a good impression on the family members.

But they do not expect you to know it all from day one. All they are interested in seeing is an effort from your side.

3. Overly Attached To His Mother

You may have heard the term mama’s boy a lot. But when we say they are mama’s boys, we are not trying to demean Mexican men.

They love their family a lot, especially their mothers, but this over-attachment might be too influential in romantic relationships.

They tell their mothers almost everything and she might even dictate the course of your relationship.

Also, your Mexican boyfriend might probably brag about how he loves his mama’s cooking and how she looks after him.

He will find it hard to understand that now since he has got you, he may as well take a little step back from focusing only on the qualities of his mother and start looking for some in you.

You’d need to make him understand that comparing you to his mother will always result in disappointment for him because you or any other girl can never replace his mother.

You will have to sit down with him and have a sensible conversation about how things should be while moving forward.

But never ask him to leave his mama or put you above her because that would be a dealbreaker for him.

4. Very Possessive And Jealous

Mexican men are known to be territorial and assert dominance, and the same can be said about their dating culture.

They will get really furious when jealous. A Mexican guy will show a great level of possessiveness for you and might be super jealous of your guy friends.

It might even go to an extent where he will try to control your life and make decisions for you.

According to him, he is showing care and being protective, but you know he is crossing some boundaries.

This is a dating culture difference that needs to be worked out. Else, there would be major disagreements in the future.

It’s quite possible that you’ll feel overwhelmed when with a Mexican man. However make sure that you understand the difference between him being infatuated to you or trying to love bomb you.

5. Little Understanding Of Women’s Moods

He will be very affectionate and caring, but he won’t know when you are upset over something.

Most Mexican men are bad at comprehending a woman’s emotions. He won’t know when you are giving him the silent treatment.

He will try to cheer you up with all the kisses and hugs, but he will find it hard to work upon disagreements.

And just so you know, Mexican men can get easily offended, and that won’t go well for you.

Thus, there is some initial work to be put in while in the dating period before you step into a relationship. Once these hiccups are sorted, the journey is worth it!

Little Understanding Of Women's Moods

6. Very Loud

Mexicans are usually very loud and dramatic people. It’s mainly because they are very expressive and don’t hold their excitement quite well.

So, being at their family gatherings and parties can be too much for someone who is very calm and soft-spoken.

Shouting and scolding each other is a way of showing care and love in Mexican families, which can look very violent to an outsider.

If you love peace and are an introvert, then it will be hard for you to keep up with a Mexican date who is very outgoing and parties every other day.

7. Uncomfortable PDA

Some people love public displays of affection and the attention they get from their partners. But for some, it might be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

If you are one of the latter ones, you will find your Mexican partner’s PDA habit very annoying.

You’ll find it difficult to keep a Mexican guy from being too touchy.

Constantly saying no or pushing him away will make him think you aren’t attracted to him and are hanging around for shady reasons.

8. Cannot Clean After Himself

Most probably, he won’t know how to do basic chores or at least clean up after himself. There are two main reasons behind such behavior.

One is that Mexican men are looked after by their mothers most of their lives, and they believe that only women are responsible for all the household work.

Secondly, due to the same thinking existing even in women, they have been spoiled since childhood and become somewhat lazy, especially when it comes to doing chores at home.

Don’t expect your Mexican boyfriend to know how to do laundry or dishes or do them even if he knows how to.

He may do it once or twice just for your sake but don’t expect it to be a regular thing unless you logically convert his strong beliefs.

9. Spicy Food

Mexican food can become problematic for you if you are sensitive to spices, especially red chili.

Mexican people love their chilies, and your man would literally want them in every dish.

Also, he will take offense if you disrespect their food in any way, especially if his mom cooks it and she has offered it to you.

So, avoiding spicy food without hurting your partner’s emotions will take some effort.

10. ViVapoRu Fixes Everything

Most Mexican people think that ViVapoRu (Vicks VapoRub) cures almost everything. It will be kind of a go-to Mexican remedy for him.

Do you have a headache? Use ViVapoRu. Sore throat? ViVapoRu. Stomach ache? ViVapoRu!

And if your man believes it too, then don’t blame him or correct him. Why?

Because it might actually work for him due to the body and mind being conditioned to feel better irrespective of whether the VapoRub actually worked or not.

Psychological conditioning since his childhood does play a huge role in avoiding several minor medical expenses.

But at the same time, he might not take his or your condition seriously despite something requiring a medical expert’s intervention.

11. Always Late

This is a very common complaint we hear from foreigners who have dated, are in a relationship with, or are married to Mexican people.

It’s that most Mexicans tend to be late all the time. He will be having dinner late, partying till late, or waking up late.

He will not be very punctual and won’t abide by the rules.

Maybe he thinks it’s cool, fashionable, or something, but you can’t say for sure why he is perpetually late despite being corrected so many times.

So, if you tell your Mexican date to pick you up at 7 pm, then expect him to take longer than that and have something to keep you busy till he shows up.

Always Late

12. Insensitive Towards Language Difference

Around 90% of the Mexican population speaks Spanish, and not knowing the language can create differences.

Even if your partner knows how to speak English, there will be times when he will use Spanish when around bilingual Mexicans who do understand English.

He’d know that you won’t understand a word of it and might feel left out. Still, he’ll prefer speaking in his mother tongue despite it not being necessary.

It will especially be problematic when he’d be mad and experience a range of emotions. He’ll use Spanish continuously.

Also, not knowing Spanish might be a big drawback if you are meeting his folks who live in the interior parts of Mexico, as most of them won’t even know basic English.

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How Do You Impress A Mexican Guy?

The best way to impress a Mexican guy is to learn Mexican Spanish and imbibe his cultural traditions and values. Also, watching soccer together and learning how to cook Mexican dishes are two sure-shot methods to winning his heart. Finally, love and respect his family like your own.

Here are some more tips to make a Mexican man crazy about you:

1. Respect His Family

Thinking of impressing a Mexican man? Then start with his family.

After knowing the importance of family in the Mexican culture, you being in his family’s good books will earn you a huge favor.

Respect and obey his family as he does as long as they are not being unreasonable, which they usually aren’t.

Don’t be awkward while greeting with kisses and hugs. Be kind and warm to everyone around you.

More importantly, impress his mother by being funny, charming, eating whatever is offered, and being a cheerful person overall. Being loud and dramatic can help too.

She will love it if you will try to fit in with their culture and value her family as she does. If you win the mother’s heart, consider the guy as yours!

2. Look After Him

Another way to impress a Mexican man is to look after him and show care. We know not everyone would like to do this one from early on, but it works.

Knowing how he has been treated by his mom, who does all his chores, he will probably be super lazy.

If you do a good job at looking after his basic needs like food, laundry, etc., he will see in you the potential of being his wife.

Most Mexican men want to get married, have children, and have a good wife who can look after him and his family.

You literally don’t have to do everything, but just enough to form a good impression. Another logical step would be to tap into his Hero Instinct and make him crazy about you.

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3. Try Cooking Mexican Food

Mexican men are crazy about their food. No other cuisine in the world will impress them more than Mexican cuisine.

He will feel very special when he sees you trying to cook food that he loves. Make sure it is spicy enough for him, as non-spicy food is considered to be tasteless.

It will be seen as an effort to fit in with his culture and respecting the Mexican way of life.

Make your Mexican guy fall for you by filling him up to the brim with spicy and tasty Mexican food.

4. Learn Mexican Spanish

There is nothing more romantic than romancing your Mexican date in Spanish. But it should not be the generic Spanish dialect.

Try to learn Mexican Spanish. He would love it if you learned the language basics.

It won’t only be good for you two as a couple, but it will also give you an edge when he decides to make you meet his ‘familia’.

Not to mention the parties and festivals where everyone will be joking and laughing, but you would be sitting with a confused look on your face if you don’t understand a word.

Also, getting a new skill is cool, and your Mexican boyfriend would definitely appreciate the efforts.

5. Be Loving And Touchy

Being lovey-dovey and touchy is an innate part of the Mexican dating culture. If you like somebody, you show it both verbally and physically.

Give full attention to your man and treat him like a king. Praise him and give constant compliments. To amp up the effect, read my article on flirty things to say to a guy and lay it thick on him.

Probably say you love him like 100 times a day. Trust us; it’s not overdoing it. You’re thinking from the perspective of an average non-Mexican individual.

But for a Mexican, this is quite normal. Being very physical is no big deal in Mexico, irrespective of the surroundings.

So, be touchy in your approach while talking to him, while laughing, and while loving him. Don’t feel shy and hold back from expressing your affection for him.

Be Loving And Touchy

6. Make Some Compromises

Dating someone from a totally different culture can take a toll on you. You will wonder how much more understanding do you need to be?

But whenever possible, try to compromise here and there and go easy on the nagging.

For example, patriarchy, machismo, lifestyle, and beliefs can be difficult to understand.

Be prepared to adapt and adjust to their lifestyle, which might be totally different from where you come from.

But if you love him, then with time, you will develop a liking for the good part of it. The bad parts can always be talked about and tried to change.

Not every culture is perfect, right?

7. Share His Passion For Football (Soccer)

Almost all Mexicans are crazy about football (soccer). It’s like their sacred game.

You should never interrupt a Mexican man while he’s watching football, especially if you are looking to impress him.

Instead, share his passion for the game and enjoy it with him.

It will help create a bond, as football is the second most important thing to most Mexican men after the family.

8. Show Some Jealousy

Not showing signs of jealousy is a bad sign in Mexican dating culture. Yes, you read that right! It means you don’t care much about the guy you’re with.

Your Mexican date would love it if you would try to assert authority over him. He will feel you love him enough to feel jealous, and he is important to you.

This is the time when you put those Spanish phrases you learnt in the language courses to good use to show jealousy and possessiveness in the Mexican telenovela style.

Say something like ‘¿Porque volteaste a ver a esa chica?’, which essentially means why did you turn to see that girl?

9. Let Him Lead

A Mexican man will easily feel offended if you won’t let him lead.

He needs to feel macho, and it will help if you will not stop him from doing things like paying bills, opening the door for you, or driving the car.

He can’t let you do so because it will make him feel less of a man, and his friends might even make fun of him for being a sissy. Toxic? Yes. Normal? Also, yes.

He would be seen as someone who can not provide for his woman, which is very humiliating for a man of Mexican origin.

So, take the backseat and let your man drive you crazy. And there is no harm in it as he is just being the gentleman he was raised to be.

But also strike a balance between being independent and submissive. Be cautious of not letting this behavior get out of control.

Once in a while it is okay to be the driver. How? Start by taking the lead on a few plans. Dates are a great starting point and our article on when should a woman start planning dates will help you.

10. Impress Him With Dance And Music

As stated earlier, music and dance are an inseparable part of Mexican culture.

Mexicans are die-hard romantics because of their romantic songs and love to dance to the music they are passionate about.

Develop a liking for Mexican music like renchero, norteno, or banda.

It will help a great deal if you learn salsa, merengue, or bachata to make your date night hot and spicy with your Mexican chico.

11. Participate In His Cultural Traditions

Accepting the Mexican way of life and passionately participating in Mexican traditions will definitely impress your guy and his family.

When you are around, show a great deal of excitement for celebrating their festivals because there will be many.

Share his love for food, dance, and tequilas without complaining.

Meet and greet his family and friends with a warm heart, and you will be the apple of their eye in no time.

Participate In His Cultural Traditions

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Dating a Mexican guy would be a pretty crazy ride for you.

You will be served everything in extremes starting from the chivalry to the overwhelming PDA, not to forget the never-ending love for family.

Remember that your experiences can vary depending upon the person you’re dating, and some of the things stated above may not apply to all Mexican men.

Get ready to tell your future kids about your spicy dating experiences with a Mexicano.

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